Some better news from my side, VA people.

  • We have this 3dfx thing of ours for quite some time and I can tell you good people that I have missed it, I have really missed the idea of hunting down 3dfx cards testing them looking at them comparing them, really it's my 4th aim at rebuilding a 3dfx collection but this doesn not feel like a depression like the others have.
    Maybe this isn't the right section, but might as well post along as some of you would be reading it anyway righty :)

    Many of you may have noticed that I have not been online that much, well active and that is because of a reason, I have met a place to whereI could communicate with Australians and Englishment, Tribritar Forumms was the place, the people there well we shared feelings during a skype chat Trubritar said Obi you seem rather confused with something is there something on your mind lad, I said too many to mention not knowing where to start, anyways told him about what happenned in Australia and as most of you know it wasn't a good ride, but I just recently found out that he [Robbert Banks] never got them 40 years, I was just told as if, that he did get convicted for 40 years just to ease my mind ...

    Anyways I talked about this and they all were there for me, it's not only a place that we talked about computers and folding farms but yeah, ya know they helped me alot to find my old way back, so selling the cards on ebay now, as being 100% disabled money is getting scarce every year, so this is just my way of earning extra, all them idea's of capitalism I was carrying around, that is probably one thing I should of never started, if one of you earn big cash on something you sold you must be proud of it in any way possible. 8)

    Anyways I could go on for hours, it's time to go to bed soon, I will keep in touch, my best friends in 3dfx land, thanks for being my friends for such a long time and I wish you all a wonderful X-Mas and a Absolutely Phenominal 2011.
    May all your 3dfx dreams come true my comrades of VA Land

    Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi is here to stay.

    @ Admins would you please change my nickname

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi or just reactivate my old account if this is not possible :topmodel:

    Friendly regards, an old friend.

    Now let's get this 3dfx party rock'n guys. :respekt:

    Listening to Mental As Anything - The Nips Are Getting Bigger.

    p.s. I move it here, just more approciate ;)

  • Good to see you are feeling well. Good luck with whatever avenue in computing you are taking now. :)

    as comping goes always 2CPU or more, hopefully next year I will build my first 4CPU opteron Istanbul system, although to make a SWTX Mobo fit in an EATX case is a second haha, ah well the mobo I plan to take on is this one:

    Supermicro H8QM3-2…ron8000/MCP55/H8QM3-2.cfm

    [Blocked Image:…CRO-H8QM3-2-O-R239947.jpg]