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    Ja das sieht doch nicht verkehrt aus :)

    Ich darf ja davon ausgehen dass die auf jeden Fall funktionieren? Erst noch in ein Notebook packen und Memtesten wollte ich die nicht müssen. Die kommen ja in ein NAS..

    Falls ja - packste mir den Samsung und den Hynix innen Umschlag mit Polsterung? Oder nen "Umschlag" aus 2 festen Pappeseiten oder sowas?

    Schick mir dann mal ne PN mit Bankdaten und Gesamtpreis :)

    Ich habe Guru Clocks und Panels jeweils mehrfach, aber die bleiben auch hier :P

    soggi : 3rd Eye hieß glaub ich nur das AV8 mit Clock - generell haben die "MAX" Boards immer die Möglichkeit Clock oder Panel anzuschließen. Und das AV8 RocketBoy eben auch.

    Ja ich hab auch einen Haufen Games, die ich jetzt mal spielen möchte.. Sowohl in Steam angehäuft, als auch nen Haufen alte Games auf den Retrokisten. Ich hab zumindest jetzt mal den ersten Witcher durch und den zweiten angefangen. Ich muss allerdings sagen, dass mir der zwete aktuell mal noch GARNICHT gefällt. Den ersten fand ich hingegen extrem geil.

    Ich hoffe, das wird nach dem EXTREM geführten "gespielten Intro" (was ziemlich umfangreich ist) direkt wieder anders. Sonst werden wir keine Freunde. Die extrem "verkonsolisierte" Steuerung geht mir auch auf den Sack. Ich weiss garnicht, was alle immer gegen die Steuerung des ersten Teils haben?!

    Mir war ganicht (mehr?) bewusst, dass es einen Clawhammer mit soviel Takt gab xD

    Es gibt den 4000+ dann mit 4 Kernen: Clawhammer, San Diego E4, San Diego E6 und als teildeaktivierten Toledo.

    Die gängigsten sind die San Diego E4 und E6 - die E6 gehen tendentiell schlechter, mit E4 hat man sehr gute Chancen auf 3GHz plus.

    Aber die sind längst nicht standard, vor allem wenn man bedenkt, wieviele Cores man da erwischen kann.

    When do you begin to collect stuff of 3dfx? What did you cause this?

    To be honest, I don't remember that exactly.

    Must have been around 2002/2003. Like I said before - I totally missed most PC hardware in my teen years but was instantly into it, when I had my first - and even more - my second PC. By the time I had my second machine, I got several hardware parts from several sources, just started building, testing out, exploring and bam - before I knew it, I was knee deep in hardware and started collecting specifically early 3D accelerators, not only 3dfx. But 3dfx was more the focus, because... sexiness xD

    When do you begin to collect stuff of Old-PC? What did you cause this?

    Oops sorry, I think I answered this with the question before ;)

    To add something: in hardware history there was so much awesome stuff released (especially in the nineties), you automatically come across cool stuff all the time when you try to find the actual hardware that you are looking for at the moment. Or do research on. Or talk about with others in forums etc. ;)

    Can you say how it was 3dfx in your country? Any anecdote?

    At the time 3dfx was alive and kicking I didn't know them.. just like any other PC Hardware related stuff :/

    Can you say me what do you feel when you open and test the card?

    The V5 6000? That's a really long time ago, I certainly remember that I was fairly nervous when I installed it for the first test ;)

    The card is known to not support every motherboard, is limited to 3,3V AGP and if you pick the wrong system to install it into, your HINT

    bridge chip goes up in smoke in no time :D

    So yeah, I can remember THAT situation. "Known good" setup with an Asus P3B-F, but still the finger on the bridge chip for at least a minute ;)

    What games do you tests the first time?

    The first test was UT99, I don't remember if I tried more games on the first test.

    What cards do you have of others companies (nvidia, s3...)?

    I have cards of pretty much every (chip-)manufacturer that built chips capable of 3D rendering. At least the high end chip of every manufacturer and generation (that's what I started collecting first), sometimes complete line-ups of a chip generation. Up to around 2006/2007 I think.. after that I'm not complete yet :D

    What cards of others companies is your favorite? Why?

    I love rendition cards, because you can't make Quake 1 and 2 look better than they render it on their own API.

    I know that there are too many drivers, what do you prefer or use?

    For my V5 6000 I use the latest Raziel Evolution drivers, never had a problem with them.

    For my Voodoo 2 setups I use the FastVoodoo drivers.

    For other cards I stick to the last official drivers from 3dfx.

    For other hand, when did you start to look for forum o group of 3dfx or Old Pc? And why?

    Pretty much directly in the beginning, during research mainly of the V5 6000. I did not specifically look for a forum, but I landed at pretty soon and stick around there since 2004.

    Now, do you prefer to contact with others 3dfx/OldPC fans Social Network (twiiter/fb), Forum (, or messaging APP (Telegram/Whattapp)?

    I don't use any social media stuff. I'm solely active on the forum and voodooalert IRC channel.

    Sometimes forum (only the "nostalgiedeluxx" subforum, which is related to old hardware), as well as every now and then, but these are only used to read, I don't really feel as "a part" of these communities.

    You said "I was into console gaming", why do you change to PC?

    I did not exactly shift over, it was more of an addition. Console gaming then feaded more and more over the years, but I still have a huge collection of around 200 console games heaps of peripherals and a bunch of consoles od course. I never sold one ;)

    Can you send a photo of your room/cave? I read "I have 7 V2 SLI systems, that’s 14 cards alone" and I imagine a castle hahahaha.

    Sure, here is a gallery of it: