The World V5K List + The Entire Research

  • Okay V6K lads, I had something else in mind how about a world list of V6K's smallest brother the V5K :) So since there isn't much known about the numbers of this card I though to make a world owners list for it and find this out for just that part.

    The other 7 V5K Lists can be found here:

    V6K Team
    Guru of

    V5K Different type amount | Revision | PCB Date | V5K Total amount

    «» 2 | Rev.A0,Rev.A1 | 0900, 3700 | 3 «» [Blocked Image:] gdonovan
    «» 2 | Rev.A0 | 4899, 3700 | 2 «» [Blocked Image:] osckhar
    «» 2 | Rev.A0, Rev.A1 | 0900, 3700 | 2 «» [Blocked Image:] Rolo01
    «» 1 | Rev.A1 | 0900 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] edmundoab
    «» 1 | Rev.A1 | 0900 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] guenter.f.68
    «» 1 | Rev.A1 | 0900 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] DeadEye
    «» 1 | Rev.A1 | 0900 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] Kyle Bennett
    «» 1 | Rev.A0 | 3700 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] Nightbird
    «» 1 | Rev.A0 | 3700 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] Murfi
    «» 1 | Rev.A0 | 3700 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] Obi-Wan Kenobi
    «» 1 | Rev.A0 | 3700 | 1 «» [Blocked Image:] Torch

    Total PCI Rev.A0 4899's: 1
    Total PCI Rev.A1 0900's: 6
    Total AGP Rev.A0 3700's: 8

    Total Voodoo5 5000 PCI's: 7
    Total Voodoo5 5000 AGP's: 8

    Total Voodoo5 5000's Overall: 15

    Here some information about the 3 Voodoo5 5000 variants, which can be read here:

    So some of you may think 3 types of 5000's what in the world? heh well I'll explain that here :)

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 PCI Rev.A0 4899…Rev_A0+4899.jpg
    [Blocked Image:]

    The first ever built 3dfx Voodoo5 5000 was a PCI Variant which is a Rev.A0 4899 [week 48 , year 1999]
    This card is packed with hand done reworks and it runs cores/mem 100Mhz.

    The card's Bios is 1.00a and it boots only in single chip showing that the card only has half of the total 32768KB / 32MB of ram which is 16384KB/16MB.
    [Blocked Image:…899+boot+up.jpg]

    osckhar is the only person in the world with this card :)
    The cool thing is that this card used to be from Guru Of 3D :) since it was tested here:

    here some pics of it:
    [Blocked Image:]
    "The Voodoo 5 above is based on the version A0 VSA-100 silicon, it still has some bugs in it and it can't run on the speed that it's supposed to do. The final Silicon (which is going into mass-production quite soon) will run on 166MHz compared to the 100 MHz A0 version that was presented to me."
    [Blocked Image:]

    I also found this driver for the Voodoo5 5000 @ Guru Of 3D

    I also found this driver for the Voodoo5 5000 @ Guru Of 3D…wnload-151.html

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 PCI 32MB Rev.A1 0900

    The Rev.A1 0900 [week 09, year 2000] is the second PCI variant of the Voodoo5 5000 as the first Voodoo5 5000 of year 2000.

    It did have a few modifications as it has no more hand done reworks which resulted a much cleaner PCB layout.

    It also has some differences from the Capacitors it has compared to the older Rev.A0 4899, the Rev.A0 4899 used the older SMD like Capacitors small flat square ones where as the Rev.A1 0900 used the more modern type round sealed capacitors.

    The Rev.A1 0900 runs cores/ram 143Mhz ths faster than it Rev.A0 4899 brother, it also had better SLI support and at boot up it also posts the cards full ram amount of 32768KB/32MB of ram.

    after this model there were no other PCI variant made I suppose the entire 5000 project was put aside until week 37 of year 2000 3dfx gave it another go.

    There is a review of the Rev.A1 0900 over here at HardCorp from Kyle Bennett himself, only that review is somewhat lost I did find the same review on with Kyle's comments :)…0-pci-pics.html

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32MB Rev.A0 3700

    The Rev.A0 3700 is the last known Voodoo5 5000 every made by 3dfx and it's also the first 5000 that uses the AGP connector as this one even uses the AGP x4 connector it runs @ AGP x2 66Mhz Bus with 3.3Volts only.

    As you can see 3dfx also redesigned the 5000 AGP's layout hence it uses a much shorter PCB :)
    The reason why 3dfx made this card with an AGP x4 connector is somewhat strange, since they never anticipated to build an AGP x2 model they just went on and made it like this instead which still troubles my mind as that of others.

    This card runs croes/ram 166Mhz and has Bios 1.15 it also reports it's full ram capacity @ boot up which is 32768KB / 32MB.
    [Blocked Image:…700+boot+up.jpg]

    The Rev.A0 3700 [week 37, year 2000] is also the most stable as well known 5000 out there though that it's such a late variant of the card type it's self, most 5000 keepers have this card, some have it because it is the odd ball of the 3 5000's and some have it because of it's rarity factor amongst other Voodoo5 AGP cards it's a famous collectors item as which goes for any Voodoo5 5000 variant.

    There is a review of my first Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32MB Rev.A0 3700 which showed my results of the card in action with SLI and FSAA x4 modes under 98SE NL + UnOfficial Service Pack 2.03NL @

    If there are more people that needed to be added just post here or just ring a bell via PM.

  • Finally the day has come and I haven't made pics of it yet, but will post them later this day, here is a screen shot of the card installed :)

    it's at the least some little evidence that I got it working 8)

    So here's some more :)

    Star Wars Episode I: Racer @ 1024 x 768 x16 in Direct3D + FSAA x4 & LOD -4.…x32+FSAA+x4.png…2+FSAA+x4+b.png

    the system setup for testing is the following:

    AMD AthlonXP 2700+ Thoroughbred-B
    EPoX EP-8K3A+ Ver 1.02
    1x 512MB PC3200 CL2 Kingston HyperX @ PC-2700
    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32MB Rev.A0 3700 with 6ns SEC SGRAM
    Creative Audigy2 Platinum

    Win98SE NL + UnOfficial Service Pack 2.03NL
    AM 2.9 for drivers
    3dfx WHQL 1.04.00 for control panel

    Just exactly the other way around like I had it last time, just to see if it would make a difference, no lockups so far so that's a new record.

    I also found out that the 5000 AGP has some banding when FSAA is enabled in D3D as you might of seen in my racer pics :) look at the Sky as an example, the 5000 AGP also had a hard time rendering D3D in Racer with as without FSAA I suppose D3D wasn't well supported for the 5000 AGP's.

    Without failure I can't agree with since rendering errors like banding for instance isn't some I would accept as perfect image quallity ;) the 5500's and 6000's seem to not have this because they have greater driver supprt and they are more grownup compared to the 5000's.

    here another shot of StarWars EpisodeI Racer, as you can see lot's of banding.…2+FSAA+x4+c.png

    I did run some tests in UT GOTYE 1999 in Glide and the 5000 accepted reso's til 800 x600 x16 and not higher..which was with no FSAA , FSAA x2 and FSAA x4, another thing it ran very fluid wwith all three different settings , and how do I make good screenshots in UT GOTYE 1999?

    About the reso problem I think I found the problem , the drivers I think, as with my review of the 5000 AGP @ I used drivers from 11 -2 - 2000

    drivers from 11 -2 - 2000
    [Blocked Image:]

    the ones I use now: 11-21-2002:
    [Blocked Image:]

    The ones I am using now like 2 years newer so maybe the older driver may fix this, though I am not so sure about this, since it was some time ago that I ran the 5000 AGP.

  • Update!

    Well yeaps that was it allrighty, now I have the exact same driver as back then, which is 11-2-2000:
    [Blocked Image:]

    That lead me to the following conclusion:

    Using the AmigaMerlin 2.9 drivers or any other 3rd party driver results instabilities and no higher reso support in UT GOTYE 1999 than 800 x 600 x16.

    With the latest 3dfx WHQL drivers from 11 - 02 - 2000 all these problems seem to be resolved.

    Though D3D applications still suffer the laggy performance which occurs with as without FSAA modes.

    I gotta say, it was a bitch to install as find the correct driver I used about 2 years ago, I even looked up old topics as that review from as the topic which was fixed to it and there I finally got to where I am now.

    I only ran Racer and UT GOTYE 1999 as one game at a time.
    DXX-Rebirth I have no idea if that will work, because with Win2K Pro + SP4 and the 5500 AGP I used ps47's modified SFFT Alpha 41 driver so since these 3dfx drivers are as raw as the 5000 Prototype it's self I have little doubt that DXX-Rebirth 0.54 will even run at all.

    DXX-Rebirth 0.54 @ 1024 768 x 32:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    This oughta give this robot the final blow :spitze:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    Well that's DXX-Rebirth 0.54 , and heh that robot got PWNed by my 5000 AGP big time :topmodel: :hrr:

    The system setup for testing is the following:

    AMD AthlonXP 2700+ Thoroughbred-B
    EPoX EP-8K3A+ Ver 1.02
    1x 512MB PC3200 CL2 Kingston HyperX @ PC-2700
    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32MB Rev.A0 3700 with 6ns SEC SGRAM
    Creative Audigy2 Platinum

    Win98SE NL + UnOfficial Service Pack 2.03NL
    3dfx WHQL 1.04.00 for drivers + control panel

    No tweaked drivers just the latest raw 3dfx WHQL drivers just awesome to see such a rare alpha board doing such a great job with Rebirth, kinda amzed here ;)
    for the people that want to play DXX-Rebirth 0.54 with their Voodoo5 cards under 98SE here is what you will need:

    The latest UnOfficial Service Pack:

    There you can click the flag of your nationallity and you will be guided to the right site to download the language version of the UnOfficial Service pack you are seeking for.

    The Latest 3dfx WHQL 1.04.00 incl 3dfx Tools Control Panel:

    DXX Rebirth 0.54, D1X Rebirth = for Descent 1 the other for Descent 2:

    To get it going there are some things that needed to be done manually, when starting the game you get to see a small narrow screen with Descent II in it which is about 3 cm in height and stretches out to about three quarters of the screen, just press escape a few times till you get the pilot login screen, there you hit enter then you get to the main menu screen, it may seem strange for the first time and believe me it really is ood , but at the main page try and blindly go to the options , then resolution settings and fist switch to 800 x600 then press spacebar to accept.

    after this you get to see more of the screen, and then go to custom and fill in the following:
    1024x768 then hit Enter to accept.
    Once this has been done manually the screen will ajust it's self to that reso , if you use the 1024x768 reso option from the reso listing, this will not work!

    Same instructions go for Win2K & XP with users that have 5500's 6000's as any other type of 3dfx cards from the Voodoo3 1000 and up.

    Well people this is all what I have been doing till now, as I made one large post of this important research I have done with the 5000 AGP under 98SE NL + UOSP 2.03 NL and like last time the 5000 works fine under 98SE but under 2K or XP for example it still worked in single chip so that still troubles my mind, it also seems to have trouble with Direct3D applications the banding like in Racer and the laggy rendering performance with or without FSAA.

    SO I did reveal some new secrets with the 5000 AGP for that part and that it renders XX-Rebirth which uses OpenGL 1.4 code with 3dfx WHQL 1.04.00 , that still amazed me the most.

  • Well since my 98SE tests are done for D3D, Glide and OpenGL, from here on I will continue with Windows 2000 Professional USA + SP4 & RollUp 1 for SP4 and see If I can get the 5000 installed the proper way as by adding it's ID String to the SFFT Alpha 41 driver it's self :)Well I have used every thinkable way by getting the 5000 AGP to work in 2000, but SLI remains to reject it's proper function.

    even installing a 5000 AGP as a 5500 AGP , that did work but I got lots of lines on my screen so I uninstalled the 5000 AGP immediately.

    And then I added the 5000 AGP's String to the 3dfx PCI/VEN String List Which is the Subsystem Vendor ID :
    [Blocked Image:]

    After doing that it did install as a 5000 AGP but using the number 847 after the ; didn't resolve a perfect image , the lines apeared again which I didn't get when using 98SE.

    Anyways after this I pulled this research to a halt, and decided to work with the 5500 AGP until somebody else comes to a better idea, I really do not know where to look at or what to do after all this work, some replies may help :P

    Anyways here are the photo's of the 5000 AGP , better late than never :)…ype+Top_001.JPG…pe+Rear_001.JPG

    The we go that's the V5K List restored and the entire research, this is the great advantage of backups ;)

  • Okay the 5000 PCI has arrived today, his name is Gold 2, so as promised, here's some pics:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    And the info + research I already did with it:

    The card boots with Bios 1.00b and only detects 16384KB of the 32768KB of ram haha :lol:
    [Blocked Image:]

    But it seems to run very stable in 2D under a very unexpected OS for a 5000 AGP, Win2K Pro + SP4 anyone? ;)
    With SFFT 1.5, I used the latest 3dfx tools for 2K/XP and Q3A detects a Voodoo3 series heh, but FSAA x4 seems to be enabled because I can't see no jaggies, okay 3dfx tools is installed and yes FSAA x4 was still enabled heh all other FSAA modes work fine as well so here some screenshots of the drivers for starters:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I will post some Q3A shots as well so stay tuned :)

    so here are the Quake III Arena screen shots @ 1024 x 768 x16 + FSAA x4 medium Settings in OpenGL API:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    But when during testing this run with the 5000 PCI and Q3A I did clearly see the blood as thick as red rain only the sscreenshots they did seem to have lost the blood glotches you'd normally see:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    Q3A did crash after 8 minutes of gameplay I suspect it's thelack of driver support hence there was no broken SLI this time as reported with the V5K PCI Rev.A0 4899 & V5K AGP Rev.A0 3700.

    So here are the Descent3 1.5 + PyroMania 1.5 screenshots with FSAA x4 but in Glide API max settings:
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    Even that there was no banding, no glitches but just superb image quallity & gameplay this game also crashed the system after 7 or 8 minutes of gameplay so I guess it's the support again with the drivers under Win2K.

    But hey it's all not that bad since this is the first 5000 variant that does show us that it has no Broken SLI under Win2K which is an NTFS OS ;) So this is a leap ahead as know hows go for the V5K'ers out there , I used this setup to run these games under 2000 Pro + SP4 :)


    AthlonXP 2700+
    EPoX EP-8K3A+
    3x 512MB PC3200 CL2 Kingston Hyper X @ PC2700
    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 PCI 32MB Rev.A1 0900 with PC Bios 1.00b
    Creative SB Audigy 2 Platinum with the latest Win2K/XP drivers.

    SFFT 1.5 as drivers
    latest WHQL 3dfx Tools for Win2K/XP
    Windows 2000 Professional USA + Service Pack 4 + RollUp 1 for Service Pack 4
    Direct9.0c Agust 2007.

    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

    So after this there is alot more to do heh this 5000 PCI shall run DXX_Rebirth under 2000 also and after this I will move on to 98SE because I expect it to crash after several minutes of game play, but the graphics as image quality is very stunning as that FSAA x4 & SLI are working still amazes me alot.
    :shock: :shock: :shock: 8)

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  • So that was the Windows 2000 part now here's 98SE and this is what makes it so interesting the Rev.A1 0900 does nor have a cores/mem speed of 100Mhz Like the Rev.A0 4899 has nor has it have the much higher 166mhz speed of the Rev.A0 3700 AGP variant, it sits actually just in between these two speeds as does the card's revision so yeah this makes sense :)…+0900+specs.jpg

    There you have it Bios version is indeed 1.00b and it's cores/mem speed is 143Mhz the most speculated as rumored speed of the 5000 PCI Rev.A1 0900 at least we know finally have the evidience to this long asked as rumored mystery 8) And oh the Clock says 04:52 AM , this should give you an idea ion how long I have been tinkering with the 5000 PCI and how addictive this REALLY is :lol: man this is so much fun! :P:P

    The following tests that will occur under 98SE will be the following games:

    Under Win2K:
    Quake III Arena 1.32
    Descent3 1.5+ Pyromania 1.5

    Under 98SE:
    Quake III Arena 1.32
    StarWars Episode I: Pod Racer 1.0
    MonsterTruck Madness 2

    and a few more runners up.

    So Stay tuned for the Win98SE tests I have to admit the 5000 PCI system runs a lot more stable now since the drivers I used detected the 5000 PCI with it's normal string so i guess this was still troubling Win2K.

    The System setup I am using under 98SE is the following:


    AthlonXP 2700+
    EPoX EP-8K3A+
    1x 512MB PC3200 CL2 Kingston Hyper X @ PC2700
    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 PCI 32MB Rev.A1 0900 with PC Bios 1.00b
    Creative SB Audigy 2 Platinum with the latest http://Win9.xx/Me drivers.

    3dfx 1.04.01 Beta for the 5000 PCI with the latest 3dfx tools of 21 - 11 -2000
    DX9.0c August 2007.…ue-Leader+d.JPG…ue-Leader+c.JPG

    Well I have to say I had to change the drivers to 1.04.00 WHQL hence stability issues 3dfx tools is the same I used with the 5000 AGP for stable runs under 98SE 11 / 02 / 2000

    So here's StarWars Episode I: Pod Racer results and I have to conclude no stuttery gameplay as I had with the 5000 AGP thus the 5000 PCI only runs @ 143Mhz and it has the 33Mhz PCI bus which makes it alot slower heh really when using FSAA x4 @ 1024 x 768 x16 the gameplay was laggy but at a stable fps rate of 22fps.

    With FSAA x2 I got a neat 41 fps so that explains the 5000 PCI's problem as the lagginess goes. it's the cores/mem speed which ade the influences to the lagginess when FSAA x4 was enabled, the 5000 AGP had very opdd effect when you read back it didn't matter if it ran in Single chip dual chip without FSAA as with FSAA x2 or x4 , sometimes Racer ran fluid and at busy spots it froze for a second and aftert that the lagginess was so intense that it wasn't playable.

    So here are my results so far I have to admit the 5000 PCI is far more stable than the 5000 AGP and the odd thing it's 20 weeks older too, I wonder why heh.

    First pic is with FSAA x4 the second is with FSAA x2:…PCI+FSAA+x4.jpg…PCI+FSAA+x2.jpg

    There was some little banding but not as bad as with the 5000 AGP, soon more pics of Pod Racer I will keep you all updated.

    I ran Monstertruck Madness 2 & Quake3 also only I couldn't find a way to make screenshots but these two ran perfectly with FSAA x2 and x4 settings as the graphical detail goes about , only these crashed after 27 minutes of game play, which was 15 minutes of MonsterTruck Madness 2 and 12 minutes of Quake III Arena heh after that crash lol.

    So During the game play I was like mope 98SE isn't it either, then it became all clear it must of been the card how it reacted and so on, even that it has 5 very small reworks I think @ 3dfx they were experiencing the same as they were trying to fix the card with small hand done wired reworks , I think this ;)

    Well after the lockups appeared under 98SE I was ended up thoughtless on what to do next, so I PM'ed osckhar about the situation and he advised me to use 2K with the latest 3dfx WHQL driver and to downclock the 5000 PCI to 100Mhz with V.Control heh

    So I installed Win2K pro and installed that precise driver and then V.Control and O couldn't get the card lower than 130Mhz and after using this setting the system crashed immediately so I suppose the rev.A1 0900 brought new problems with it heh not saying that every Rev.A1 0900 is like this because there have been reports of stable runs.

    So from this point this was my Voodoo5 5000 research I hope you all have enjoyed it as how I have been progressing on with these rare Voodoo5 5000 cards :)

    At least I found out the true speed and bios'es of these two fantastic prototypes they both have stability problems but that the 5000PCI works under Win2K with SLI was something Id' just never expect :)

    Feel free to ask questions from this point ;)

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