Just like a pack of wolves.

  • Hi all as to me deepest dissapointment that there is a true problem here, thus I am leaving just to make it better for the others.

    I dunno how the heck Exxe placed his post between the old ones here:
    Some people change as like I did as well.

    As what on earth is he talking about me in an odd lang I hardly use???
    Exxe if you talk about me tell it in a lang I can read, this is humiliating me a lot and this is one of the many reasons I am exitting this 3dfx hype!!

    Just the Humiliations! Terrible! Do not accept!!!

    @ Admins & Mods.

    Do something about such actions it's your job to do so, that is what an admin or mod is for to deal with such symptoms, a pack of wolves is about to take over your base, what do you do? deal with it? or let them take it?

    My Verdict?

    This place doesn't need me as it seems or doesn't want me around, so I will leave it aside for now, just in the wrong place at the worng time? who knows that may as well probably be it, many questions remain to be questioned, as selling my collection wasn't such a bad thing after all heh.

  • Enough is enough. Goodbye Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    It´s not the people or pack of wolves as you call it that need some changes. It´s you.

    This site is called VoodooAlert and not Obi-Wan Kenobi has posted again - alert!

  • Wie heftig, ich glaub es ist gut ein halbes Jahr her, dass ich im Forum aktiv war und es hat sich nichts geändert.

    Da kann ich Ernie nur zustimmen.