Stealth 2001 - My i850 Renovation Project & Sveta SMP 2003 - My i860 Fun Project!

  • OK slow down a little :D

    You're mixing some things up there.

    There's no doubt that Thunderbird and of course Palomino und T-Bred had a much better IPC than all of the P4 Cores.

    And it is in deed true that the first P4 chips were totally crushed by the Thunderbirds of the same area although they ran several hundred megahertz slower.

    But - it is defenitely wrong, that AMD had the 3200+ out, when Intel launched the 3,06 HT. If I remember correctly AMD had still only T-Bred B on the market (with the 2700+ the fastest available and the 2800+ as paperlaunch CPU); the Top Dog 3200+ Barton launched about half a year or so later; the Athlon 64 launched about a whole year later than the Northwood 3,06 (I don't want to argue about 1 or 2 months or so..).

    So - the 3,06 was clearly the fastest CPU on the market for several months.

    And still - a 1,67GHz Thunderbird definitely doesn't stand a chance against the 3,06 Northwood. I think 400 - 500 MHz more and then you'll be at the level ;)

    No question AMD was better value, no question the P4 was crap overall but we gotta keep the facts right.

  • Even when overclocking the Thunderbird would never reach the 3.06 GHz Northwood or the Prescott. Never. Sorry for that. An Athlon XP sure, but the old Thunderbird, which is missing a few things? No.

    „Wer immer tut, was er schon kann, bleibt immer das, was er schon ist.“

  • Could of been I would like to see some benchmarks showing this tho, and I haven't seen anyet and google still kind of sucks trying to find such things as well lol, but yeah I meant the P4's of the T-bird time that was AMD's Golden year and they struck hard back with K8, and now with Zen glad they are still around tho, I did get a bit mixed up there guess I got confused with Prescott lol they weren't too great if I recall, even they had 1MB L3 Cache.
    Dunno why Intel released Prescott even they did come with SSE3, why not release a patched Northwood with SSE 3 instead of Northwood was that good as many predict?

    Wasn't Gallatin Northwood done right in sense due to the massive 4MB L3 Cache they had?

  • Prescott didn't have L3 Cache, only Gallatin out of the Intel Desktop Line of CPUs.

    The Prescott was further desgined/"optimized" for more clockspeed (Intel aimed for 10GHz which we all know failed miserably :D :D ) and was therefor even worse IPC-wise than Northwood. Additionally the first Prescotts ran extremely hot, they were just pure crap when they launched, just as the Willamette Core (well not completely comparable, but still a step back at first). The revised 6xx P4s at least fixed the power consumption, ran really cool and overclock extremely well.

  • Oh yeah Prescott did introduce SSE3, my laptop from 2004 has a 3.4Ghz Pentium 4 HT in it a Prescott with 1MB L2 I remember now the GPU is an ATI M18 Mobillity Radeon 9800 AGP 256MB 256Bit DDRII which uses the rare ATi R420M VPU :) 8 Pixel Pipes, 8 Pixel shaders and 4 Vertex Shaders 8 ROPS quite a powerful setup for a gaming laptop for 2004.
    It's a Dell inspiron 9100 Limited Xtreme Edition, pretty much a Dell XPS 9100 with max ram of 2GB instead of 4 GB lol

  • The G1 stepping of the Prescott is really nice. Its the last and best stepping you can get, when using socket 478. It overclocks really nice (4.0 GHz is realistic) and runs cool for a P4.

    But even with 4 GHz, the P4 will loose against an Athlon64. Neburst was a dead end.

    So Intel modified the P3 and created Banias and Dothan and on this base, they created the glory Core-architecture. I still use a Xeon X5470...

    „Wer immer tut, was er schon kann, bleibt immer das, was er schon ist.“