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  • Oje, da stehen die Adressen von Backfire und dem Verkäufer klar lesbar auf der Rechnung :O

    Backfire , ich würde den auf E-Bay anschreiben und ihn darum bitten, das unlesbar zu machen. Weiß jemand, wer dieser Fabian ist?



  • Well you can you just have to know from who, I mostly stick to internal deals with contacts, I can help keep an eye out for one if you are looking for such a card, most ebay sellers are just full of greed if nobody buys from them they will be forced to lower their prices, just gotta hope people are smart enough not to buy these cards for these high prices because if they do that means they accept these things going for mindless amounts.

    I've been looking for an affordable V5 5500 PCI for a long time. So if you have contacts or an idea how to get a card for a sub E-bay price, I would be very happy to hear from you :)

    Hey sure man I'll see what I can do, just hoping not all sellers are greedy for coin, then you might make a chance.

    I Mean they can go for just 75 Euros ;)

    Even that was a sale in 2013, do check AMI-Bay tho, nothing needs to be overpriced, sellers need to learn to be fair, just like that seller from AMI-Bay in the link.


    Jetzt dürften sie bald bei Dir vor der Haustüre stehen und am Telefon sturmläuten, Du Koryphäe! :spitze:


    Kind if sad and gut wrenching to see someone else's working being sold for so much coin, 950 Eur that seller should be avoided at all times.

    150 Eur max, no more for mass produced card, Greedy sellers seem to be taking over, or well they are trying.... they are the unwanted capitalists of this damaged 3dfx community, they are the ones killing it basically, all of that just needs to end.

  • hmm I dont think so. This price is lower than most of the other cards who are offered at the moment, including the original package and the incredible work from Backfire. The card will be sold soon, Im sure. These Voodoo cards are turning into very rare collectibles everyone wants to have. Its the same as it is with the old motorcycles from WW2 for example. They were mass products, not really good produced but today multiple times more expensive than in the past as they were new.

    So its not worth thinking about ^^

  • Hmm things that killed innocent people, I don't support such things.

    but it's not of need to go for that much while back in 2013 you can grab one for 75 euros, I mean if prices were low it would be affordable for everyone and not that Greedy bunch that are basically damaging the 3dfx community itin it's whole.
    I will never understand why you would stand up for such things like capitalism, it's evil and should be avoided and never accepted. no matter who worked on a card, that should not have to determine is greater value.

    It's basally a changed or say modified original, and in the reality if an original has been altered or changed the value is in most cases less that what an original could be, there is no need for greed, it needs to end.

  • Da hat wohl einer ne Festplatte gekillt.........

    TUSL2-C, PIII-S 1,4GHz, 512MB, Voodoo3 3000 AGP, SB Live!
    TUSL2-C, PIII-S 1,4GHz, 512MB, Voodoo3 3000 AGP, SB Live!
    CUSL2-C, PIII 933MHz, 512MB, Millennium II AGP 4MB, 2x Monster II 12MB, SB Live!
    CUSL2-C, PIII 933MHz, 512MB, Millennium II AGP 4MB, 2x 3D Blaster Voodoo² 12MB, SB Live!
    P3B-F, PIII 800MHz, 512MB, G400 Max 32MB AGP, 2x Monster II 12MB, SB AWE64 Gold
    P2B-F, PIII 600MHz, 512MB, G200 8+8MB AGP, 2x Monster II 8MB, SB 32 PnP

  • Da war wohl eher der Wunsch der Vater des Gedanken.

    Hoffentlich fällt keiner darauf herein. An sich ist das schon Grenzwertig.

    - Backfire -

  • Hab das heute morgen auch mal gemacht...

    Seltsamerweise kann man auf der Seite "Verstoß melden" lesen,
    dass der "Titel" dieses Artikels anscheinend

    controller card of a Quantum Fireball hard drive Quantum HDD PCB
    Artikelnr.: 314076383190


    Ich frage mich nur, warum dann auch nicht das Angebot als solches diesen Titel trägt.
    (aber die Artikel-Details sagen ja auch eindeutig, dass es sich um eine Grafikkarte handeln soll)

    IBM ThinkpadX31 der kleine Pinguin für unterwegs
    2x AMD Opteron 246 (ehm. 244er) 4 GB RAM, Tyan K8W Tiger eine "Troye" Linux Workstation für den Power-User,Debian, 7 3.2.0-4 amd64
    Thinkpad 760ED, Win 3.11 für Unterwegs.
    achja: GA-7IXE4 Sockel A Board, Voodoo 5 5500. Die LAN Schlampe, eines Tages bekommt sie anständiges Zuhause.
    Gigabyte-G5AA, Matrox G450DualHead, AMD K6-2, Terratec EWS64XL (64MB RAM) - Keyboard MIDI Workstation

    Nur ein Klassiker ist'n Klassiker. 3dfx und BMW

  • Also wenn ich auf ebay.de oder ebay.com in allen Kategorien nach Quantum3D oder Quantum 3D suchen lasse, taucht das in keiner der Ergebnislisten auf. Ich fühle mich jetzt irgendwie betrogen - von ebay. :S;)

    Ich werde mich von keinem einzzzigen Prozzzessor trennen.
    Jedoch lockt es mich beinahe, ihn Dir zu überlassen, nur um zu sehen, wie er Dich in den Wahnsinn treibt :evil:

    Meine Begehren