What is the max ram a VSA-100 can actually have?

  • Hmm I know this is an old thread but imagine this 128MB VRAM Mod for the Changeling AGP & PCI cards since they now populate 8 VRAM spaces per VSA-100 just like the Voodoo4 4500 AGP does, you could in theory make a Changeling AGP 256MB in that sense by giving 128MB per VSA-100, all thanks to the 8 VRAM chip layout per VSA-100:

    Yea the AGP model is purple and has D-Sub VGA, HDMI & DVI-D :)
    Photo's made by Anthony

  • Hey that might be a DVI-D Connector, but the card should only do DVI-I.

    I think the DVI-D was added due to that the original cards also had DVI-D and not DVI-I :)
    Here the awesome yet very rare 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP x4 + DVI Rev.A2 3300:

    An absolute gem always wanted one of these, always will be on the lookout :topmodel:
    But as you can see it has a DVI-D :)

    Here my V5 PCI Mac it too has a DVI-D, so I guess Anthony did that to add some originality to the card, which is very cool 8)

    Always nice to see such details are added.

  • You can use newer monitors or two VGA monitors via an adapter.

    So I think, with DVI-I there are more options.

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  • i don't get how the vga signal in dvi cable could help to use newer monitors. and as this card is not dual head, simultaneous connection of two monitors looks suspicious.

    the main reason why the dvi connector was added, is in order to provide more sturdy bracket mounting compared to older cards.

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  • Anthony, on your FB posts you present the V5 Changeling and the 64/256 Jumper. Or is that a Type´O?


    Do you remember the famous leather casting couch? It turned out that the guys are big fans of 3dfx stuff, so they got something new. See the new version of Changeling card. It's maxed out now, 64/256Mb selectable config. Unfortunately drivers are not happy to deal with such a large amount of memory."