3dfx Voodoo4 4200 Daytona Review

  • I used a 20" EIZO Flexscan and I found the image quality output of the Vodooo3 boards better sharper but also the image fidelity was better I used the RGB + Gray shades connectors to my 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP and my V5 5500 AGP & 6000 the 3500 won for me when it came to image quality , sharpness & Image fidelity, especially at 1600x1200x32 @ 100Hz.

    I guess it only is visible iif you use the RGB + gray shades connectors heh.

  • on v5 board vsa chips have rgb outs connected to each other. in theory it may give minor decrease of analog signal quality. also v3, powercolor v4 and daytonas all have linear voltage regulators as opposed to impulse dc-dc convertors on v5 and stb v4 cards, linear regulators give more stable voltage, so it may affect ramdac pll power supply. don't see any other reason for worse image quality via rgb on vsa based cards

  • RAMDAC was a cost factor in those days. Matrox Mystique was advertised with 170 vs 220 MHz as a selling argument for image quality.

    So i would not necessarily expect good RAMDACs on prototypes...

  • Hmm RAMDAC's on the Voodoo5 series were pretty much the same as the production boards as for Daytona that might be a different story the same for Rampage 2000.

    Voodoo3 is better developed as it wasn't rushed off as later cards were, since 3dfx was running out of time & money in 2000 it wasn't they best year even that their Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh was best of Mac Word that wasn't good enough to save them sadly.

    All in allw e all should be happy of all the knowledge we have gained with and from these cards left alone from the 3x-3dfx experts, engineers & Veteran 3dfx community members, it's just cool to see new threads related to such things emerge :)

    Always worth a good read I'm like :)