Here a new way I used to cool my X-24 xD

  • Meet my new Frakenstein method to keep my X-24 cooled xD :topmodel:

    What I did was that I grabbed my vertical ventilator layed it on it's side and et voila xD
    New Cooler for your hot as Hell X-24 :spitze:

    Look at that A-10 go xD

    But yeah I would need something smaller than this but for now this will have to do it :topmodel:

  • I like the cpu cooler. I had it on my Athon TBird 1000 @ ASUS K7M Rev 1.04 and I made a thermal sensor for it. Few years ago I sold it to Maniac81, I think.

    "Du bist und bleibst a Mensch und du kannst eben net deine menschlichkeit überwinden."


  • I like the cooler too, but the amd version has more cooling area (fins). In my opinion that looks nicer.

    Die Pixel beschleunigt, die Kanten gefixt, lang leben die Karten von 3dfx! :spitze:

  • Hmm the K7 Athlon cooler is for Pentium II S.E.C.C Slot 1 & K7 Slot A only.

    But the one I have is for S.E.C.C. 2 only, thus much rarer but the perfect solution for my Slot 1 P3 CPU :)

    It's just lovely 8)