Please Mass Report this Fraudulent V5 6000, 5500 sales, probably more..

  • Hey all

    I am posting this here so the 3dfx ebay thread can just go it's own way.

    As co-owner of the x-3dfx facebook section I have decided with my crew to mass report this so the more reports ebay gets the sooner it will be taken down.

    Here the Fraudulent Voodoo5 6000 listing:…ng/362751530027

    Seller info:

    Even that they have 16 Feedback points, could be friends of them or alt accounts made by the same seller…226.m2531.l4585

    If I am not aloud to post this here, feel free to let me know and I will remove it.

    Surrimugge I will advise you to also report this seller for stealing your photo material of your own card, there is a way to contact ebay manually which is the way I'd go for I'd phone them and get this sorted out as soon as possible.

    Stealing & using photo's from others for sales is breaking rules with ebay even as other market place sites goes using fake photo's or stolen photo's is always a big no no, so you can report the seller from doing this.

    At x-3dfx we have already mass reported this sale but the more people report the better and the sooner ebay will have it removed as well.

    So please help warn your own 3dfx communities for those that are part of other ones so no one needs to fall for this fraudulent sale thereby helping to protect your own members.

    Also I made a thread at

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  • Here Surri's card from

    Here the one from that ebay listing, note all the decals & fan wire placements are all the same even how the wires are bent, 100% identical:

    Here the rear view of the two cards, Note the placement of the decals and other marks on the card they are all 100% identical!

    Surri's card:

    Ebay seller's card:

    I only flipped the pics of the seller in horizontal mode so it's easier to compare.

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  • The seller stole the photo's from x86 Secret major thanks go to GrandAdmiralThrawn for providing me this info :)…00/v56kgb-6.htm

    Here Surri's YT channel:

    3dfxhistory = Surrimugge

    He recently made a video with his V6K, roughly 20 mins ago:

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  • Well it seems this seller has been busy again and trying to sell a 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64MB with box & Driver CD on ebay as well even though the photo is again stolen from an other friend of mine aka MadYoshi from B as well it's this auction that being:…gp/362749830310

    As you can see the photo actually comes from this website that my friend MadYoshi runs and owns:

    Here the picture from this site:

    Here the actual link of it:…20AGP%20OCP.jpg

    He told me he had the card since 2001 and he still has it, I can't stand that ebay is o slow even the 100+ Reports they had of this seller doing these fake auctions....

    I really hope this scammer gets banned from ebay , just a shame ebay is so slow at actually removing scammers , it's kind of disappointing and it's also affecting my friends as well, ah well I am going to report this one just as I did with the other one it's all we can do sadly.

    Even so, I still bet all the other auctions this guy has are stolen images of other people as well...won't be all too surprised then either if I have to be very honest :(

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  • Great News guys!!! :respekt::thumbup:

    All auctions of this seller aka scammer have been taken down! HAH YES !!!!

    Hereby I would like to thank everyone that helped reporting this scammer and also replying and even just reading my thread, point being it's just one scammer less,so thanks <3

    Formidable !! :respekt:

    Mission Accomplished!! :spitze:

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  • My friend Brad_Hawthrone from EVGA made a good strong point:

    Thing is, this is so specialized that he has to be a member of your community. I doubt he'd know otherwise just how rare these specific things are. Unfortunately, look within for the scammer.

    But who would do this?

    osckhar Any idea who this seller is?
    Just seeking clarification, not blaming anyone, I just want this mess sorted out , well if only so the original owners of their photo's won't have to worry for it
    Such things just matter to me.


    It seems one Oak Polish is the guy that stole videos & Pics from their owners and it also seems that this connected to the scammer from ebay selling the cards with photo's from people I actually know.

    Here a video from this Oak Polish guy, he took screenshots from his monitor from parts of this video and used them as photo's for his false Voodoo5 6000 auction...

    Again this is stolen video material from my friend Surrimugge:

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  • Ich muss kurz etwas richtig stellen, das kommt bei Obi vielleicht nicht ganz rüber, dass der Account "Oak Polish" etwas mit der ebay Auktion zu tun hat, ist nicht bewiesen und sehr spekulativ. Lediglich das Bildmaterial für die Auktion stammt aus dem Video. Die Position im Video bei 1:11 min (die letzten frames zu 1:12 min) passen genau zum Bildmaterial des Verkäufers.

    Die übrigen Bilder (oder auch das im Case) können auch von diesem hier sein:

    Genauer gesagt bei 4:45 (plus minus den einen oder anderen frame)

    Ich wollte mich zu der ganzen Thematik eigentlich nicht äußern, aber das Vorgehen des ebay Nutzers ist mir doch sehr suspekt. Ich werde mich von der V5 6k Auktion fern halten, mein Einkommen erarbeite ich mir tagtäglich viel zu hart, um es aus dem Fenster zu schmeißen, mit einer ziemlich großen Sicherheit keine Gegenleistung zu bekommen.

    glidegallery <-- meine Voodoo Gallery [Domain 壊れてる]

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  • Hope ebay bans this sucker guys, Surri, Yoshi and others that would of been victim of this scammers crap don't deserve it.

    Thing I don't get is , who would do this, it's been very quiet at x-3dfx, Voodooalert and other 3dfx sites, my friends at EVGA told me to look within but I would not know where.

    Even I see osckhar folksinging that seller, that must of been recent due to the seller's method of stealing photography of others, a shame such things happen even to this very day to be honest.

    Lets hope this scammer doesn't make a new account , you'd never know how devoted they can get.
    I'll always keep a watch over such things and hey we gotta take care of each other these days so good team work everyone <3 :respekt: :spitze:

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  • It's a good thing ebay (supposedly) stepped in and a good team effort of reporting those obviously flaky auctions.:thumbup:

    I mean when the guy started posting photos of videos running on his monitor with the monitor frame visible it got pretty ridiculous. :topmodel:

    I wouldn't worry too much about who it was. If ebay suspects a scam they've probably already informed the police. Judging from the level of stupidity those auctions were made with the seller probably didn't worry about proxies/VPNs and ebay certainly has the IP.

    Also I doubt they're an active member in any of the communities. With the Voodoo 5 5500 they even listed the RAM as 32MB (which is kind of correct but also rather strange). They also didn't give any of the interesting V6k details that a buyer might be interested in like mfg date, PCI rework and the likes. Probably some kid who got onto the youtube retro train, got wind of the value of those cards and wanted to make a quick buck.

    Or maybe the seller meant no harm but just wanted a realistic estimate of what a card like this currently goes for?

    I mean, make a listing, bid two million Pounds with a second account so you'll 'win' the 'auction', cancel the sale afterwards so you won't have to pay an auction fee and with the second highest bid you know the current market value.:spitze:

    When it turned out to be financially out of reach they might have gone for the second best with the TUSL2-C and Voodoo 5 5500 listing.

    That would at least be the less pessimistic guess.;)

    Either way the seller doesn't seem like the brightest bulb.^^

    And on the bright side every active member of the community is reminded to be extra cautious when buying rare hardware. 8):thumbup:


  • It seems the seller got IP banned for their poor actions for stealing and using photo material they don't own for their scam sales.

    They have seemed to changed their name from sewil6573 to sarmuch293 probably to hide themselves from the crowd...

    But eventually failed to proceed, the moment they were found out by the owners of the photo's , the owners phoned ebay personally and got the scammer IP banned and all their accounts got nuked.

    Here the tweet from Surrimugge aka 3dfxhistory thanks to SWZSSR from x-3dfx for providing me this info :)

    Mission Accomplished, they come back we will strike harder simple, nobody messes with the 3dfx community hah!

    So yeah it seems this was worth pursuing then, hereby I thank everyone that helped report the bastard.

    Next time I find a scammer they are literally fucked I'll mass report 'em till ebay bans the bastards and put them to justice.
    Such types are not worth having around, nobody messes with the 3dfx community, period 8)

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  • Not searching for anything perhaps?

    What I did for this place was ebay related, so why didn't you say back then what does this have to do with Voodooalert? :/
    So I guess it doesn't seem to bother many as it used to many years back then...

    But you have your own opinions as I have mine, I do accept that.

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  • Everyday is a Saturday for me, so weekend all week, then again being 100% disabled and chronically ill and being in pain 24/7, I still at least care for those around me or I would not of made 6 posts regarding this subject across 6 communities.

    Thanks to that this issue was taken care of pretty rapidly, but I can say I at least care for such things.

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  • And yes I will try to have a nice week or weekend and yea I do take back my bold replies I have removed them as this thread offers no more value, it did it's purpose.

    S2 Sedan Please lock this thread the case is closed.

    So yea, what can I say... I'm just done helping careless cabbages.

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