Here my New Matrox Collection

  • Just ordered:

    - P65 PCIe

    - G550 PCI

    The P65 PCIe is not tested at all, the G550 PCI loses against MX4000 PCI.

    G550 PCI can only be installed manually under win9x becaue the setup can't detect the G550 AGP behind the PCI2AGP Bridgechip, but it works. The bridge-chip seems to produce a lot of overhead. Frames are reallly bad. older games like HL1 are not smooth in opengl or D3D. EMBM is nice but R7000 is much faster in EMBM. No hardware TnL and also no S3TC, so MX4000 has TnL and S3TC so I went for that card. But good to see that G550 PCI exists. R7000 PCI is the best card in that class but I went for MX4000 because of better support in amithlon.

    SNI-Scovery 212 AMD K6-2/450 128MB Matrox-Mystique 4MB ESS-Solo1 + Midi-Modul. (Dos/Win95/OS2)