Anthony's Voodoo5 6000 remake project, Seems exciting for sure!

  • Could a mod just review GL posts here? hutzeputz  ernesto.che Irrational and unexplainable damage to VA community is done and GL is threatening whoever. Thx.

    You got what you asked for I got threatened so I went in full defense. it's like I had little choice to do what else ;)
    oh and besides since when is disagreeing with someone's design falling under threatening people?

    Rather a strange way to put it wouldn't you think?

    it is always easy to blame the one that does not agree with ones so called methods then again that to me is far more immature and disrespectful for that same cause.

    If I don't get an answer Iw ant if asking about a certain something I just ask again and again til I get the answer I want, that is how my mind works, I am sorry your minds are not comparable with that.

    But I am sure we have some more time to sort this out, that is if you are willing to; or have the mental energy to continue.
    It's like a mental trance, I just feel completely nothing as of now, just remarkable.