VA Discord maybe an idea?

  • Just something that came to mind, maybe an idea to have a VA Discord channel?

    it's free to use and it's very community orientated, mic quality is pretty decent it's easier and better to use than Team Speak and other voice chat services, it also has ideal group & ub group sections you can add as many text & voice channels as you like Nitro is not a must but it can offer other helpful services.

    Info about Discord and what it actually is:

    Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers."

    Initial release: May 13, 2015; 5 years ago

    Preview release: 74659 / January 16, 2021; 14 days ago

    Stable release: 74432

    Available in: 27 languages

    Operating system: Windows; macOS; Linux; iOS; iPadOS; Android; Web browsers

    Programming languages: JavaScript, Python, React, Rust, Elixir

  • There's also WhatsApp and Threema groups as far as I understand it, on top of the IRC channel. Question is: How many platforms does a tiny community need. ;)

    There's one plus point for Discord though, it can be bridged to IRC using glue layer software, channels, users and all. I know somebody who's done that just recently. So Discord users could see and chat with IRC users and vice-versa. Natually, IRC is text only, so the VoIP part would be Discord-exclusive. Just mentioning this because it might unify some parts of the community instead of further splitting people up into different platforms/protocols.

    I'm impartial to it though, essentially (I don't use WhatsApp or Threema either).


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  • IRC is barely used though, Discord seems to be the one most communities use. IRC reminds me of ICQ an other dead medium.
    Discord works on your phone but your computer as well, not everyone has a smartphone either so things like What's App are quite irrelevant then.

    Never heard of What's App or Threema then again I don't use smartphones tech that I find rather useless, for those that work they can be useful alas.
    discord is currently the most used VC program, hence why I made the topic :)

    Overall Discord does seem far more superior plus it's much easier to use…why-is-it-superior-to-IRC

    All up to you guys though, thought I'd mention it if otherwise.

  • Discord can host small files up to 8MB in the free version. You can also create channels, stream your webcam, desktop or game/application.

    Thats really handy for troubleshooting old systems!

  • A VoodooAlert Discord will harm this board IMHO.

    Too much content will be redundant or shift to the Discord server, like pics or (maybe important) questions and their solutions.

    Maybe a international 3dfx Discord server could work for international users, who won't participate in our German board or fans.

  • Discord also works fine with smartphones it's just more user friendly and it's far superior being it is 2021 , but okay your choice, I do like Chosen_One's idea though, I'll surely look in to that :) Thanks for all your replies though, just was wondering if otherwise :)

  • why would i change from an free open source Internet Standard to something one person/team/company controls?

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  • Because it's so fancy - for a while...

    And as soon as your attention span is exceeded, you move on. picard_riker.gif

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  • Well - I'm a big fan of Open Source and protocol standards, and use them wherever I can.

    But I do admit: Products compiled by a sole company are likely to be more streamlined and polished. Discord is a perfect example for it. It just integrates chat, voice, video, games etc. perfectly. I do not know a single free piece of software that does this specific task evenly well. (Mattermost goes into the direction, without the gaming aspect)

    Additionally, the entry hurdle is way lower with tools like this. They make it easy for newcomers. IRC e.g. is overwhelming for most newcomers.

    Then again, I am a big paranoid when it comes to data protection and privacy. So whenever we can avoid tools like Discord, I do.

    Edit: And, to make that complete: Discord is REALLY REALLY REALLY bad in terms of data protection. They transmit everything without end-to-end encryption and have the right to use everything you send for commercial purposes.

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  • why would i change from an free open source Internet Standard to something one person/team/company controls?

    You're using Windows...

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  • Discord is amazing, but then again you may as well stop using the internet all together if you fear of getting your personal info stolen... Windows 10 big no no for starters, that is even worse when it comes to actual data protection + personal data leakage and what not, I am still on Win 7 Pro for many reasons. Win10 is a shite OS nothing more, it's the biggest scam in history, Linux Kubuntu which is KDE based would be more the direction I will be going this year, heck I even used "never10" to get rid of the atrocious forced Win10 updates lmao what were they thinking.

    Discord isn't that bad it has far better privacy protection that Steam for example, Steam ID64's are easy to get hands on with these you can find out who is who name changes won't save people I Sadly have a terrible experience with Steam as where discord always kept me safe, you can make it as safe or as open as you want, as for VPN's not safe at all the VPN provider can track your each and every move:
    Just a glorified Proxy and nothing else, so there goes all your safety right down the drain.

    I also really depends what you use such a tool for, discord this being, is by far the most popular and most used chat program out there, it runs on almost everything so far that part it's by far superior form most other solutions it's 2021 and not 2001.

    And if you fear of spying software everything that is connected to the internet is also connected to your personal files, it's near to impossible to get away from it, I don't use a smartphone simply I am avoiding such leakage to an even greater extent, I am still using a 2002 Nokia 6310i, a reliable classic GSM or Handy as you Germans would call them I think?

    Your smartphones are far more vulnerable than discord it's self as they are connected to everything you have on them, extremely unreliable.
    So is Discord really that bad nope I take such comments by a grain of salt because in the reality there are far worst things to fear from, I'm still alive my life is worthless so in the end I probably don't give a damn because everyone that is connected to the internet is literally fucked already anyway.

  • Well, I won't go into the discussion, that privacy is impossible on the internet. It's not.

    You are able make elaborate decisions in which tools to use. You Just have to read and educate yourself.

    Even WhatsApp and co. can't make use of your messages' content like Discord does.

    The Terms of Service speak for themselves.

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  • But the OS you are using like Win 10 already spreads your so called private info as other things might all in all internet is where things are shared it's mind over matter game for me even if it happens it doesn't hurt I am still alive in the end I can't live without discord all my communities are there and besides too much work to go elsewhere because there isn't much anything else I'd use, it's pretty much safer than most platforms for that part.
    Not worried :P

    I have had far worse things happen to me on Steam and all other mediums, so as that goes I don't see it as bad as you are trying to make it look as.
    If this were true why is discord the most used platform? Also I'm sure if it was that dangerous, people would not use it at all, which isn't the case its a simple solution that works.

    It's easy to say things like that yet the reality is not as bad as many people try to make it, your choice of course.
    So far I see it as an opinion or a hypothesis and not a fact.

  • OK dude :)

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