[V] / [T] Quantum3D Mercury for Voodoo 5 6000 or DB AAlchemy

  • Want to trade and prefer to trade/possibly sell. Testing the waters.

    I'm looking to trade my green later revision Quantum3D Mercury brick (Brick by itself) for an extremely clean fully funcional Voodoo 5 6000. I will also entertain the idea of a clean dual board Quantum3D AAlchemy system of some sort. My collection is highly lacking in the VSA-100 architecture department and rather than having the two Mercury bricks and every other Voodoo 2 based board under the sun that I have, I'd like to make my collection a little more rounded with some extreme VSA-100 architecture in the mix.

    The entire time I've owned this brick I have treated it as I would if it were my own child, it has been meticulously cared for. I've thoroughly tested it in many games and have tested each 200SBi individually as well. All 4 200SBi's including the bridge (AA module) are in nearly flawless condition. This is a later revision brick with the fastest EDO that ever ran on these boards (125MHz EDO). The later revision BIOS on each 200SBi allows them to work very well in brick form. 04 Revision(Early revision) BIOS 200SBi's have been for many, an absolute nightmare to get working in brick form and in many cases don't even work. You won't have to worry about that with these because all of the bugs have been worked out with the later revisions.

    For those of you that don't know what the Mercury is, it's 4 Quantum3D Obsidian 2 200SBi boards in an 8-way Voodoo 2 SLI configuration (4 instances of Voodoo 2 SLI) that offers 4 tap rotated grid full scene anti-aliasing natively in anything you use them for.

    It's unlikely because I'd much rather have the hardware than the cash but I might consider selling them if I get an offer that I can't refuse, so feel free to send me a cash offer and I will consider it.

    If you have any interest or might have a lead, please let me know!

    I am located in Arizona in the USA


  • What will be your price for that???

    You may have some pictures, while the card is running?

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  • What will be your price for that???

    You may have some pictures, while the card is running?

    I will provide videos of the brick running in various tests/games to the person I'm making a deal with when the proper offer comes along, I really would rather not sell them as I would really want the hardware over the money. I am however taking offers and if someone offers me something I can't refuse I will make a deal. The likelihood of me selling them in the next few weeks to a month is very low unless the offer is extreme, because I would like the chance to find a trade deal.

    Thank you for your interest! (:

  • Hmm I remember these, the US Air Forced used these for their Flight Simulators for the McDonnell Douglas F-15 I believe.
    Some fascinating hardware right there, I really hope you succeed for this trade bud :)
    Also the green PCB versions of the Mercury are the hardest to find as well.

    This trade seems very fair and balanced, so if any of you here from VA can help "theeraccoon" out, it's hella worth it I might add <3 :respekt:

    Greets Willem B. / Obi Wan KenobiV6K from x-3dfx.

  • Thank you for the kind words buddy! (: I think it's an extremely equal trade myself. Luckily I have another brick so I don't have to really "give up" something in my collection :D I just want more variety! Haha

  • Afaik the green PCB variant is rarer than the dark brown ones, from what I can see as PCB coloration goes.

    Yeah no doubt!! The black one here is a real unicorn though with the long heatsinks from the later green revision bricks like the one on the left. Not a single other black brick on the web that I've seen has those. They are also 05 rev BIOS cards which is the hardest black PCB ones to find, most are 04. They also don't have the gold VIA's all over the place. They look much cleaner than the 04 rev's. One of them also has the 125MHz EDO too. Very very likely that my black brick was built right during the transition to the later revision green PCB boards and that's why they shared parts with the newer models.

    Pic below is the common 04 rev brick set with the typical tiny heatsinks.

  • Damn sweet stuff so the black ones are rarer then, didn't know that :) I always thought they operated at 125Mhz rofl, but it's more like 100 to 110 Mhz wasn't it?

    Yeah just my black one :D again because of the way it was configured and being that the cards are 05 BIOS. All the other black bricks I've seen are 04 rev and have the normal heatsinks. And yes! The green ones all had 125MHz and all black ones had 100MHz EDO :D The Green cards can have 05 or 06 rev BIOS and if I'm not mistaken I think my green brick has 05's, so the same as my black one!