3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 returns fully recapped!

  • Hey all :)

    Here's my old V5 PCI Mac in a brand new jacket, well all it's capacitors were recapped with ceramic ones by Declan from x-3dfx & Retro Machines.
    So here the photo's of this beauty:

    All looking great and beautiful as you can clearly see.
    it's in my AthlonXP 2200+ in PCI slot 6 since it's the only slot I could fit it in :topmodel:
    The system is running dead stable as always.

    Here the wallpaper I made for this system of my Ansett Australia B747-312 the VJ-INJ with the Sydney 2000 Livery

    Here the 3dfx Digital tab where you can enable it to use your flat panel monitor and the FSAA tab right of that:

    The DVI port is detected via 3dfx Digital tab in my 3dfx tools driver control panel, always handy to have around.
    This card was also one from my first collection due to that it has a ton of personal value to it for me, the memories i have with it, now having it back 3 years later in this full recap was totally worth it.

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  • Nice Voodoo! But why a Athlon XP 2200+? Im just curious.

    Because I use what I have here and besides I Upgraded from my V3 3500 TV AGP, the AXP 2200+ is plenty for this card really, but then again I don't have a container ir spare room of 120M2 to store items nio room and no coin for other things yet t hings takes years for me to get hands on due to retarded prices elsewhere.

    thankfully my friend in Adelaide is helping me out big time getting somethings back like the V5 PCI Mac :)
    I'm no fan of Intel, sorry guys, always had AMD always will use AMD, Dual AthlonMP 2800+ or something in that range is next with an Iwill MPX2 or Tyan Tiger MPX so the V5 PCI mac can go in a 64 Bit PCI Slot set to 32Bit PCI mode and bus set at 66Mhz then it will act lik e an AGP card, 1 CPU for games and the other for background activities, just nicer to work with 2CPU's over one, for me anyways.

    Also the mainboard I use now the max native supported CU is the AXP 2200+ T-Bred-A (not B) MadYoshi & Avenger strongly advised me to use a T-bred_A thus also why I use the AXP 2200+ T-Bred A.
    | T-Bred B, Barton or Thorton can damage my VRM's, for what true reason I Don't know but I took their advice big time, and the system runs dead stable so not going to question their knowledge :)