Snow White - the New AGP 2x version of the Voodoo 5 6000 by Anthony! With the heart managed by the technology invented by 3dfx over 21 years ago.

  • Hahaa. I was just wondering to find "special" cards in there, like Oscar's V5 5800. I thought it might be a "data base" of user scores or something like that.

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    Yes, you are right. To be honest I was lazy keeping records of my I started the table by writing down values for Oscar`s V5 5800 and a "reference" V5 5500. Thats the reason why they are in there. Next step, real world benchmarks:-)

  • Well I had a selection in mind e.g. Q3, UT99, RTCW, Serious Sam....but that's obviously a bit different to the pick you have in the article. Maybe I should add some "newer titles" as well. Any recommendation? As said I am lazy, so 3 titles would be fine to start with ;)

  • Tormi2k Danke für die Benchmark Ergebnisse.

    Hast du die 40.000 CPU Marks mit dem 2400+ erreicht? Falls ja brauchst du über ein P4 Unterbau nicht weiter nachdenken.

    Ein wenig wild und bunt...sorry dafür. In dem Testsystem läuft ein Athlon XP 3000+. Damit erreich ich die 40.000 Punkte. Mit dem Athlon XP 2400+ komm ich auf ~35.000 Punkte, allerdings auf nem EPOX EP-8KHA+. Theoretisch hätte ich die Möglichkeit die Karte via AGP/PCI Adapter über PCI-X auf einem Core2Quad laufen zu lassen. Ist aber vermutlich ein wenig overkill;-)

  • Well I had a selection in mind e.g. Q3, UT99, RTCW, Serious Sam....but that's obviously a bit different to the pick you have in the article. Maybe I should add some "newer titles" as well. Any recommendation? As said I am lazy, so 3 titles would be fine to start with ;)

    Newer games (what's really "new" when talking about Voodoos? 8o) are not the typical use-case for VSA-100. The architecture sucks hard in almost every game that was designed for HTnL GPUs - but that had first to be proven with games that were released years after the product. Done. Enjoy the beauty of the reborn goddess with classic Glide games instead. The famous 8× SGSSAA is even worth a try nowadays. For many years, very few people could have a glance at this top-notch anti-aliasing. Crank up timeless classics like Need for Speed (2+), Half-Life, UT, Rune and feel the magic of the V5 6000. Enjoy one of the craziest and most adorable graphics cards of all time (I'd say: THE graphics card)! :respekt:

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  • Das Chaintech ist ziemlich flott. Cool ist auch die beiliegende Linux-Distri. Hab die letztens mal in ner VM ausprobiert.

    "Du bist und bleibst a Mensch und du kannst eben net deine menschlichkeit überwinden."


  • Hey nice catch there Tormi2k :)

    To be honest I'd go for an AthlonXP-M 2600+ or 2800+ with an EPoX EP-8K3A, with that you will get far more performance from your 3dfx Glide games from any kind of Voodoo5 6000 based VGA card, OCing to 2.4Ghz+ is easily done with these, thereby you'll crush any P4 out there, mainly thanks to the high clocks being made reachable the low CPU voltage and the much stronger FPU performance.

    3D mark is kind of useless to be very honest and I really will never get why people use that terrilble codes software.... it tells absolutely nothing on how your card will accurately perform in the actual games themself, I would use the games themself to accurately determine on how it's really doing, not this 3D mark nonsense, it's inaccurate and not really of relevance.
    And if many people use 3D Mark, that means them many people are really doing it wrong :saint:

    All in all I never had to OC my 2700+ 2167Mhz was plenty for all the glide games I used my Voodoo5 6000A GP 128MB rev.A 3700 for@ 1600x1200x16 in Glide, I too used the EPoX EP-8K3A+ btw it used the VIA Apollo KT333CE Chipset, the best for all six 4x1 model 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revisions, I am sure Anthony's Voodoo5 6000 cards will love this board as well.

    But hey man enjoy this lovely piece of hardware<3
    Anthony did a fantastic job at reverse engineering this card tho, I'll give it that 8):spitze:

  • Well, 3DMark 2001 SE actually tells one thing: Voodoo cards suck. :topmodel: And, to be honest, that was a quite accurate forecast - games after 2000 tend to be both TnL and interface limited.

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    Hi Raff,

    I think 3dmark01's answer is not "they suck", but it is "we did not expect the 3dfx community to support, after the bankruptcy, until 2021, making it survive thanks always to the fans of this community!"8o

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  • The games that you run with your 3dfx card tell you more how a 3dfx card actually performs in such scenario's.

    Using 3DMark is an inaccurate and wrong way of measurement, it's wrong and people need to stop using that on how the cards may or may not perform in games, its irrelevant information, thus making it inaccurate in that kind of sense.

    I use my 3dfx cards in 3dfx Glide games, it's what they were made for doing and I never never needed to rely on 3D mark to tell me things I don't seek.

    It's fine for those that do want to see what it does, but that won't change on how it actually would perform in your 3dfx glide games for example or any other game type using other API's like OpenGL & Direct 3D for example, it lacks that kind of information.

    My performance with my 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Mac in Jedi Knight @ 1024x768x16 in D3D was giving me different values than any 3D mark ever would, the same for SSI Su-27 Flanker 2.51 with 3dfx Voodoo5 Glide Patch or Descent 2 + DXX Rebirth 0.58.1 +D2X Retro 1.4.x3 using OpenGL ES 1.2.
    So yea I never understood why people rely to 3D Mark, as it tells you nothing really, my bad if that upsets people :topmodel:

    As the Snow White Voodoo5 6000 Reverse Engineered design goes it's absolutely lovely it would be nicer to see people testing Quake III Arena @ 2048x1536x16 &32 with the 256MB models same for 1920x1200x32 this is a native 16:10 supported reso.
    Use AmigaMerlin 3.1 R1 for this
    This driver will also allow you to use FSAA x8 at 1600x1200x16 btw.

    SFFT Alpha 41 modified by ps47 & myself is best for OpenGL ES 1.2 support and Direct3D games seem to be very fast with it thanks to Anthony for helping me test with his designs, this is the driver I always use.

    ThundergL is best for raw OpenGL performance.

    AmigaMerlin 3.1 R11 is best for all round performance and game support, when it comes to a stable all round driver set.
    Same for AmigaMerlin 29 for Win9x/Me users.

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  • i guess some kind of faq should be made with all these recommendations on the top.

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  • I have the 256MB PCI version. I'm very happy with the card.

    I have a dual P4 Xeon system, running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. With the Amiga Merlin drivers, I get 4127 with 3D Mark 2001.