My 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh Rev.A1 2900 returns from Backfire, she's as good as new again!

  • Hey all :)

    Firstly major thanks go to Backfire for fixing my V5 PCI Mac a Rev.A 1 2900 that being :):respekt:<3
    Here the fixes applied that he did to the card:

    01. Renewed Ceramic SMD's on the rear

    02. 6ns Hynix VRAM renewal for the main VSA

    03. Renewed Heatsinks & Fans for the VSA's topside

    04. Burnt Copper Heatsinks for the VSA's rear side

    05. Renewed Power Supply Controller Chips


    And here the photo's of the fixed and repaired card:

    The card already went though a Polymer Recap in Adelaide, South Australia by a friend of SWZSSR aka Declan.
    So yea, she's been all around the globe, but now she's ready for action, big time! 8)

    And here my wallpaper that I will use when using this card, it's my favorite Boieng 747 model with my favorite 3dfx card in a single shot :)

    Boeing 747-287B

    Aerolineas Argentinas "AA Livery 1986-1997"

    LV-OPA :/--> :topmodel: 3dfx Opa Joa Junge :spitze:

    Scale 1:200

    Inflight 200

    Limited Edition 1 of 100 pcs
    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB
    BackFire's 3dfx Livery
    Rev.A1 2900 + PC Bios 1.18_DVI
    3dfx Interactive / BackFire's 3dfx Alliance Technologies :respekt:

    Scale 1:1
    Limited BackFire Edition

    What I'll do now is build the card back in to the system and play some games with it, it will be like getting my good old 3dfx life back once again :)

  • Hey no worries :)

    Been playing Star Wars: Dark Forces II Jedi Knight but I had to use AmigaMerlin 3.1 R11 so I'd get the game working.
    the SFFT Alpha 41 driver ps47 & I made was for DXX-Rebirth for Descenr1 &2 which offers OpenGL ES 1.2 Support which DXX-Rebirth needs to function.

    FSAA x4 in Jedi Knight crashes the game , but FSAA x2 seems to work fine same for fastest performance & Single chip mode.

    For 3dfx Glide I used UT GOTYE 1999 FSAA x4 runs dead stable here played for an hour no issues at all>

    For OpenGL I used Q3A and this game flies in max performance mode even FSAA x2 runs great, FSAA x4 does slow it down a lot the 33Mhz PCI Bus speed holds the card back I am thinking, so next goal is to build a Dual AMD AthlonMP 2200+ or 2400+ and use the card ina 64 Bit PCI Slot set to 32Bit PCI with 66Mhz Bus mode and then run these tests again.

    As for Jedi Knight I think that is a typical Direct 3D issue, I remember when having a 6K FSAA x2 & x4 ran fine but the max FSAA x8 mode also made the game crash.

    if there is an other driver any of you people here advise me to use with Win2K pro + SP4, I am all ears for any alternatives.
    From my own knowledge these are bugs with Direct3D and not the hardware of the card.

    All in all it's great having a Voodoo5 again it's been ages I enjoyed a 3dfx PC like this again.
    So major thanks once again :respekt:<3:respekt:

  • Oh wow, that's quite a detailed test report. Maybe I should let you test all repaired cards before I give them back. ^^

    Just kidding,
    so far I have had very few complaints - I think two. Once it was actually a mistake by me and the other time a defective spare part.

    Have fun man! 8o

    - Backfire -

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    DC: "I know you think I'm stupid,... but I ain't!"

    [Dewey Crowe]

    3dfx Opa --Backfire--

  • Yea been running the system all day roughly 7 hours now no crash at all, all seems just fine, played two games of Red Alert2 : Yuri's Revenge with Purple Alert Mod 4.28. and listened to my 90's remix by Alex K, which I have in flac format, here the same mix on YT:

    Also did some Jedi Knight, gotta keep my Force training up to date :topmodel:
    if you need help testing I can help there then again if for Glide I always use Unreal 2.26 Final & UT GOTYE 1999 4.36 these two have stable Glide performance on every 3dfx card I had here incl the Voodoo5 5000 AGP, PCI & 6000 AGP for example.

    Descent 3 1.5 Beta is also a good idea of you want to test the latest version of the Glide API version 3.54b.
    Quake III Arena 1.32 with Wicked GL 2.99b is also nice for OpenGL performance for Direct 3D always used Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight.

    For new gen Experiment still working on Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, SFFT 1.9 is next I think I can get that game rendering something more than last time, there is always ways for improvement.

    So with Napalm I can finally do things I did back in the day, but now with improved drivers I think I can get something working where others never have managed to get working, this will be interesting for the least.