Looking for Voodoo 5 6000 card for sale

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    Sorry for not posting in English as well, my apologies! I was trying to wish everyone a good weekend and wanted to share my 3dfx passion by showing my collection. Certainly not the largest, most impressive one that this group has ever seen, but I find much joy in it and wanted to share this with you all.

    Unfortunately, I'm missing three more boxes with their respective cards, and yes Obi Wan Kenobi you are right with your advice. So true! It always helps to talk to people who sell, and share the passion with them. I was once lucky in the past, and someone helped me with one of the cards. These are the ones I'm missing that I'm hoping to one day find somewhere to buy:

    - 3dfx voodoo 3 2000 AGP - box with card

    - 3dfx voodoo Mac 4 4500 PCI - box with card

    - 3dfx voodoo 5 5500 PCI - box with card

    If anybody has any extra laying around or knows someone who could help out in finding these boxes, please let me know :)

  • Obi Wan Kenobi hi, I need your experience and help please. I finally got around to get windows 2000 with SP4 up and running but I'm having Glide issues with Unreal Return to NaPali. The very same game works on Glide flawlessly in Windows98SE and in windows 98 I'm using the original Hank Semenec Napalm driver from October 19 2000, relatively old, but runs really well. For Windows 2000 I used yours first (A41 Custom), and that looks all good, but freezes up after 30 seconds in the game using glide and when I'm using AmigaMerlin (3.1-R11) driver it doesn't freeze, but the image is all messed up beyond recognition. This is all regarding the v56k. Windows 2000 runs very fast and without hangs or odd things, just the glide thing is giving me a hard time. It's also not seemingly the game install because it runs well in software modus...

    Any ideas what I can do or which other driver I can try to use? I also tried several Hank 2k drivers, but like AmigaMerlin, when using those it all looks messed up beyond recognition...

    Any ideas what is going on there. Are the AmigaMerlin Napalm version driver (which also looks right but freezes) driver and your driver running the card above 166 MHz clock speed or something? Yours and the Amiga Napalm driver are the only ones that look correct thou - so don't know what to do here - help please :)

  • For win2K Pro use AmigaMerlin 3.1 R11 this is the best all round driver for all 3dfx Napalm cards, especially when it comes to game support

    The driver ps47 & I worked on also has good glide support but some games may not work as that this driver is dedicated for DX- Rebirth 0.58.1 for Descent 1 &2, hence the OpenGL ES 1.2 support we added.

    But due to your issue, I really think it is hardware related sounds like a VRAM issue related to the main VSA-100 of your card, please refer to Backfire 's support page for Voodoo5 6000's here:

    Because for all I can see you are not experiencing driver issues but a hardware issue which can be alarming but it can be fixed as Backfire has clearly proven, Win2K Pro is the ebst OS for the 6K< I never had any of these issues with my Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 which came directly from Hank< Gary also tested my card for 2 weeks even at 191Mhz without any issues.

    You issue sounds like a hardware issue and foro all I can think of is your card has either bad memory or one of the VSA's may be damage, the other thing could be power related, 2,8VDC unreliable, fluctuating etc.

    These three issues from backfire's guide relate mostly to your issues:

    Bad picture:

    Colored stripes & lines

    Disturbed picture:

    So I would strongly recommend you making contact with Backfire so he can take a better look at it or osckhar as well.
    Because the symptoms you are getting none of the other Win2K & WinXP Pro users are getting with their original Voodoo5 6000's, I would certainly get your card checked and thoroughly tested by Backfire or osckhar.

    Here Backfire's contact page:

    But you can just dm him here at VA same for osckhar :)

    You can also post this issue at 3dfx Team that osckhar & I are running :)

    An English forum for those that seek one :)
    Just make sure you post screenshots on what you are experiencing that can really help.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi thank you for all the information. Here's one final question thou: why do I not see issues when running the exact same game on glide in Windows98 then. If the VRAM or voltage would be an issue, shouldn't the same game with the same hardware fault in win98 too? I'm using all the same game settings. I played Unreal - Return to NaPali successfully in Windows 98 on glide (1024*768) for over 4 hours without a single hiccup or freeze or crash. After I had these issues in Win2k yesterday, I also rebooted back into Windows98 and there I simply don't have these issues. I don't understand how it is hardware related if another OS version works. Help me understand please. What am I'm missing here? Is Windows98 doing something differently regarding vram? I will contact Backfire as I have his info, but I'm also just trying to wrap my head around why it works solid in one O'S and not in the other. Maybe I'll try windows XP and see what happens there. What driver do I use for Windows xp? Can you maybe link that driver out if you have a good one to recommend?

    Much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Make sure you have thr right patches installed for them games maybe? I don't know if otherwise I never liked 98SE, I only worked with 2K Pro & XP Pro never had the issues you are having, I still think it's hardware issue since the issues you are getting do not sound healthy

    Then again providing screenshots is vital so we ca really see what is going on yea?

  • Hi CryptonNite  Bier.jpg  Obi Wan Kenobi  Chosen_One  Marlon  GrandAdmiralThrawn  Tweakstone and everyone else.

    After successfully finding the Voodoo 5 5500 PCI and the Voodoo 3 2000 AGP on eBay, I am now at the point where I am missing seemingly one retail box/card. Does anyone have a spare or know someone who has a spare one to share of this card:

    - 3dfx Voodoo Mac 4 4500 PCI with the box and the card?

    A complete set with clamshell, CD/Quick Manual would be best, but even just the box and the card would be a big win for my collection. I do not need one that's sealed or so, but I am trying to have one of each of the retail versions of the cards and boxes, and I am having trouble finding this particular model. Anyone willing to sell theirs, send me a DM please. It is the last one I am missing and I would love to get this card and the box. While I don't have every single box of every region and so on, I am trying to have at least each card type and box once - regardless of region/language.

    Any help with this would be really awesome you guys!

    Crossing my fingers for some help.



  • Well that is quite the Far Cry isn't it...

    And to be frankly honest I have been busy with other things as of lately I do know who owns those cards but none of them would ever want to part with them as they all learned from me that it's never wise to sell something you will deeply regret from selling as I have done...

    As for ebay, well you will never find them cheap there, ebay is a lost cause if you'd ask me, grats on finding the cards you already have found then again it's all kind of high hopes as I see it.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi well said! I agree, eBay is crazy with people listing normal cards for insane amounts. Likewise, also very true regarding selling cards. Just thought I ask people, in case someone had an extra card or wanted to sell their card because they are done collecting them or so.

    Maybe there's another place I can look at that I'm not aware of, but some of you might know. Just was looking to see if anybody had some ideas as to where I could find the last missing card. Never hurts to ask. Many of my cards I actually found, and was able to get because I asked around.

    Maybe I'll be lucky one day with this last missing card. I'm getting close, and maybe one day, I can manage to have each model retail box at least one time. That would be very cool :-)

  • Well I can wish ya all the best tho I really have no idea where else to look you could try Marktplatz in Germany I am sure you guys have something similar to craig's List for example or marktplaats where people sell secnd hand stuff right?

    If seeking something rare and using ebay if that ever comes of need make sure you search every ebay country this is ideal for offers that are sold in that one country only, it's what I did in the past if finding a seller that says they will only ship in the forgiven country they are ion just send them a DM and show some of your collection this is how you can prove them you'd be a serious buyer. such things always are helpful and that can make a seller realize you are in to serious things and this does not have to mean ebay per say can be any kind of marketplace like site.

    An other option is AMI-Bay forums I personally are not a fan of the place but some have made ice success runs there or Vogons then again Vogons sellers are most likely to get the max price from you greed runs that dreadful place and left alone careless zealots, but yea can't hurt to try I guess.

    Here the AMI-Bay site:

  • Amibay does not accept new member since I-don't-know-how-long and Vogons does not have a marketplace.

    Not many (realistic) options apart from ebay worldwide and 3dfx forums I guess. I don't know how the situation on 3dfx.pl or 3dfxzone.it is like, perhaps worth a look.

  • Amibay does not accept new member since I-don't-know-how-long and Vogons does not have a marketplace.

    Not many (realistic) options apart from ebay worldwide and 3dfx forums I guess. I don't know how the situation on 3dfx.pl or 3dfxzone.it is like, perhaps worth a look.

    Well you can always make a topic at Vogons saying you are searching for a certain item I am sure that is not against their rules unless that changed well dunno if otherwise lol, personally I was never a major fan of Vogons they are overall the most careless forum I never was part of at least here at VA people are heard and accepted.

    3dfxzone.it is pretty dead, you guys here at VA are the most active forum around there are some Czech Republican & Italian forums but those are langs most of us won't get anyways, heh.

    And yea I do agree with Chosen_One ya gotta stop tagging people if it's not of need once a post is made in this thread people can reply if they think it's important, thus there is no real need to constantly tag people, I can greatly understand that that can get super annoying some people.
    Also I have notifications disabled this too, which is helpful with such things.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi sounds good and thank you for your help and info.

    Regarding tagging, I usually don't do it, but I did it the last few times because I noticed that if I don't do it, I don't get email updates when you guys post and I felt I was missing valued feedback and awesome comments. Maybe I just didn't understand how to set my preferences correctly. My apologies. I don't want to annoy people, that's not my intention here.

    Also, I created a new thread with the search of the missing card. Since it has nothing to do with the v56k, I felt I should post it separately :)


  • Sorry to break it to you, Starting prices for Rev3700A is 3500 euro & up. I don’t know why the value of 1350 euro is being thrown around… It’s not 2006 anymore, The world is very different now.

    The 3700A is a complicated beast & requires a wealth of knowledge to know how to set it up and get it running properly. They are very cranky.

    Anyway, good-luck with your endeavours.