Bunte V5 6k Nachbauten Sammelanfrage bis 12.12.2021 (ehmals: Roter V5 6000 Nachbau von Antony Sammelanfrage.)

  • I think the matte finish looks fine. For me it is mostly about storing the Cards when they are not in USE.

    Maybe you could add a Cutout for a Cardholder in the Back (i did that for my PCI-Card)

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  • I would prefer the glossy variant If I could choose.

    And I just found a familiar screenshot on the box ;-)

  • I‘d say the matte finish is fine, too!

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  • ok, this sleeve issue will be reprinted. then, no questions so far.

    I think the matte finish looks fine. For me it is mostly about storing the Cards when they are not in USE.

    Maybe you could add a Cutout for a Cardholder in the Back (i did that for my PCI-Card)

    how is it looks?

  • hello. i believe everyone is well informed regarding the current situation in europe and in my country. as the war rages, everything went in a wrong way. here's what we have now:

    no mail connection to most of the world.

    paypal today blocked my account without any warning.

    i have no idea what to do. have to wait, i guess. looking for a workaround via 3rd countries. sorry for such inconvenience, i can't even refund initial payments.

    and the funniest thing is, as i had all my assets in national high liquid shares (as i thought in the past) after 24.02 i have 0 (zero), so officially i became a beggar. well, at least i and my family are still alive and healthy.

  • Hi Anthony

    it is such a pity and an absolutely unnessesary war that is going on - and I believe most Russian people don't agree to that (here in Germany in the media there are some reports about people in Russia demonstrating against it, but as we hear there are harsh consequences possible for that). So it is good you and your family are well - but all the actions against Russia to make Putin stop the war always hit the wrong people first - like you. :steinigung:

    Stay safe, we all have to wait and hope the war ends soon and keep doing the great work! If I can help in any way let me know!

    Btw: 2 adapters from osckhar arrived today for the Snow White: AGP2PCI and AGP2PCIe - tests will follow soon.....

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  • Hi Anthony,

    I am sorry to hear you have lost your shares and the trouble that is refering to that. But like you said health and family comes first, so I hope it wont ruin your life you build up so far.

    As far as I am concerned, I am totally fine to wait. There are many other priorities now. Take all the time you need to take care of your family and yourself during these times.

    And as there already too many experts about this conflict out there, lets keep the war out of this. War is and was never in interest of common people, so we shouldn't let us divide by this.

    Take care.

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  • If we can help you somehow give us a message. Maybe if you find a way we can use to send money to you we could pay our cards. And if my red card goes fine to me we know the post service is working.

    Avatare sind Eckig! :steinigung:

    mein FTP
    z7t.de ist online.

  • Hi Anthony,

    I can only agree with DerBiber. Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

    @all I think we will soon know whether the package shipping still works, I have Anthony already on 24.02. asked to send my card and it is on its way.

  • Anthony

    This whole crisis makes me sad, I hope this will end soon and you can get back on your feet. I wish you all the best!

    Brasil is not sanctioning russia as far as I know - maybe that can be of help to you and the others.

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  • thank you guys for the kind words. i must find other ways to ship and to accept payments. as i have some projects in mind and would like to realize them. hope, people will enjoy it if I'm able to do that.

  • Let's just hope for the best and nobody pushes the red button.

    I wish you all the best for you and your family.

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