Bunte V5 6k Nachbauten Sammelanfrage bis 12.12.2021 (ehmals: Roter V5 6000 Nachbau von Antony Sammelanfrage.)

  • Hey Anthony, please sell a card to this guy. I vouch for him, he is honest.

    sure, no doubts

    Yea backfire is one of the best here at VA if not the most reliable person I know, he deserves one of your cards for all he has done here, glad to see you got things sorted out Anthony :respekt::respekt:

    Hey Anthony, please sell a card to this guy. I vouch for him, he is honest.

    +7 for ths :)

  • I‘ll get in contact with you this week

    Voodoo: Athlon XP-1700+ auf Asus A7V333 (@FSB 166), 1GB DDR, Voodoo 5 5500 AGP, SB Audigy Platinum EX, Win98SE
    Voodoo²: Athlon XP-2000+ auf ECS K7S5A, 1GB DDR, Nvidia GF3TI500 und Voodoo 2 SLI, SB Live!, Win98SE

    Mainsys: Ryzen 5-3600 auf Asus Prime B350-Plus, 32GB DDR4 3200, RTX2070, Win 11

    Midrange: 2x Xeon 3,2GHz Dell Precision 450, 3GB DDR, ATI HD3850 AGP, SB X-Fi mit Frontpanel, WinXP

  • Meine "Strange God" AGP-Karte ist letzten Freitag eingetroffen.

    Versanddauer: 8 Tage! (Was mich wirklich überraschte, dass es so schnell ging.)

    Seriennummer: 700048

    Got my "Strange God" AGP-card last friday.

    Delivery time: 8 Days! (This really surprised me)

    Serialnumber: 700048

    Thank you Anthony!

  • Hey nice one were you able to find and performance differences of that card and your Rev.A 3700?

  • Not tested yet. But I think that comparison has to wait.
    The good old V56k needs a little capacitor replacement and a power supply check. Last time, the card wasn't starting up every pc-startup. And after reading Backfires thread about the onboard powersupply-problem, it's to risky to power it up again without a check by an expert.

  • hmm wise choice, yea these cards are roughly 22 years old now, time did make it's move didn't it.
    Best capacitors would me polymer ceramic capacitors my V5 PCI mac has these, not cheap but might be worth it , just to give the best capacitors possible for long term lifespans