Bunte V5 6k Nachbauten Sammelanfrage bis 12.12.2021 (ehmals: Roter V5 6000 Nachbau von Antony Sammelanfrage.)

  • if someone is still interested in these cards, shipping is working fine and payment is possible is such methods:

    perfect money

    advanced cash

    i'm using exchange service like that: https://www.netex24.net/
    and they doing their job very well.

    also can accept payment for 1-2 cards on paypal.

    I‘ll get in contact with you this week

    Voodoo: Athlon XP-2800+ auf MSI KT3-Ultra 2, 1GB DDR, Voodoo 5 5500 AGP, SB Audigy Platinum EX, Win98SE
    Voodoo²: Athlon XP-2400+ auf MSI K7T266Pro2, 1GB DDR, Nvidia GF3TI500 und Voodoo 2 SLI, SB Audigy 2ZS, Win98SE

    Mainsys: Ryzen 5-3600 auf Asus Prime B350-Plus, 32GB DDR4 3200, RTX2070, Win 11

    Midrange: 2x Xeon 3,2GHz Dell Precision 450, 3GB DDR, ATI HD3850 AGP, SB X-Fi mit Frontpanel, WinXP

  • Meine "Strange God" AGP-Karte ist letzten Freitag eingetroffen.

    Versanddauer: 8 Tage! (Was mich wirklich überraschte, dass es so schnell ging.)

    Seriennummer: 700048

    Got my "Strange God" AGP-card last friday.

    Delivery time: 8 Days! (This really surprised me)

    Serialnumber: 700048

    Thank you Anthony!

  • Hey nice one were you able to find and performance differences of that card and your Rev.A 3700?

  • Not tested yet. But I think that comparison has to wait.
    The good old V56k needs a little capacitor replacement and a power supply check. Last time, the card wasn't starting up every pc-startup. And after reading Backfires thread about the onboard powersupply-problem, it's to risky to power it up again without a check by an expert.

  • hmm wise choice, yea these cards are roughly 22 years old now, time did make it's move didn't it.
    Best capacitors would me polymer ceramic capacitors my V5 PCI mac has these, not cheap but might be worth it , just to give the best capacitors possible for long term lifespans

  • Hello Anthony

    I have looked with great pleasure and enthusiasm the thread here and was with you on Facebook also just amazed! I was no longer active here in the Voodooalert forum, but could still remember the first "replica ideas exchanges". Now THAT has become reality from you even in different variants - no words, simply WOW and many thanks for your work among others and also all other supporters of course :) !

    May I ask if there is still the possibility to purchase a V5 6K replica card from you?

    If I have read and understood correctly ;) there is the card "now" with black PCB as Strange God version. Either as AGP or PCI.

    If so, I would love to buy a V5 6K replica Strange God with black PCB, AGP slot and the silver aluminum heatsinks and the angled fans (both standard) from you.

    Many thanks and greetings

    Marius aka lao-koon



    Hallo Anthony,

    ich habe mit großer Freude und Begeisterung den Thread hier angeschaut und war bei dir auf Facebook ebenfalls nur am staunen! Ich war hier im Voodooalert Forum nicht mehr aktiv, konnte mich aber noch an die ersten "Replika Ideen Austausche" erinnern. Nun ist DAS von dir sogar in unterschiedlichen Varianten Realität geworden - keine Worte, einfach WOW und vielen Dank u.a. für deine Arbeit und auch allen anderen Unterstützern selbstverständlich auch :) !

    Darf ich fragen, ob es weiterhin die Möglichkeit gibt bei dir eine V5 6K Replika Karte zu erwerben?

    Wenn ich das richtig gelesen und auch verstanden habe ;) gibt es die Karte "jetzt" mit schwarzem PCB als Strange God Varaiante. Wahlweise als AGP oder PCI.

    Wenn ja, würde ich sehr gerne eine V5 6K Replika Strange God mit schwarzem PCB, AGP Steckplatz und den silbernen Aluminium Kühlkörpern sowie den schräg angebrachten Lüftern (beides Standard) von dir kaufen.

    Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

    Marius aka lao-koon

    Quote from lao-koon

    "Kein Kauf ist umsonst!" :spitze:

  • hello. appreciate your interest.

    unfortunately, right now is not the best time to make a purchase of any of my items. pm me, maybe we'll be able to find some solution.

  • Hello Anthony

    thank you very much for your feedback and helpfulness! I'll write you a PN right away.

    Many greetings

    Marius aka lao-koon



    Hallo Anthony,

    vielen Dank für deine Rückinfo und Hilfsbereitschaft! Ich schreibe dir gleich eine PN.

    Viele Grüße

    Marius aka lao-koon

    Quote from lao-koon

    "Kein Kauf ist umsonst!" :spitze:

  • Daaam I haven't seen you in a long time, you missed out on a lot here tho, Vudu Marius :topmodel:

    Anyways just make sure you have the correct system setup even for these cards, especially when it comes to the AGP liveries.

    If you need help with that feel free to ask me anytime, I Still remember everything when it comes to Voodoo5 6000 supported mainboards and what not else.

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  • Thank you dear Obi Wan Kenobi for the warm welcome and helpfulness :) !

    Because of the current situation there will be years of waiting - I am always ready and the contact to Anthony is there, that is already very good :) !

    My setup, among others with the EP-8K5A3+ and V5 5500 AGP I will get out of the "deep sleep" and operate with the help of the VA community here better than ever. I will take pictures of the system this weekend and share them with you :)

    Best regards

    Marius aka lao-koon

    Quote from lao-koon

    "Kein Kauf ist umsonst!" :spitze:

  • Hmm that should be alright I would perform a recap for that mainboard, my experiences with that board were less stable than the 8K3A+ tho, that was with my original Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 the one I bought from Hank back in 2005, which remained in service to end of 2009.

    The boards that I found most stable was the EPoX EP-8K7A+ & OP-8K3A+. the 8K5A2+ & 8K5A3+ I found have less stable runs after 2 a 3hours of usage, the 8K3A+ was by far the best I worked with, reports of the 8K7A+_ are also very good.

    Also if a board works with a 5500 won't mean a 6000 will like it.
    But since Anthony's cards are newer and do have slight improvements per design, your board should be fine.

    It could of been that my 8K5A2 series of bards had bad capacitors this is often the case for instability results.
    Here my EPoX EP-8K7A+ that Backfire recapped for me with Panasonic Low ESR type capacitors:

    I use a Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 0351 to emulate the performance of a Voodoo5 6000 when using Super Sampled FSAA x4 and a PC flashed 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 as secondary VGA, this card was also fixed by Backfire for the most.

    As wallpaper I use these two cards with a Lufthansa B747-430i the D-ABVM "Kiel" from Hepa Wings made by JC Wings, mainly dedicated to Backfire's support and VA Germany :)

    So yea still got some 3dfx life here.

    But yea man I am interested to see what you'll make of this setup, what PCB color will you be choosing for your card?

  • Ich hab meine Bestellung mittlerweile erhalten. hat etwas gedauert, aber das ist halt momentan mal so.

    Der Zoll hat mir 22 Euro berechnet was ich angemessen finde :D

    mit recycelten 320er GPUs von einer der zersägten AAlchemy Karten, 128MB 4ns Ram und grünem PCB :)

    schöne Karte. An den Kühlern wird sich sicher noch mal was ändern, aber das hat Zeit. Die Karte rennt problemlos in meinem 6K Rechner mit dem EPOX 8K5A3+

    Das einzige was es aus meiner Sicht zu bemängeln gibt ist die Position des einen Rückseitig verbauten Quarzes, der bei mehreren Boards, unter anderem auch bei dem 8K5A3+ mit den Rastnasen vom Ram kollidiert. Das hab ich dann selber gefixt ^^

    Anthony: the only issue I got with your card is the position of one clock chip on the backside. it collides with the memory slots on several mainboards. maybe U can change this on later cards. I have fixed the problem by myself :) not perfect, but it works well

    Und hier der neue Arbeitsplatz. Mit dem neuen Board hab ich ich schon mal einen Boot test gemacht, das funktioniert.

    Richtig aufrüsten werd ich das später wenn ich die Zeit dazu habe :)

  • Very nice catch there S2 Sedan If you need help with the drivers feel free to ask.

    Actually the original 3dfx Voodo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A3 3400, Rev.A 3700 as well as Rev.A 3900's also used Rev 320 chips btw ;)
    Not just only the A5 boards.

    Nice reworks as that core clock chip, as long it works it's fine right!
    And hey, I hope it serves you well too :)