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  • that looks lovely! <3 Mind me sharing this at x-3dfx FB? With credit to you of course! :)

    Great job with that V5 PCI to V5 PCI Mac conversion! looks great man! :respekt:8)

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    Thanks, ofc. you can share :)

    V5 upgradeable to MAC are not so common but still findable, so anyone can make similar mod :)

    Yea true that VA member Physikant also did a similar thing to his V5 PCI :)
    Bericht Umbau V5500PCI auf V5500MAC

    Which you can see there :)

    These are cool projects to follow, I myself have an original V5 PCI Mac with PC Bios 1.18 DVI that I flashed to it with the kind help of gdonovan back in November of 2005, I still have the flash utility you gave to me Gary, still thanks for that! :)

    Currently my card is being healed by Jedi Grand Master Backfire <3

    But hey if any of you need that flashing utility with PCI.exe, I can always upload that to my drop box and share it here.