• it will be nice something 3dfx never made in working order but would it be plausible for Anthony? Maybe I do thing a 2x2 design would sell but then again like he mentioned Quantum3Ds design is far improved beyond that so there is that as well.

    Build costs are just high left alone including making test samples to remain within the 1K USD barrier is just hard as he had explained earlier and I get that.
    So is it possible it probably is but is it possible economically? then maybe not so.

  • with the half of aalchemy design there are more spots for soldering memory so there could be a 6000 with 512MB haha

    (Komponent made 128mb work on a voodoo4)

  • Well the design of the AAlchemy 4116 would be ideal for a Quad chip V3 as well as Quad Chip VSA-100 I'd just take it from this design instead:
    As it already forms a good baseline:

    Here AMigaMerlin's card with the powerboard attached::

    Here an other card, this one has an E-Tag, it's owner was afaik VMAN, not really sure tho.

    Here's one with a black PCB which is owned by gdonovan, these were named Quantum 3D AAlchemy 4116V

    Here a closeup of it's name, second photo reveals the PCB date of 5299, it was made during week 52 of year 1999.

    So if going for a 2x2 quad chip design the 4116 already gives the perfect baseline for that idea.

  • yep, something like that. the only drawback is that there's no space for the coolers mounting holes.

    Well you could do what Quantum 3D did 4 mounting holes for a massive heatsink and on top of that a Noctua or Scythe fan to cool it?
    Or 4x 50mil fans one in each corner, I'm sure it's doable :)

    Also note how Quantum3D Cools the graphics chips from the rear, the top siide isn't cooled at all.

  • yep, something like that. the only drawback is that there's no space for the coolers mounting holes.


    Anthony Ich hatte eine Idee,

    warum nicht die vorhandenen Löcher nutzen, wie beim Alchemy 4116v, und die neuen Kühlkörper verwenden, die Sie beim MINI-ME 64 installiert haben?

    Auf der Rückseite, in direktem Kontakt mit den VSA-100, kreuzen Sie die Befestigungslaschen und verwenden ein einziges Loch zur Befestigung von zwei Kühlkörpern.

    Befestigen Sie auf der Vorderseite mit doppelseitigen 15mm x 15mm x 3mm Kupferkühlplatten nach dem gleichen Muster wie die Kühlkörper auf der Rückseite mit einer durchgehenden Schraube 8 Kühlkörper mit nur 4 Befestigungspunkten.

    Ich füge ein Foto bei, entschuldigen Sie die schlechte Qualität, wichtig ist, dass es die Idee vermittelt:

    Was meinen Sie dazu? ;)

    Anthony I had an idea,

    why not take advantage of the existing holes, as in the Alchemy 4116v, and use the new heatsinks you installed on the MINI-ME 64?

    At the rear, directly in contact with the VSA-100s, crossing the fixing brackets and using only one hole to fix two heatsinks.

    At the front, using double-sided 15mm x 15mm x 3mm copper Thermal Cooling Shims, using the same pattern as the heatsinks at the rear, with a through screw, attach 8 heatsinks with only 4 fixing points.

    I attach a photo, sorry for the poor quality, the important thing is that it gives the idea:

    What do you think? ;)

  • Hmm I still think Q3D's method is the best I am sure they worked that through, VSA-100's also get qite hot a large 120 mil fan on that heatsink would give better airflow, just my thoughts on that tho.

    What about the other way around the heatsink covering the top side of the VSA-100s's and adding burnt copper heatsinks on the rear as done with my V5 PCI mac for example:

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  • sure, 1 large fan is better. no idea what to do with heatsink, tho. i guess i can't afford a custom ones.

    then the ones that want such a design will have to pay up for it, it should not have to cost you anything , they would have to be willing to pay for the extra costs, that is how I'd take it but yea.

  • hey nice little mod ya did there, although I do think cooling wise Anthony's design is better tho.ugh, the larger heatsinks do help cool it better, just my thoughts.

    That's clear, but the original cards have the same AAVID coolers, except for the holding lugs.


    Don't think that there will be temperature problems here. Good case ventilation provided...


    1h Unreal Loop with 8xFSAA...no problem. :)