Agp riser cable’s

  • I’ve noticed online there are a few agp 8x riser cables but I was wondering if there might be agp riser cables compatible with agp 2x so I could pair them with a 3dfx card.

  • I'd bought two myself (some random ones off ebay) but none of them worked. I don't think that there is a source for a real working one.

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  • Hallo Lmbue, haben Sie das Kabel mit einer Agp 8x Grafikkarte ausprobiert?

    Hi Lmbue,

    have you tried the cable with an Agp 8x graphics card?

    I haven’t spent money on any yet I’m looking for one that works with agp 2x. So I can use it with 3dfx cards.

  • hello, my question is, what is so difficult to build hq agp riser cables?

    the small market needs vs costs? it looks on some pictures of oscars ebay advertises that he operates with agp riser cables on V5 xxxx repair projects.

    maybe he build some on his own? (okay, there might be not 8x AGP) but what is the difference? better shielding needs and shorter cable length?

  • AGP is a parallel data bus system with a high frequency.

    If you make the connections larger, you will get more parasitic inductances and capacities. This will make the connection worser, because the edges of the signals are getting rounded and some other HF effects will be stronger.

    It may work with some lower speeds.

    And there are special riser cards. I use one in my "Zwerg-PC".

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  • I think CryptonNite answered that by using the Agp Riser on Pcb.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but are there smd capacitors installed in your riser?

    I ask because I think they make the difference between agp extension cables and agp risers with pcb. A continuity of signal given by Smd capacitors.

  • Yes there are some capacitors, but don't ask for it. I didn't inspect it much.;)

    It is used in the Evercase 1260 in order to install a bigger graphics card than low profile would allow.

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