Gradinko SMP 2003, a new SMP build from the 2002 to 2004 era.

  • Hey all :)

    it has been some time I posted anything new.
    As this project goes, well I have been hunting some of these parts for a long time now, so far it's all going well.

    The mainboard I buy from a dear friend from here at VA which is masterj85 <3 :respekt:

    Furthermore this is just a build log of this system, every time I obtain new arts for it I'll add them in this post, just one post for everything.
    around May 24th, with the CPU's & CPU coolers I will try and find some ram as well, but the graphics cards & the sound card are ready as is he case, and needed stand offs many thanks to Karre calling out for that and sending me the needed stand offs, they have not arrived yet, but I will let ya know for sure :)

    first off the name & specs:

    Gradinko SMP 2003

    Dual AMD AthlonMP 2800+ Barton CPU's @ 2x 2133Mhz, 2x 512KBB L2
    4x 512MB PC-2100 ECC Reg HP/Hynix
    Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P AMD 760MPX chipset
    Sapphire Atlantis Radeon X800 XT AGP 256MB 256Bit GDDR3 0448 (Year 2004 - Week 48)
    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 + PC Bios 1.18_DVI
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
    Intel 120GB SATA II SSD Windisk with Sata to ATA-133 Convertor
    Samsung 250GB SSD Game disk with Sata to ATA-133 Convertor
    Enermax Modu 82+ EG525VE 525Watt PSU with EPS 12V + 24V.
    Addtronics 7896A Server Tower from 1999
    Compaq S710 CRT monitor , yea it's all I have for now.

    Here some pics, things might change here and there but I think this config can work.
    Ram wise 2x 1GB or 4x 512MB does that really matter?
    PSU wise, if I can find a similar PSU that has enough molex power connectors but SATA as well which one to get and where.
    And an Audigy2 ZS Platinum Front panel drive ++ needed data & power cables? this is just optional for now.

    Here the Addftronics 7896A Server Tower from 1999 and yes I painted it like this back then as well, 2nd pic shows the Dual P3/EB 1Ghz in it:

    Here the mainboard that masterj85 reserved for me, I will buy this on May 245th with the AthlonMP 2800+ CPU's I am very thankful for his help and support <3 this means a lot.
    It seems it was recapped with KEMET Low ESR type capacitors as well, it's just beautiful all ways round

    Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P AMD 760MPX chipset, Masterj85 also made the photo for me, 2nd pic shows the nice spacious area around the sockets, it's friendly for larger type coolers, always a welcoming thing to have around.

    Here the main graphics card that I received yesterday:

    Sapphire Atlantis Radeon X800 XT AGP 256MB 256Bit GDDR3 0448 (Year 2004 - Week 48)

    Here the card after I cleaned it :)

    And here the card after Cleaning it's like new again :)

    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 + PC Bios 1.18_DVI

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS

    And that is it for now :)

  • Ich hatte vor 2 Jahren ein ähnliches Projekt aufgesetzt mit demselben Board, 2x 2600+ XP-M und einer X850XT. Allerdings hatte ich diverse Probleme mit der Kombination. Entweder liess sich die X850 mit Code 10 nicht starten oder es gab beim Boot ein BSOD.

    Abhilfe wäre gewesen, eine CPU zu deaktivieren, die X850 gegen eine 9800Pro zu tauschen oder Win98 zu installieren.

    Ich hoffe, dass du mehr Glück hast und evtl. einen Workaround findest.


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    I had set up a similar project 2 years ago with the same board, 2x 2600+ XP-M and an X850XT. However, I had various problems with the combination. Either the X850 will not start with code 10 or there was a BSOD when booting.

    A remedy would have been to deactivate one CPU, swap the X850 for a 9800Pro or install Win98.

    I hope you have better luck and maybe find a workaround.

  • Natürlich. Meine X850 läuft in einem anderen System ebenfalls einwandfrei, nur die Kombination Grafikkarte, Chipsatz und Treiber war das Problem.


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    Naturally. My X850 also runs perfectly in another system, the only problem was the combination of graphics card, chipset and driver.

  • Well I'll see how it goes I do know thatt he R481 you card and an on die PCI-E Bridge connector as where the R420 does not, so this may explain why it gave you issues, as drivers go I plan to use Omega Drivers 7.12 I ran these with R420's before and things went very well, once the system is running I do get it working I will gaudy update this post and also aid otters that ran in to similar issues.