Here's my Sapphire Atlantis Radeon X800 XT AGP 256MB GDDR3!

  • Well a few days ago I bought this Sapphire Atlantis Radeon X800 XT AGP 256MB GDDR3, which is actually a XT Platinum Edition o f the card as it's GPU runs at 520Mhz and it's VRAM at 1120Mhz DDR aka 560Mhz GDDR3 as X-Bit Labs explained, thanks to it's 1.6ns GDDR3 BGA's from Samsung which it is equipped with :)

    "The card has the same AGP x8/X4 interface, 256 MB GDDR3 SDRAM allocated in 8 chips on the front and the back sides of the PCB.
    Samsung (GDDR3) memory chips. 1.6ns memory access time, which corresponds to 625 (1250) MHz. Memory operates at 560 (1120) MHz. GPU frequency — 520 MHz. 256bit memory bus. Pixel pipelines x shader pipelines - 16x1."

    And hey, I could give it a beefier cooler and all, but I needed a solid single slot solution and the price I paid for this beauty was just 79 Euros so yea hard to leave behind, bought it on ebay in Greece, with insured shipping from Greece to NL it was a nice 96 Eur, which was perfect

    Here some pics of it without it's cooler after I cleaned it of course, revealing it's R420 Loki VPU:

    The PCB date reads 0448, means it was made in the year 2004 during week 48, the VPU's die reads 0446, meaning the chip was made during week 46 of that same year.

    For it's thermal compound solution I used Noctua NH-1, it's what I had it laying around and for a card like this it's fine for it's purpose:

    Love this little card, it will be part of my new Dual Socket A Build.
    Made this card like new again :)