Intel ARC series GPU's yea we need a thread for these too, so here it is!

  • Hey guys, if any of you could compare the ARC 770 LE with a Vega 64 I'd still like to see your results :)


    Hey Leute, wenn jemand von euch die ARC 770 LE mit einer Vega 64 vergleichen könnte, würde ich trotzdem gerne eure Ergebnisse sehen :)

  • Hab heute mal den SuperPosition Benchmark ausprobiert, hab den davor nie benutzt. Denke mal die Ergebnisse können sich sehen lassen? :/

    Quake 2 RTX hab ich auch mal probeweise gespielt, 45 FPS im Schnitt. :topmodel:

    3dfx <3

  • So einfach ist es dann leider doch nicht, da müßte dir Intel nicht nur den Windows Quelltext geben, sondern dir auch die Erlaubnis erteilen, dein Windows 98 Kompilat zu verteilen. Letzteres wird's eher nicht spielen. :saint: Der Linux und BSD Code sind frei einsehbar, der Windows Quelltext steht (soweit ich weiß) immer unter NDA.


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  • Es gibt eine neue hüpsche A770 16GB Variante von Acer:

    Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 16GB ab € 444,00 (2023) | Preisvergleich Geizhals Deutschland
    ✔ Preisvergleich für Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 16GB ✔ Produktinfo ⇒ Anschlüsse: 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 2.0 • Grafik: Intel Arc A770 Graphics -…

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  • SO how are the ARC users enjoying their ARC 7750 & 770 series of cards?

    Its awesome for price If you look at 3060Ti/3070 for comprehension.

    The 770 is on par with my 1080ti (2000Mhz) in older DX11 Games but much better in DX12.

    Okay there were Driver issues in some Situation but for us Retro Nerds this not Something new. ;)

    - Quake RTX won't Run in 1080P but in every other Resolution

    -you have to restart your System If you Set RT ON in some Games

    -i can't record Gameplay with external Hardware cause ARC won't detect it

    -ARC will eat your Videomemory with Raytracing

    so 16GB will be the best choice

    On the good Side

    -lowering the CORE TDP to 150W doesn't reduce System Performance very notably

    -modern Games we're on par with RX6700XT or 3070

    -fancy blue RGB :spitze:

    -Price for a new Graphics Card with 16GB

    -as an Intel User you doesn't Care about Nvidia RTX prices anymore

    ->something like PowerVR does with their Kyro Series and IT was good!

    (Don't jugde me by my horrible knowlegde in english :bonk: )

  • No that's fine man and yea I do find it's more at the level of a RTX 3060 Ti but not a 3070 or a 6700 XT this last card is on par with a 3070 Ti in most cases, but who knows within time once drivers get more optimized one of my members at Jedi Dinus Discord group told me the ARC 770 LE 16GB can be on par with a Radeon RX 6800 (non-XT) or RTX 3070 Ti maybe 3080 in some games but that is really a pulling it he told me, unless the latest ARC drivers changed this that can surely be :)

    Overall Intel's drivers are crap in comparence to that of AMD or NVIDIA, the Drivers aren't filtered out and fully optimized for ARC either, so I do think there is plenty room for some improvements and I am sure Intel's ARC driver team will get there eventually.
    But it's still not a card I can advise for those that play a lot of DX11 and older games for DX 12 & Vulkan it can be a nice choice, but just not an optimal or affordable one since there are better cards for the same money, especially now.

    Overall AMD has my purest of attention as it always did but for those that seek a nice low -end mid range card the ARC 770 LE can surely fit in nicely.
    My next card will be a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 7900 XTX which will replace my Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64 on may 24, 2023.

    I still find 443 Eur for a low end card too much, in USA it's 350 USD, here where I live (NL) it's roughly 480 Euros.... which is terrible pricing, the RX 6800 XT for 512 Eur is still a far better deal if you are going to compare price & performance and if RT is your thing just get a RTX 3080, these are both around the 500 Eur range nowadays you get a lot more for just a little less and this is still most important to most buyers out there, the RX 6800 XT & RTX 3080 make the ARC 770 seem a pointless option.

    But hey it doesn't have to end there though :) For the collector the Intel ARC 770 Limited Edition 16GB is the utmost of interesting, it's very beautifully crafted as it were hand made, the deep blue/purple RGB really makes it futuristic as well, it stands out very well and can be seen a a nice collectors item, but it's just not good enough for what it is, it is Intel and it is heavily over priced, this was always an issue when it came to Intel products.

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  • Ah the beautiful netherlands. Someday i will come for vacation. :)

    The Arc770LE was priced at 379€ Last week.

    Prices for RTX3050 and 3060 we're on the Same Level If you look Out for a good custom Design.

    And that's the Point. You can't get a good FE model because there is no one.

    I had an AMD RX6700XT for about some months and it was well priced. The Vanilla RX 6800 costed a few hundred Euro more for what?

    For maybe 10-15% more Performance.

    Okay this was at a Strange time and the Vanilla 6800 Looks now really good.

    But If you care about Raytracing the RX6700XT is a bad choise.

  • Es gibt eine neue hüpsche A770 16GB Variante von Acer:…hloc=at&hloc=de

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