Ever wanted to go to Zillion in Q3A? here's your chance!

  • This is cool for Quake III Arena players, a map of the Night Club Zillion from Antwerp, Belgium

    This is wicked awesome the Zillion Night Club from Antwerp as a map for Q3A!!!

    Quake 3 - Zillion map
    Custom Quake 3 map based on the layout of the former club Zillion (Antwerp).

    There is a link in the replies to grab the map which is made by Cyber Jack.
    Back in the late 1990's friends of mine would go to this night club in Anterwerp, Belgium and rave there they would also come home with the awesome CDs they sold there, the one I recently bought was Zillion part3 - The Magic Ride, it's 1 of 15 Double CD's they released.

    This Q3A Map is an accurate map model of that nightclub.

    Open the map in the console with this command:

    /map zillion

    then press enter and watch it load :)

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  • Wow that IS cool. I will definitely try it out :thumbup:

    Yea it's really well made actually, I played it with my V5 PCI Mac when listening to my Zillion Albums, it felt as if I was there even I never went to Zillion my self, my friends did and they came back with all the double CD's you could buy there, remixes my their DJ's, some damn fine sets they have, goes very well when playing this map, it's a shame you can't have a bot match in it though, unless there is a console command to spawn in bots hmm.

    lao-koon might wanna check out this Zillion Q3A map I found, link is also here on my drop box btw:

    I also added it in to my Q3A archive.

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  • Here my entire Q3A Map & Skin/model archive files from 1999 to around 2003, most maps are from the best known Q3A clans from that timeline.

    Playable models like K9 and his Cyber Doggo counterparts, Lord Vader, Mario, Luig, Wario, Storm Trooper, Godzilla, Camper Tent and some others

    Q3A Team Arena is not of need but Q3A Point Release 1.32 can be, just be sure to install that and you're good as gold, all models also work with Q3A Team Arena for those that do have it installed. Just make sure your friends have the models installed then they can see you as them, as far as I know that was required.


    Auf Deutsch

    Hier meine gesamten Q3A Map & Skin/Model Archivdateien von 1999 bis ca. 2003, die meisten Maps sind von den bekanntesten Q3A Clans aus dieser Zeitspanne.


    Spielbare Modelle wie K9 und seine Cyber Doggo-Pendants, Lord Vader, Mario, Luig, Wario, Storm Trooper, Godzilla, Camper Tent und einige andere

    Q3A Team Arena ist nicht notwendig, aber Q3A Point Release 1.32 kann es sein. Installiere es einfach und du bist so gut wie Gold, alle Modelle funktionieren auch mit Q3A Team Arena für diejenigen, die es installiert haben. Stellen Sie einfach sicher, dass Ihre Freunde die Modelle installiert haben, dann können sie Sie als sie sehen, soweit ich weiß, dass erforderlich war.

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  • Being my 46th Birthday today I paid a visit to Zillion once more :)

    my Zillion 5 CD also arrived, so I used that for the music in the background, before doing this I ripped it with CD-EX 1.5.1 with the AthlonXP 2200+ the system I am using to play Q3A with the V5 PCI Mac, this way my CD's remain in pristine quality :)

    Would be nice if I could play the Zillion Q3A map with bots, not sure if there is a console command to add bots, any idea's?