The WILDEST Video Card We’ve EVER Seen…

  • It's just for clicks...

    What fascinates me is, how absolutely schizophrenic Linus is: I like to listen to him and Luke talk about tech topics.
    But I absolutely can't stand the personality he's showing on LTT, it's so god damn annoying.

  • SK1 weil ich Italienisch nicht kann ....

    Das ist einfach ein Idiot. Schreit oft High-End und kommt dann mit Zeug an, was gar nicht in der Liga spielt wo er hin will...

    Oder hat eine falsche Konfiguration, oder falsche Nutzung. ... Einfach nur ein Idiot.

  • Just forget that Video. Sorry.

    How he handles the Card, look at the PSU, it seams he just took a old one. Srsly?

    No Glide games....

    Agreed for starters its NOT 4 four GPU's it's four rasterizer chips , not one 3dfx graphics chip had an on die geometry Processor for T&L effects something S3's Savage 2000 did have as well as ATi's R6 Radeon & NVIDIA's NV10 for GeForce 256.

    Seeing them test 3D Mark 2001 SE B330 was disappointing this test is worthless and doesn't do the card any types of justice.
    Test the games it's made for running or Falcon 4.0 + Free Falcon 3.2, Flanker 2.0 + 3dfx V5 patch 2.51, Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Quake II + expansions, Descent3 + mercenary, Freespace 2 the list goes on, there ar e a ton of games he could of tested to put this card to it's actual potential.

    Also this is the card I found for that one guy name d SWZSSR / Retro Dee, and the other 3 a 4 names they used... within 3 days via osckhar, it's the old card from Markus.
    The little heatsinks on the rear are burnt copper heatsinks by EnzoTech, anyone can apply those, nothign specal thatw as needing pointing out.
    it's also just a Rev.A 3700 nothing rare about this card, rarest models are these which my friend omega_supreme owns

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3900 (1 of 2 in the world) Functional

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A3 3400 (1 of 7 in the world) Functional

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A2 2600 (1 of 10 in the world) Functional

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A1 1500 (1 of 6 in the world) Functional

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A1 1500 (1 of 6 in the world) Non-Functional, but not repairable

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A0 0700 (1 of 4 in the world) Non-Functional, but repairable

    And there is this one as well, which is the rarest 3dfx card out there as this is the only existing in the world:

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev. 49-4199 Concept Design
    The infamous 1999 Comdex Board

    So when I see Rev.A 3700 reviewers talk about their cards being ultra rare, I always need to giggle and point them out that the Rev.A 3700 is the most common of all Voodoo 5 6000's out there, just saying.
    and along side these there are much more interesting cards that can cost less as well Anthony's cards I would strongly recommend for those that want to try out a Voodoo5 6000 his Snow White cards as well as his S.U.X. 6000 series and the Strange God Series are the best choices imo to go for.

    And if you have a V5 PCI or AGP or even a V5 PCI mac like I do never feel left out even for all other 3dfx based cards.
    At least us 3dfx owners don't have to rely on crappy emulators, which i always the real deal in the end, no matter what kind of Voodoo you use.

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  • So out of pure curiosity I too ran Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2001 SE Pro B330 with my V5 PCI Mac in my AthlonXP 2200+ only using the EPoX EP-8K7A+ which has the AMD 761 North Bridge and the VIA 686B South Bridge, personally I find this chipset much snappier than the VIA Apollo KT333 which the EPoX EP-8K3A+ has.

    My score at 1024x768x32 as default run gave me in a first run 2154 Points as seen here:

    That 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 that Ross C.T. lend out to LTT only did 2614 or something in that range, barely 500 points more than my V5 PCI Mac... I really think that card is damaged as the previous owner used it in a TYAN Thunder K7 Pro which you can see here:

    TYAN Thunder K7 Pro will damage the card over time, the damage is permanent.

    That V6K is damaged it should of scored around 80 a 85% more points so roughly 1246 Points more for a score of 3400 points, this is what a healthy 6K would do with an AthlonXP 2200+. maybe a bit less but at least 3000 a 3100 points.
    I Seen 6K results score around 3700 points if using an AthlonXP 3000+ so yea, 2614 isn't much ya know, if my V5 PCI mac comes so close to it.
    it doesn't add up.

    The only major difference was the mainboard used, I used the EPoX EP-8K7A+ which has the AMD 761 NB and the VIA VT686B SB as where that 6K setup from Linus Sebastian uses the VIA Apollo KT333 NB and the VIA VT8233A SB, CPU wise both used an AthlonXP 2200+ these run 1.8Ghz by default with a 266Mhz FSB, a 5500 AGP in my setup would do around 2200 a 2300 points more or less, it's hit or miss really.

    If that card was not damaged the score would of been a lot higher, this test run I made with my V5 PCI Mac was done to find this out.

  • Das ganze Video ist mit verräterischem Dithering durchzogen.

    Lief der Benchmark etwa auf 16 Bit?`

    Darauf lässt auch der Grünstich bei Transparenz und Nebel schließen.

    "Du bist und bleibst a Mensch und du kannst eben net deine menschlichkeit überwinden."


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  • Das Video wurde mit nem China VGA/USB Grabber aufgenommen und auf 16Bit reduziert.

    Ein absolutes Scheißteil. Das Dithering macht die Gurke von selbst, sonst nimmt der mit 10fps auf.

    Sollte auch kein Längenvergleich sein, sondern nur zeigen, dass der 3Dmark01 für nicht DX8 Karten sinnlos ist und der Voodoo5 6000 nicht gerecht wird.

    Linus hätte sinnigerweise den 3Dmark00 verwenden sollen, aber nu ist's wurscht.


    3.6K without OC.

    3D01 is not a good Benchmark.

    What system specs did you use with that test run?

    Did you run in default 32 bit or change it to 16Bit?
    LTT did default te4st at 32 Bit as did I.

    If it's a Core 2 Quad or something like that, then it's just the CPU getting the score and not the card, the card just displays what is seen on screen but it won't offer much good, the V5 forms a bottleneck beyond the AthlonXP 3000+ area, around there it won't matter if having a faster CPU because the CPU is doing all the work.

    If a YT'er would do a proper review of a Voodoo5 6000 why not test the card in games that were made for it, my list would surely be a lot different than that of others but at least i would of been era correct for the least of it:

    For 3dfx Glide API these:

    Aliens Versus Predator 1998
    Descent 3 1.5 Beta
    Freespace 2
    Falcon 4.0 + Free Falcon 3.2
    Flanker 2.0 + 2.51 3dfx V4/V5 patch
    Unreal Tournament GOTYE 1999
    Diablo II
    Mech Warrior 3

    For OpenGL these:

    Quake II + Lithium Pack II
    Quake III Arena 3dfx Motion Blur test demo
    Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2001
    Call of Duty 1.51 + United Offensive


    for Direct 3D these:

    Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight + Mysteries of the Sith
    Star Wars X-Wing Alliance + Dark Sabre's X-Wing Alliance Update 2.1d
    Soldier of Fortune 1
    Star Wars Episode I: Racer Half Life 2 in D3D mode
    Home World
    Aquanox 1 & 2

    I am sure you guys have other titles in mind, just less popular ones would be nice.
    LTT doesn't lack money or time to do something decent so far the review from Gamers neus & LTT disappointed me due to low coverage and lo knowledge all due to how to treat the cards and by using the incorrect setups as hardware & OS go, mainly OS as they both used an EPoX mainboard with the KT333, chipset only CPU & OS choice was not so merry left alone the drivers they used rofl

    My Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR supported all 21 tests and gave me 6874 points of course this one has no 3D acceleration support issues regarding to 3D Mark 2001 SE Pro B330.

    Even tho a Dual Opteron 250 CG would be a more proper home for this card type, the AthlonXP 2200+ was the clear bottleneck.

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  • It was just a Pentium 4 build with single Channel DDR333. Nothing to Set a new record. (But i prefer P4 more than Athlon XP for a fast build)

    A very fast CPU pulls Voodoo beyond good and Evil in 3dmark99. You need something like GeForce 4 Ti to become CPU bound in 3D01.

    Operation Flashpoint would have been the one that i would Check with Voodoo5.

    And Trespasser! :love:

  • P4 has poor performance in games though due to the very weak FPU performance something the AthlonXPs have a major advantage over plus the games of that era relied on a very high FPU performance spec.

    P4 was maybe only good at 3D mark, Lame MP3 encoding or other intel/NVIDIA sponsored software, yet the actual games they were 90% of the time far behind.
    Heck I remember using my Hercules 9700 Pro after the Leadtek Ti 4600 and the 9700 pro gave me 5000 extra 3D mark points and this was with an Athlon64 3200+ Clawhammer (1MB L2) and a MSI nForce 3 mainboard, so yea CPU bound ...not entirely a thing with that config.
    SO I am not so sure how you can refer that to a much slower card like the Ti 4600 in general.

    D2X Rebirth 0.58.1 + D2X Retro 1.4X3 is my favored game and the V5 PCI Mac runs it fine at around 90 fps, it's not world shattering but it's OK.
    Here I used WinXP Pro + SP3
    SFFT Alpha 41 modified by ps47 & myself
    Kool Smokey's V. Control 1.82b for control panel.

    Only when I had my AthlonXP 2700+ and the EP-8K3A+ and Hank's 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 I got a solid 200 fps at 160x1200x32 so yea using the correct reliable hardware and correct OS + Driver setup you will get waaay more out of a 6K than what these you tubers did.

    This was with Win2K Pro + SP4 & RU 01 for SP4
    SFFT Alpha 41 modified by ps47 & myself

    Descent 3 & UT GOTYE 1999 could be run in 32 Bit Glide mode if using AmigaMerlin 3.1 R1, this driver also alows you to use FSAA x8 a 1600x1200 thanks go to omega Supreme for that find, the same goes for 5000 PCI & 55000 AGP/PCI/PCI mac cards for FSAA x4 and all V4 cards for FSAA x2.
    5000 AGP won't work in SLI mode under NTFS this is still beyond me, but now I think it is Bios related.

    Although I am sure there are plenty other game titles that could of been added, left alone most of us 3dfx die-hards would of made a far better detailed review of any 3dfx card if it comes to that anyway.

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  • I don't understand all the fuss about every (new) video of a V5-6000. Everyone here knows the card and its features. So what do you expect to hear new?

    Ich werde mich von keinem einzzzigen Prozzzessor trennen.
    Jedoch lockt es mich beinahe, ihn Dir zu überlassen, nur um zu sehen, wie er Dich in den Wahnsinn treibt :evil:

    Meine Begehren

  • Ich will ja nix sagen, aber nen Pentium 4 mit nem Athlon64 zu vergleichen ist absoluter Unfug, da der Athlon64 eine ganz andere Generation von x86 darstellt.

    Der Athlon64 war auch erheblich langsamer als mein i7 2500K.

    Ebenso ein dummer Vergleich.

    Comparing the Pentium 4 with an Athlon64 is totally bullshit, because the Athlon64 is a totally new generation of x86 processors.

    The Athlon64 is also a lot slower than my i7 2500K.

    Another stuipd compare...

    "Du bist und bleibst a Mensch und du kannst eben net deine menschlichkeit überwinden."


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  • I guess Gold Leader compared Athlon XP's FPU Performance with Intel Pentium 4.

    At same clockspeed this should be true, but Intel has clockrate advantages.

    Gold Leader GeForce 4 released in a time as Athlon XP 2000+ was state of the Art. But GeForce 4 scales very well with faster and later released Athlon XP's or Pentium 4's.

    So it's not wrong that i said GeForce 4 Ti is CPU bound in 3Dmark01. It was the truth back in the days.

    Of course Radeon R300 scales much more, so NV40 does and so on and on.

    Im sorry for of topic. But Athlon 64 plus Radeon 9700 sounds like a crazy build. It works, have a 9800XT paired with FX62 and yes, Radeon scales much more.

    But in 2004/05 i rocked Athlon 2800 XP-M with a lovely Winfast 6800LE @ 12Pipe. Athlon 64 was just toooo expensive for me.

  • When the AthlonMP 2200+ came out, I bought it new with a Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 Pro and used the 5500 PCI in the PCI-X slot at 32Bit PCI 66Mhz, the sound card was an Audigy2 Platinum and the mainboard was the ASUS A7M266-D, this was a lovely combination, I too had a Leadtek Winfast A250 TDH which was their GeForce 4 Ti-4600, but still the 9700 Pro was my choice over it in 2002, the Ti-4600 went in my secondary system the AthlonXP 2700+ at the time.
    When a friend of mine show me his Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 AGP 128MB DDR, a Radeon 8500A GP with 128MB 128Bit DDR, this card is what I wished I had back in 2001, all due to Shader Model 1.4 and much better image quality after he showed me and compared, the R200 had a far higher fidelity of colors and much sharper image output, it was as if a gray filter was removed or something, he used a nice EIZO S-2000 S-VPA panel at the time.

    This was also why I went Radeon in 2002 and always favored Radeon over GeForce ever since, even i had tons of GeForce cards some we just too fun to have in that sense, the Gainward GeForce3 Golden Sample Power Pack from 2001 I liked more, as I was able to OC it close to Ti-500 specs without issues, which was this card:

    Probably my favorite GeForce card in a long time, it's Philips ViVo chiip was also nice for 1024x768x32 @ 100Hz Support for 100Hz CRT TV's.
    I used this one for a long time in my Dual P3/EB 1Ghz with the ABiT VP6.

    CryptonNite As for the Athlon64 it came out in October of 2003, intel didn't have much else to compete with it, it's how things happened, so YES! I can compare it to a P4 since that is all what Intel could throw back at it back then and hey it's not my fault Intel had nothing to go against it, sheesh man, calm down for once, no need to burst a lung, it's just computer hardware after all :topmodel:

    But hey you can't have em all ;)

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  • Nicely done then again 3D mark 2001 SE Pro B330 is very intel & NVIDIA orientated it's not by far even a neutral program either due to cheats Intel & NVIDIA put in to it, it's a well known fact sadly anything from Future mark I find extremely unreliable. Game tests for what the cards are made for put these cards to a much better justice than some over commercialized program, don't get why people keep using that 3D mark garbage anyways it proves nothing really .

    But bI watched your video looks like you did use the 16 Bit test and not the default 32Bit one,adding specs on what you used would of been helpful as well what CPU type what speed was it a Northwood A, C Prescottt or anything else?
    also what test did you run 1024x768x16 or 1024x768x32 default?

    Such info would be nice if people would add that if they do run that 3D mark nonsense lol
    In the end I never needed tor ely on that unreliable over commercialized software, the games that I play tell me much more on how a Voodoo5 5500 or even a 6000 actually performs, it's the games themself that will tell you all you need to know.