Something lovely arrived this week! Palit Gainward's Voodoo2 & Terratec EWS64XL boxed

  • Hey all

    Here's something new from me for a change, even it is 3dfx related.

    it's been a while like 14 years ago that I held a Palit GainwardDragon 3000 PCI 12MB in my own hands and yes I of course I did clean her up here and there, it looks new actually.
    All thanks to a good friend from Victor Bart's community for helping me find and buy this card for a very good friendship's deal.

    But here the photo's of it after I have neatly cleaned this beauty:

    Palit Gainward Dragon 3000 PCI 12MB 192Bit EDO Ram Rev.A 9846

    Here more pics of the card from various angles, well pretty much how I made my photo's in the old days, right 8)

    There ya have it, I am of course seeking a second card, but no rush with that yet, I am sure I will find one eventually.
    And the same card is preferred for a matched pair in that sense.

    For my wallpapers I made these nice combo shots of the Gainward V2 and my Aer Lingus B747-130 and also shots of these two things and the G400 MAX:

    And there ya have it :) This is my 3rd 3dfx card as well, yea back in the day I had 87 or so, but hey this is a nice one to add I thought.
    Enjoy the photo's :topmodel:

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  • Here the sound card:

    Terratec Promedia Audio System EWS64 XL Ver. 1.2 3397
    This card was made during week 33 of year 1997 and mint in box as well!
    Probably one of the best things I found on ebay in ages.

    As you can see all the booklets CD's even the floppy disk and the flat data cables are with it and very clean state as well, it did not come froma smoker's home either.

    But once I looked at at the card a Gold Nichicon FG Audio grade recap is what I'll let give to this card, just to get the best out of it, the same I did with my CT4390 AWE64 Gold, this is a collectors item to me and if planning on using it which I am I want it to get the best treatment I can give it, to me it's worth the effort.

    Here the IO bay at first:

    And here the card it's self:

    Here the 60 pins ram stick of 64MOPB plugged in tot he card, the card it's self has 2MB Edo onboard so a total of 66MB of Sound Font memory, which is pretty amazing for it's time.

    Here some closeups of the Dream Synthesizer chip and the Crystal SB 16 Pro Emulator chip, which is also backwards compliant with many other sound card types.

    Anyways after the gold recap I shall post new photo's of this beauty <3
    Enjoy the photo's as always. 8)

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  • Very nice card, I also have two of them. With this amount of caps to replace it will cost you a pretty dollar for the material alone :topmodel:

    Mine still sound fine with the original caps, but the card is definitely worth the money if you still want to recap it.

  • oh yea I have saved a lot of coin for the gold recap, it's something I just find worthy of doing, the old caps are too old as these are 25 years or older, left alone back then capacitors didn't last longer than 5 a 6 years, nowadays the Gold Nichicon Capacitors have a life span of 28 a 30 years, they may be expensive but they are the best for sound cards stand al;one and that makes it worth all of it.

    I will always want the best treatments for all of my retro hardware, performing recaps is one of them but the best capacitors money can buy as well, these are collectors items I want to enjoy for many years to come.

    The EWS64 XL was one of the holy grails when it comes to high grade midi sound cards. there is also an EWS64 XXL which came with a Waldorf X1 IO front panel, sadly I never found this piece, well not yet, but I'll definitely will keep my eyes peeled open for one.

    The midi music sound quality is pehnominal as well

    DOS Games Part-4 on 'TERRATEC EWS64 XL (recorded on real hardware)
    In part-4 of my sound card tests in DOS environment i recorded using - TERRATEC AudioSystem EWS64 XL card in GS mode with it's original soundset loaded "GSSB...

    Duke Nukem3D's sound track gives a ton of 1980's synthesizer vibes to it as do many other game sound tracks as this video clearly shows:

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  • Makes me wonder if a 24MB Voodoo2 could work instead of 24x 512KB< the card could get 24x 1MB< all because layouts of 12x 1MB do exist, I wonder what if you have 24x 1MB instead for Voodoo2 PCI 24MB, unless 12MB was the max limit of the V2?