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    Installed 18.12.2 WHQL these drivers are awesome! :spitze:

    Fallout 4 is finally fixed no more RGB issues , my bug report did AMD well it seems!

    Here some X-Mas Decoration then hah xD

    And he me relaxing in my home, I'ma level 142.5 atm, been playing over 1178 hours trying to gain as much XP as possible, it does go slow now tho hah :topmodel:

    But yeah As you see my RX Vega 64 is rendering some lovely images, this is without the High Quality Texture Pack simply I wanted to see the real difference with the normal textures and it's quite large when comparing to my GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 Image Quality & Image Fidelity is better images are warmer as well,, more natural to the eye.

    I will make more daytime shots, but this is all I have atm.

    For the ones wonders the Vega 64 I am using is the following:

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX Vega 64 Limited Edition 2.0 PCI-E 8GB 2048Bit HBM2 from Q1 2018.

    Which is this fella:

    Best VGA card I ever had so far <3

    ketfri8002 For your information I had contact with the Q3D CEO the one who runs the place, they gave me permission to put these files on my dropbox as I did so.

    I always ask permission to share software, it's common sense to do that.

    If I don't know if I am aloud for sharing it, I simply ask it.
    Also I sold everything to close friends of mine simply Ia m done with all the drama man, seriously.

    The Boeing 747 Community is far more mature and more my thing, also for those wondering I left x-3dfx for good, I'm just done with all the bullshit tbh.

    Ah well no worries about them backplates just kinda lame for you unfriending and blocking me afterwards, but hey must of been your way of overreacting even that the CEO of Quantum3D gave me permission to share them files as I have asked them politely ;)

    Ah well hope these cards do you well I guess?

    All AMD now, every CPU & GPU is AMD now and have to admit never had such great stability, image quality and image fidelity, just amazing in many words. <3:saint:
    All good here :)
    Every system has gotten great upgrades :)

    All runn'n great here!

    Here the systems left to right:

    Blue-Leader SMP 2009

    2x 6 Core AMD OpteronDP 2435 D0 Istanbul CPU's, 12x 2.6Ghz, 12x 512KB L2, 2x 6MB L3

    2x ASUS Triton 70's

    Supermicro H8DAE-2 NVIDIA NForce 3600 Pro, MCP 550 Pro & IO55

    8x 4GB PC2-6400 ECC Reg HP/Hynix/Kingston Server Ram | 32GB NUMA Dual Channel DDR2-800 ECC Reg

    Supermicro SIM LP-B IPMI 2.0 16MB Card Rev.3.01 0907

    Sapphire Nitro+ OC Radeon R9 Fury PCI-E 4096 Bit HBM

    Realtek ALC883 7.1 OnBoard HD Audio

    1x Intel 320 SSD 120GB/64MB Cache Boot Disk [Upgrade on The Way]

    Plextor PX-820A Dual Layer DVD Re-Writer 12x/8x UATA-133

    4x Western Digital 500GB/32MB Cache Raid Edition3 24/7 Series in RAID 0 1.81TB Storage Disk

    2x Broadcom 1000 MBit Ethernet RJ45 Lan Jacks

    Antec True Power Quatto 1000 Watt EPS12V + 2.3V

    Lian Li PC-A7010 Black Server Case

    Lian Li W-75BP Side Window Panel

    Hewlett Packard ZR24w 24" 16:10 Aspect Ratio HS-IPS Panel

    Native Reso of 1920 x 1200 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    NVIDIA DSR / AMD VSR Max reso of 3840 x 2400 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    HP ZR24w 24" 16:10 Aspect Ratio HS-IPS Panel

    Native Reso of 1920 x 1200 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    NVIDIA DSR / AMD VSR Max reso of 3840 x 2400 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 UK + Service Pack 01

    AMD Catalyst Adrenalin 18.2.2 WHQL for Win7x64

    Firefox SMP 2018

    1x 8 Core AMD OpteronMP 6140 D1 Mangy Cours, 8xx 2.6Ghz 1x 10MB L3

    1x Noctua NH-U9D0 A3

    Supermicro H8SGL-B

    4x 8GB PC3-12800 ECC Reg HP-Hynix Server Ram | 32GB NUMA Dual Channel DDR3-1600 ECC Reg @ 1333Mhz

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 Special Edition PCi-E 8GB 256 Bit GDDR5

    Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 PCI 64MB 128Bit XRAM

    NEC 5 Port USB 2.1 PCI card, (2 external) 3 in Front Panel)

    Dual Port USB 2.0 Bracket connected to the motherboard for extra USB ports for the rear.

    NEC ND-2500A DVD Re-Writer 8x/4x UATA-133

    Western Digital 300GB/16MB Cache Velociraptor 10.000 RPM HDD

    Western Digital 2TB/64MB Cache RAID Edition 4 Data Center Series 7.200 RPM HDD (Storage)

    2x Intel 2000 MBit Ethernet RJ45 Lan Jacks

    Silver Stone Strider Plus 850 WATT Modular PSU

    Lian Li PC-7FN Midi Tower

    Lian-Li W-LM2AB-1 Black Side Window Panel

    2x 30 cm Blue CCFL's from Sharkoon

    2x 30 cm Green CCFL's from Sharkoon

    1x Blue Ledded Lian Li 120mm x 120mm x25mm Front Fan

    1x Red /Blue /Green Ledded Antec Tri-Cool 120mm x 120mm x25mm Rear Fan

    Samsung SyncMaster 943S 19" TN PanelMax Reso: 1440x900x32 @ 75Hz with a 16:10 Aspect Ratio.

    Windows 7 Professional x64 UK + Service Pack 1

    AMD Catalyst Adrenalin 18.2.2 WHQL for Win7x64

    Valkyrie SMP 2014

    2x 12 Core AMD OpteronMP 6180 SE D1 Mangy Cours, 24 x 2.5Ghz, 2x 12MB L3 Cache

    4x4 GB + 4x 8GB PC3-12800 ECC Reg HP Server Ram | 48GB NUMA Quad Channel DDR3-1600 @ 1333Mhz

    Supermicro H8DG6-F AMD Maranello Blade Server Chipset 2x AMD SR5690 Northbridges, 1x AMD SP5100 Southbridge

    2x Noctua NH-U9D0 A3's

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX Vega 64 Limited Edition 2.0 PCI-E 2048 Bit HBM2

    Auzentech X-Fi Bravura PCi-E 7.1

    Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD

    Plextor PX-B950SA BR-RW Drive, Singlelayer & Duallayer BR-RW + Lite Scribe

    SeaSonic PlatinumX 1000 Watt EPS 12V + 24V PSU

    Lian Li TYR PC-X2000B Server Design Case 1 of 200 Made Worldwide

    Lian Li W-X2000-B Window Kit 1 of 200 Made Worldwide

    Hewlett Packard ZR24w 24" 16:10 Aspect Ratio HS-IPS Panel

    Native Reso of 1920 x 1200 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    NVIDIA DSR / AMD VSR Max reso of 3840 x 2400 x32 @ 60 Hertz

    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 UK + Service Pack 01

    AMD Adrenalin 18.10.1 Beta

    All Win7 Pro x64 UK + SP1 here as well, sae OS and same drivers on all three 8)


    Of course VSA-101 has SLI Support, it's a die-shrink of the VSA-100 Napalm with 64bit & 128Bit DDR SDRAM support wth base speeds of 250Mhz core/& 250Mhz DDR1 ram speeds thus 500Mhz DDR effective, even that these chips could run at much higher speeds 275 to 300Mhz maybe more, not really a known thing tho.

    3dfx had plans for Daytona based Voodoo5-5200 & Voodoo5 6500 DDR boards, plans were there for them, 2x & 4x VSA-101's each chip having 64MB DDR-SDRAM.

    As the names go, I can't be all too accurate, but they were something like that, there is much knowledge I have from x-3dfx that I am willing to share here, just as long I won't be confronted by using English over German, then it's fine.

    gdonovan Maybe you could explain more here as Daytona goes and what it could do etc?
    Correct me if I am wrong as the names go, sorry about that, all I can remember was that 3dfx was planned on doing more VSA-101 boards that also would involve onboard SLI.

    And I hope you have been doing fine Gary :)

    Well I do have some good news for this oldie, my friend in South Australia is gifting me his Matrox Millenium G400 MAX AGP 32MB with a Gold colored Blue Orb.

    His father has a company that can ionize and paint brushed metal objects, so the Blue Orb it had has a gold color to it like the Golden Orb, yet the color is more like Pyrite, aka fools gold but looks super cool none the less.

    So this will be the config which I will have with me at the lan:

    Avenger M99

    Intel Pentium !!!/E 933Mhz Coppermine S.E.C.C. 2 / Slot 1 @ 700Mhz

    3x 128MB PC-100 CL2.5 Samsung Original

    EPoX EP-BX3 Intel i440 BX Chipset

    Matrox Millennium G400 MAX AGP 32MB + Gold Modded Hercules/Thermaltake Blue Orb by Declan's Father. :hre: :hre:

    Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24 PCI 24MB 384Bit Edo

    Intel Pro 100/S Desktop Adapter

    Philips FM/AM Radio Card 8Bit ISA

    Creative Labs AWE64 Gold CT4390

    Adeptec Ultra ATA 133 Bootable PCI Card
    Mitsubishi Electronics Australia LS-120 Super Floppy Drive

    NEC 5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card 4 External 1 Internal

    LG 40x/16x CD/DVD RW-Drive

    1x Maxtor Diamond Max 9+ 40GB ATA 133

    1x Maxtor Diamond Max 9+ 60GB ATA 133

    Addtronics 7896A Server Tower

    Enermax Modu 525VE 525 Watt PSU

    Windows 2000 Professional UK + Service Pack 4

    Latest Matrox G400 Drivers for Win2K

    Latest Quantum 3D Obsidian2 Drivers For Win2K from NuAngel's aka Garrett 'Tuna' Culver Archive

    The parts Bolded in Gold are the newly added parts

    As you see some changes added much more rare parts, I just wanna shine with this beauty :)
    I will add pics after the package arrives and I have built over the parts in to the A-7896A Server Tower and applied a brand new original Pentum !!! sticker to the case for the finishing touch.

    Here the parts list my friend Declan gifted me to support this long going project:

    1. Matrox Millennium G400 MAX AGP 32MB
    2. Gold Modded Hercules/Thermaltake Blue Orb by Declan's Father.
    3. ATA-133 Bottible PCI Card with ATA-133 Cables New
    4. Your P3 CPU
    5. Fan Cable for G400 Orb
    6. Zalman Fan Mount
    7. 80mm Fan Deflector in Gold/Yellow

    Here the G400 MAX with it's single slot Golden Orb:

    That goes with my Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24 from Week 22 of the year 1998 :)

    Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24 PCI 24MB Rev.A 2298:

    Quite the combination for 1998-1999 right :topmodel:

    And for an other 3dfx Project I bought back my V5 5500 PCI mac for 350 euro's since I will be using this card to help support some new x-3dfx Voodoo5 6000 owners, but also it's my last 3dfx card I had before I bought my Voodoo5 6000, and My friend didn't mind at all, so that too is making a comeback, here some pics of that car for those wondering:

    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 with PC Bios 1.18_LCD and yes the DVI-D works fine.

    The system will be a Dual Opteron S940 based system, dunno what parts yet, first the card and in December this year I do the rest :)
    No rush with that yet tho, I bought the card back for what I sold it for, it's fairtrade and we both agreed on the idea :)

    But as this V5 PCI Mac goes when I build the system for it I shall make a new thread for it.
    Just had this as some news to share with you guys <3

    So stay tuned for more!

    Yeaps it will so will the GP-104 boards GTX 1080, 1070 Ti & GTX 1070 for that part.
    Eventho I am happier with my RX Vega 64 than the EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 I had before it tbh, I prefer the best Image Quality over a few fps more, eventho the Vega 64 I use now is around 15 to 27% faster than the 1080 FTW2 I had before it in games and apps I use.

    But I won't leave out NVIDIA for that part, Imma see what 2019 brings and maybe the prices of these RTX boards will also drop.
    2020 Intel will also joning the gaming GPU race so that too will bring us a 3rd choice :)

    Whelp here a nice review of the RTX 2080 & RTX 2080 Ti, EVGA did a great job with the cooler since the cards can breathe more, Great job EVGA!

    Yet quite the disappointment to how these cards perform compare to the previous cards the GTX 1080 & GTX 1080 Ti, it's rather depressing for the least, if any of you have a GTX 1080 TI , you may as well keep on using it, even in the 4K tests with DX12 & Vulkan the 2080 Ti is barey 20 to 25% faster thann my RX Vega 64 LE 2.0, so surely not worth paying 1400 euro for as what they cost where I live.

    JaysTwoCents did a nice detailed review of these pricey GPU's

    He explains clearly what NVIDIA did wrong when it comes to the Founders Edition cooler compared to EVGA's much better designs.
    Jay explains that the RTX 2080 is not really worth it if you are using a GTX 1080 Ti, 70% more cost for 15% to 30% performance or even less than 15%.

    The other card the RTX 2080, barely beats a 1080 Ti in some caes a 1080 Ti still beats it, facts remain clear there are NO games that use Ray Tracing & DLSS so as that goes, great for their marketing but useless for the user, Battlefield 5 showed lots of issues when it even comes tto RT's use, also NV's Ray Tracing uses Vulkan API to function, the same AMD Has been using Radeon Rays 2.0 since March 2017.

    Ray tracing is pure marketing gimmick and the performance of these cards is plain depressing due to how bad they perform over the previous generation, so best not to buy them in the end.
    Keep your 1080's & 1080 Ti's or Vega 56's & Vega 64's and just wait until Ray Tracing become the nrom and that is probably 3 to 4 years from now anyway.

    For the price increase... the performance increase is abysmal. This card makes nVIDIA deserve the name nGReedia :topmodel:

    Yeah I'll try it, I'll be sure to have my birthday party there as well as a week after it I turn 42 lmao xD RIP lol

    They have a nice icecream cafe there seems like Coffee is my best bet , But yeah I do plan on dealing out some drinks for the least or just find a LIDL band buy some cakes leeel :topmodel: If LIDL is still a thing in DE.

    We need Dem Noms coz we gunna dai otherwise doh xD

    Praise the Rexie and all shall be fine!!

    Coming to think of it, my first 3dfx lan outside NL but also my first 3dfx related biirthday party outside NL, which is pretty cool 8)

    Anyways I am coming to the VA 3dfx LAN in Thuringen.
    Yet I almost had plans of giving that up as well, but after talking with my parents and getting my clean mind in return, I have decided to still go there. with my Obsidian2 X-24 and all the Quantum3D programs I have on it all the Open GVS tech demo's etc.

    I just hope all goes well, my mind creates the worst of thoughts even they are just thoughts.

    But seeing who all will be there I think it will go just fine.

    I never traveled alone, so this is quite the step forward for me to take part of, the Lan and that V6K thread the stress both generated that actually is caused by my anxiety & PTSD attacks is why and how I reacted towards others, even it's wrong in such a moment I just see everything in negative ways and everyone around me are targets aka threats.

    But now re-seeing it all it was my mind messing me up even none of you here are actual threats, an illusion swamped my mind.

    Everything I said that day made no sense.

    But thanks for talking to me GrandAdmiralThrawn You at least understand me like SK1 & Backfire do.

    All is okay nows tho, collecting Boeing 747's as to speak.

    Things have not being going so well on my end I tend to react abruptly towards people even ones I See as old friends best friends or loved ones,, My father has an incurable form of bone marrow cancer, my best Uncle in France is dying he has less than 6 months to about 1 year, my dad some docs say it's 5 years some say 10 some don't even know at all, I myself am getting blackouts , almost broke my neck today almost fell down some stairs after I bought some herbal tea, I was able to latch on tot he railing in time, but I dunno what is going on for all I did here I can say I am sorry for like 200 times but it changes nothing even I mean it nothing changes I even fear coming to that VA 3dfx LAN guess my depression is back something I feel like ending my life as I see myself as useless

    Things are not going well that I know and I am deeply sorry to what I have done here I just hope Snag's card fined a good home and it's not my concern what he sells it for.

    So yeah I just dunno what to do anymore I am afraid for living afraid something will happen to me or to anyone I know dear just dunno anymore.

    I probably don't notice that myself now just sentence that form in my mind that I get from my viewpoint I guess I was stressed at the time my PTSD was active and anything just spawns in my head.

    Maybe an idea to just mute me for a day aka 24 hours so I can just time out and then post again?
    If this is a solution I am willing to accept it, that is if it helps you guys here.

    I don't even get why I Posted so rationally in that sale thread from SnaG that was not even my concern to even do that, even I did do wrong there that I know even I don't agree with what they are asking for it still I should never of posted in the way I did there, that I do see what I did wrong there.

    If the new owner wants them Q3D OpenGVS files I can give them that , Q3D gave me permission to give those to Q3D users and a V5 6000 is a Q3A AALchemy QX 4132 for that part so yeah they count.

    But all in all it's just a bad moment in my fractured life I guess. I hope everyone else here doesn't hate me if they do I shall understand it.

    Hey all

    Today wasn't my day and I was certainly not myself either,as to what happened in this thread:
    [v] V56k

    Chosen_One , GrandAdmiralThrawn Like many others have made strong valid points of my undoings there.
    If there is any way for me to fix what I have done, I would of tried it but yet I have failed miserably again, my Autism, Dyslexia, PTSD and anxiety issues;

    I easily misread people which has resulted me with similar incidents like that of today as in the past.

    Showing you my medical reports is not possible due to to privacy regulations.
    Some may thing I am making an excuse, then so be it then that are your thoughts.

    If I need to be removed from this forum then go ahead what are you waiting for.

    But then again if that won't happen I am not perfect I never planned to be perfect I was not designed to be perfect likewise , I happen to make the same mistakes every time no matter what happens so this may not be a last time, but certainly is not a first time either.

    In the end it never matters how things turn out, I had some very bad news and that is probably what triggered me to literally lose my mind and start causing crap in this place, something certainly triggered it that I am assure of.
    And yes I have hurt myself even plan on doing worse things since nothing is going great in my head right now.

    V4 4500 AGP would be the way to fly, it has AGP x4 support as well, pretty much the best single chip 3dfx card to use.
    V55500's have two VSA-100 chips you can always disable one but these cards are in signel chip slightly slower than V4 4500 AGPs as they lack AGP x4 support they use AGP x2. with a 66Mhz Bus instead of 133Mhz as AGP x4 does use.

    Hello there :)

    Well I rarely remember many of those people to be very honest, after that heavy concussion I had I lost most knowledge and contacts.
    It's been ages I been in contact with any likewise, mainly after I sold everything, I kind of moved on really, as did they I would guess.

    Many of them preferred me to keep their email addresses private and I have to keep my oath to give them their privacy in such ways.

    And I can understand that for many reasons.

    But you could try that is one site alongside Voodoo Alert & x-3dfx that also seems to be quite active, well it always was for all I can recall.

    As for all those people in the Voodoo5 6000 list, I have no idea where thy all went, Surrimugge might be an idea, unless he ain't around anymore either?
    Sorry to be a disappointment for you guys, I just don't have much to offer than I have for this project.

    Hey all :-)

    Got a little update here.

    After finding this in my drawer, I decided to add it to Firefox SMP 2018 for it's Supermicro H8SGL-B :) Even it would not of mattered without it, just prefer a more finished look than some gaping hole behind the motherboard.

    Here the system from the rear showing the backplate neatly in place:

    here from the front:

    and from the side:

    And here an array of photo's of the system with the window kit removed:

    Here my updated network of all three Opteron systems using Supermicro Motherboards and Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon GCN based graphics cards:

    An from the sides, all use CCFL's, some of these lamps are over 12 years old and they never have faded from their colors :-)

    As you can see there are no GeForce cards this time, just wanted to go AMD Radeons this run, not to worry this doesn't mean I am going to never buy a GeForce again, if I do it's always EVGA, you guys at least have great customer service and have always been helpful for me :) I just like trying out all kinds of things as many of you know here anyways :topmodel:

    Anyways these Radeons are doing me lots of good currently and they do all what I need them to, yet I do find the image quality quite a margin better, especially when doing photography, video editing and Vulkan based games.

    Mainly the sharpness and fidelity of the images displayed is better on Radeons than the GeForce cards I have used, I always prefer image quality over speed, even that others here prefer the opposite and that is all cool

    After all we all have our own preferences and I respect that from all ends

    The method I sued to find this out was use my GTX 1080 FTW2 on a HP ZR24w and my R9 Fury on the other ZR24w I had, both with the same monitor with the same default settings, I let one of the nurses here decide and then my parents they are utter n00bs with computers but photography were hobbies and professions they were good at and they could clearly tell that the system with the Radeon displayed sharper and warmer colors, but also with a greater image fidelity, even though I saw that as well.

    Please note I have nothing against NVIDIA users here, it's all a very personal option to every users as this is my personal choice.

    Also what one see's an other may see it from different viewpoints, so all cool with that.

    Photography is a big thing for me as is video editing is for my Boeing 747 reviews I make for the Boeing 747 Fan Club and that of my diecast aircraft models of mainly Boeing 747's, SST's Tu-144's Concorde's and other SST based aircraft but MiG-29 Fulcrums as well.

    Other than that these Opterons and their GCN based Radeons do well for what I use them for, most games I play use Vulkan API, OpenGL 4.5, DX 11 & DX 9.0c, the Vulkan based games and games that use Unity Engine love the multiple CPU's and cores so these systems all do greatly in those area's.

    Anyways for now my upgrades have been made a success on my end and now it's back to collecting Boeing 747's :)

    01.) When do you begin to collect stuff of 3dfx? What did you cause this?

    My 3dfx collecting days started after I joined x-3dfx in Q2 of 2002.

    02.) When do you begin to collect stuff of Old-PC? What did you cause this?

    Mainly interest, it's the main thing why people collect anything really.

    03.) Can you say how it was 3dfx in your country? Any anecdote?

    back then I saw it as normal hardware like I saw a S3 Virge /Savage or a NVIDIA Riva 128, TNT/TNT2 or an ATI Rage 128 Ultra , Rage Fury MAXX or a Matrox Millennium G200 or G400MAX. Every brand had their cool looking models.

    04.) Can you say me what do you feel when you open and test the card?

    There was a certain kind of excitement just wondering will it rock or will it suck at the games I will play, mainly teh technology improvements it had during it's day was always one of the prime aspects I was interested in even how simple the solution was for what it was made to do, run 3D accelerated games with its own API named 3dfx Glide API. Mainly the Simplicity of Function to play games with 3D accelerated gameplay without much fuss. Like Boeing, less fuss than Airbus that kind of thing xD :topmodel:

    05.) What games do you tests the first time?

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

    Star Wars: X-Wing Versus Tiefighter:+ Blanace of Power

    Quake III Arena

    Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition 1999 + Operation Na Pali Single Player Mod

    Unreal + Return to Na Pali V 2.25F best stable version for 3dfx Glide users and LAN support.

    Descent 1 &2 with DXX-Rebirth 0.58.1 with SFFT modified by ps47 (an old friend of mine & dborca from

    Descent 3 1.4

    C&C Red Alert2 + Yuri's Revenge + Purple Alert Mod 4.28 ( my faved 2D RTS game)

    That is about it really.

    06.) What cards do you have of others companies (nvidia, s3...)?

    Mainly ATi/AMD, Matrox & S3 , sold all my NVIDIA boards, I don't support Anti-Competitive companies that like and created toxic garbage like GPP....

    07.) What cards of others companies is your favorite? Why?

    That would be my three current generation AMD Radeons :)

    Sapphire Nitro+ OC AMD Radeon R9 Fury PCI-E 4GB 4096Bit HBM | 3584 GCN 1.2 Cores GPU = AMD Fiji Pro

    Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 580 Special Edition PCI-E 8GB 256Bit GDDR5 | 2304 GCN 4.0 Cores GPU = AMD Ellesmere XTX (Polaris 20 XTX)

    Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Limited Edition 2nd Release PCI-E 8GB 2048Bit HBM2 | 4096 GCN 5.0 Cores GPU = AMD Vega 10 XT

    I am also an AMD Red Team supporter, so All RED here! :topmodel:8)

    Here that Letter AMD Mascot Ruby sent me:

    08.) I know that there are too many drivers, what do you prefer or use?

    For 3dfx? Mostly the latest of the current driver type.

    For my X-24 I used the latest drivers offered on NuAngel's website for my V3 3500 I use SFFT Alpha 41 modified by ps47.

    For my Radeons I stick to AMD Catalyst Adrenalin 18.2.2, if a driver works it's mostly okay for me :)

    09.) For other hand, when did you start to look for forum o group of 3dfx or Old Pc? And why?

    Forums are handy for solving problems or showing other members there your collections and the item types you interest in if it's Voodo5 only or all kinds of cards, but also to see what others have gathered , collected etcetera.

    Also ideal to sell or trade cards with friends or members from such places.

    10.) Now, do you prefer to contact with others 3dfx/OldPC fans Social Network (twiiter/fb), Forum (, or messaging APP


    Just at x-3dfx Facebook or here via's DM service, both are fine thanks :)

    11.) Can you talk us how do you start with x-3dfx?

    x-3dfx was founded by LancerXSeven, LittleGirl, BOingball, Val Pathern and ElMoIsEviL

    I joined x-3dfx in early 2002, around 2003-ish & x-3dfx ezboard were made the driver team had certain quarrels, BOingball & I ran as where the others went to the ezboards.

    Around 2006 was hacked, we lost some data but thankfully BOingball & Reid Campbell ( & domain owner) had backups of most files, in 2009 was up and running again, but activity died off sadly, in 2012 I think it was I joined x-3dfx on Facebook and somewhere in 2013 I was made Admin and later Co-Owner of the place as for keeping it active and alive with 3dfx content and other things. I may be wrong here and there since my memory is very flaky.

    12.) Can you say me more info about Primary Image? I would like to write about them. I know this:

    No idea about those guys, my interests were very selective mainly 3dfx Voodo3, 4 & 5 Rampage & Quantum3D wise the AALchemy , Mercury & Obsidian 2 line of cards.

    13.) Can you say me more info about Ethans & Sunderland? I would like to write about them.

    Hmm looks like I got confused there they made Quad chip ATi Radeon 9700 & 9800 Pro cards, my bad I had a concussion a few years aop, many things I knew are long gone after that.

    14.) If you want to talk more about 3dfx, you want to advise people, or you want to talk with ex-worker about me I will be very grateful.

    My friend Declan W. from x-3dfx would like an interview, as he wondered why he was never asked.

    After I explained him that you made a global post at x-3dfx about willing to do interviews of x-3dfx members, I then tagged his name in my reply at your post @ x-3dfx.

    15.) Thanks for your Help!

    Sure anytime :)