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    Many thanks to tyrannus for helping me out by letting me buuy over two Seagate Barracuda V 250GB 7200.10 rpm HDD's! :respekt::respekt::respekt:

    Here the system with the two HDD's up tops :)

    The PSU did arrive as well after taking it apart, it all checked out neatly really:

    Antec Classic True Power 550:

    It seems to be a SeaSonic PSU as well, just branded by Antec as it's product number code matches the info on this page:…/

    Currently I am just waiting for my package from the UK to arrive with the 2x 90cm Rounded UATA-133 rounded Cables by Akasa, which are these:

    Once they arrive I can finally complete the build, so stay tuned for more updates on this build log 8)

    For those that still use Win7 AMD Has a driver update for Win7 users for all legacy GCN Radeon HD 7000 series and up to the RX 6900 series the latest of the RDNA2 series of cards:

    Many thanks to a good Richard L.R. from x-3dfx & 2CPU for passing this awesome news on to me :respekt::respekt::respekt:

    This driver runs great in Win 7 Pro x64 UK + SP1 and my Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64:

    Well just bought anew Antec True Power 550 with 20+4 pin for main power and EPS 12V + 24V same PSU I use in my AthlonXP 2200+ for just 29 euros!

    Well I found the cables as well two new 90 CM rounded UATA 133 Cables from the brand Alaska from the UK, these were around 34 euros a bit high since it's from the UK but I could not find better ones they are new and yea I was like why not new data cables can't hurt.

    tyrannus I Accept your offer DM me for further details your paypal address or IBAN what ever works for you of course :)
    Just them HDD's then :)

    Those two drives would be great let me know what you want for them then DM me if otherwise :) thanks for looking in to this tho, I fgreatly honor you aid here:respekt::respekt::respekt:

    Currently I am doing a replay of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II with the K7 Athlon Classic with it's Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP 16MB Rev.A 3199
    Them good old days of the Force have returned! 8)

    Hey all :)

    Well since my build is almost done I am still looking for the following parts:

    2x 90 a 100cm ATA133 Flat Data Cables

    Seagate Barracuda V 120GB + 250GB 7200 rpm HDD's

    Antec True Power 550P or equivalent

    The power supply needs a 20+ 4 main power connector or just a 20 Pin like the Antec TruePower 550P has but also a separate 4pin 24v power connector as well.

    if anyone can help out I'd be happy to pay for the items as long the prices doable of curse ;)
    Here a pic showing that this board really needs a 20 pin connector and not a 24pin, unless it's 20+ 4 separately then it's fine:

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly can be played in English or Russian. Though NPC's background chatter seems to always be in Russian. GUI elements, radio messages etc. are all in English by default.

    As for your operating system: I have not tested this myself, but while inspecting the game's dependencies it seemed to me its minimum supported operating system out-of-the-box would be Windows 7 x64. So I assume my patched version is not required for that OS. I might have missed something along the way of course, but that's what it looked like. I suggest you first try the [stock version] without my patch. If it turns out it really needs a more modern version of Windows, you can of course still run my patched version. But please be aware that it has some limitations!

    Discord integration has been removed, so you cannot let the game post your player status to the Anomaly Discord channel. And the only API my patched version supports is Direct3D 9.0. No D3D8, 10 or 11, which the stock version does offer. The Direct3D 8.x renderer is supposed to be the fastest, while the modern Direct3D 10/11 ones feature additional/altered effects, like its own rain rendering path etc.

    Oh oke thanks and I always have that disabled on discord for privacy reasons, didn't know you had it as well lmao
    Does VA have a discord now?

    But thanks anyways I'll happily give this a go, many Stalker fans in my Jedi Dinus Community haha
    I always use English but Russian for the audio of the troops with English subs that always worked fine for me :)

    Hey all :)

    Here some tech specs of these two NV40 based graphics cards:

    Leadtek A400 AGP 128MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 0605

    This card was made in Year 2005, during Week 05

    This is a GeForce 6800 AGP 128MB 256Bit DDR which uses a NV40 GPU

    This GPU has the following:

    12 Pixel Shader Pipelines

    12 Pixel Shaders

    12 ROPS

    5 Vertex Shader Units

    Shader 3.0 Support for DirectX 9.0c

    OpenGL 2.0

    Here the photo's of this card after cleaning:

    Here the card in it's full state:

    Leadtek A400 GT AGP 256MB 256Bit GDDR3 Rev.A 0450

    This card was made in Year 2004 during Week 50

    This is a GeForce 6800 GT AGP 256MB 256Bit GDDR3 which uses a NV40 GT GPU

    This GPU has the following:

    16 Pixel Shader Pipelines

    16 Pixel Shaders

    16 ROPS

    6 Vertex Shader Units

    Shader 3.0 Support for DirectX 9.0c

    OpenGL 2.0


    Here the card in it's full state:

    As you can see the A400 GT is missing part of the fan's filter the ring + filter is missing as well as a small plastic piece from the rear of the plastic shroud which would overlap to the rear copper heatsink.
    Even so, without these parts the card will still function fine though, but as a collector I will always try to find parts I am missing, as anyone would.

    Here both Leadtek WinFast A400 & A400 GT graphics cards pair shots:

    So yea still a lovely set, But I'm also looking for a Leadtek WinFast A400 Ultra AGP as well, these have Dual DVI-I and the same beefy cooler as the A400 GT :)
    These were my favorite GeForce 6800 series ever made, and so far that mini collection is taking shape nicely.
    How ever the A400 is my favorite of the two, it's single slot cooler is even sufficient to cool an A400 Yltra for example and it's single slot as well, being full copper that too give it a nice advantage.

    if anyone can help me find the missing parts for my A400 GT and that Ultra I'd be grateful 8)