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    Man benutzt auch üblicherweise die Hochsprache...:rolleyes:

    Das macht man üblicherweise so, wenn eine Sprache viele Dialekte hat. Man einigt sich auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner, meist auf Kosten der Mundarten.

    English isn't a high level language it's just a commonly used world language, there is a difference ;)
    Icelandic that would be a high level language due to it's high difficulty I would think anyway.

    Bier.jpg that blue side tho :topmodel: it's beautiful love this idea hah, the build it's self is very neatly done I must admit :)
    You could fix the hole where the 3.5" bay covers go with a LS-120 drive and under it maybe self make from PVC or acrylic plastics a panel that fits in there, paint that part that same Blue you used for the side panels to fit in that hole, it should be doable I think :spitze:

    it's fine, shit happens.

    As for DEEPL it isn't accurate like many others it can't translate Dialects for example.
    As with every translator they aren't all 100% correct, confusions always tend to follow.

    But for those that really can't they have little choice but to use it.

    Sorry to break everyones heart here, but 3dfx was an American founded Company most of the 3dfx owners can speak decent to prerfect English, so I clearly do not see the issue just for that tiny handful of thoe that can't read or write English from the egt go.
    Why cant they just use translators instead? instead of us all the time lmao
    oh yea because it's a German forum I see, which forces us to go elsewhere :bonk:

    This is how many will see this as an insult which it is in ways..., could even go for tboth sides, like a back anf forth thing.

    So many English langual people would ask just that EXACT same, as it comes to using translators and Iam sure some do use them, German forum or not, that won't play a damn role, heck this forum even allows English peope to post here, they asked for it simply put.
    Yet I often see people talking German to them or posting in German or any other native language they crave and them English lads have no bloody idea what the hell is going on, I disrespect this respectless attitude, as those that do hthis can type decent English.... and this causes turmoil between such members.

    You can't bloody force people to use translators all the time all because they have no other choice... but I guess this can go for both sides.... which is true.
    The pPoint is that if an English Person makes a topic you'd at least expect people to reply in English, just for proepr manners right?
    Then the topic poster knows what is going on in their thread, this is common logics... but this does not always happen even if this german poster can type decent English they just seem torefust to do so, thus again causes turmoil.

    And if these English people would need to react ina German thread, well the option to use a translator is there but the outcome is often an inaccurate translation resulting consusion which is why I myself just stick to English soooo in the end there is no real solution to this.

    Translators are pretty inaccurate even DEEPL has lots of translation errors, I will always type in English if people post in an other language in my threads which STILL HAPPENS, I will just quote them and tell them I have no idea what they are on about imo this is plain respectless, very rude and this is also why I rarely post here, because I still think that non-German people are not really welcome here.

    It's just how some treat us, not saying everyone does, it's just these cases that just are annoying and they casn send people to leave or go full inactive.
    Yea I was born in Netherands and no my German is absolute trash, my Australian/American English is perfect thus I stick to that.
    it is what it is.

    for English forum I moved to, there I go as Gold leader :)…tation-from-1999.1799857/

    They love retro & new-gen builds, plus I am actually enjoying that place, my friend Mahigan aka ElMoIsEviL from x-3dfx linked me it and yeaps great place and great people :)
    And at Facebook x-3dfx is very active we have tons of good topics ogoing on about new 3dfx retro builds and what not :)

    Yea3840x2400p I can also do with VSR on my 1920x1200p panel but then no FSAA is of need so some games tend to run very well, my best experience was with Alien Isolation when I had the Dual 12 Core OpteronMP 6180SE D1 it ran at 3840x2400x32 with FSAA x8 + AF x16 at 120 fps max, that game had a limit some how lol
    All 24 cores were used that gave the V64 a nice boost.

    Never tried it with the Ryzen 9 5900X tho, I should got lots more, not sure iif VSR will allow 5K for 16:10 that would result a reso of 5120x3200p, that would be the reso Idd want for a new 16:10 panel, just hard to find sadly.

    So I decided to go for the 30" HS-IPS panl from HP that does 2560x1600x32 @ 60Hz as native reso, this would be nice to have.

    I am still using my HPZR24w :)

    it does 1920x1200x32 at 6Hz it's enough for me the replacement will be it's bigger 30" brother that does 2560x1600x32, I just can't stand 16:9 so 16:10 all the way for me.

    With AMD VSR I could even sert that to 4K if I wanted but nah, I'm prefer native reso's just waalways worked best for me, my Nitro+ RX vega 64 runs like a champ even that it has been 5.4 years in service, it's the best graphics card I ever usedall because it's mature and robust, basically trouble free.
    SO with that at my side I am basially saving moneythan wasting it in tech I probabaly will never use.

    The world is very diifferent these days everything costs like a damn limb to by especially graphics cards they use excuses like inflation andf low stock yet their have plenty of stock piles and they don't need to drive up prices like theyare doing.

    I paid 1162 euros for my parts eventho back in 2014 it would of been much less around 600 euros, you are almost paying double these days and for disabled people like me withalow income it's hard to eep up to date, this is the first decent system updgrade I did in a timelapse of 11 years and 4 months, it's rediculous really.

    Well the 7900 XT the top model willdraw 450 Watts the protottypes do this chance is large the production boards will aim under the 380 watts area for max board power.

    NV's top dog GPU for the RTX 4090 seires will consume600 to 700 watts these cards are also highly over clocked to keep up with AMD's much more power efficient designs, we already are seeing this with RDNA2.

    I won't be taking NVIDIA for a long time now, so far AMD has been coming up with far better power efficient designs than any other on the market.
    Also I'd also avoid taking on them RTX 30 seris of cards many of them are running in to low performance issues goes for all RTX 3090, 3080 Ti, 3080 and even 3090 Ti boards, they just won't give more than 50% perfoamnce due to constantrunning at high workloads, here some articles ina forum going on about this terrible issue:

    Many users of these RTX 30 series of cards are running in to low fps walls, a friend of mine showed me these results from random users froma forum he has been part of for many years:

    Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti:…ps-low-gpu-usage.1794438/

    Gigabyte RTX 3080:…ue-low-gpu-usage.1797850/

    Gigabyte RTX 3090:…g-power-properly.1798015/

    EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3…-having-problems.1799480/

    My friend explains the following:

    Over time they start to get a low GPU usage issue, their performance drop and the cards refuse to boost.They essentially appear and they burn themselves out.

    They're overclocked to high, hence the high power usage.Companies used to keep cards under 300W, NVIDIA went way beyond that to compete with RDNA2

    Basically running their silicon at clocks that the silicon isn't really designed to manage, this rersults high power usage and very high temps.
    in the long run the hardware simply burns out.
    My friend did say he could not prove this himself but then again more and more reports are being made of this issue, so either way I sm sure this is something bad going on.

    So yea RDNA2 will never have this issue neither will RDNA3 :)

    These are far better designs when it comes to power efficiency, this also explains why OC results with RTX cards are mostly bad, as theyare already running at their max speeds.

    So yea I too went offtopic eventho I thought it was valid to add :)

    But hat you can do is if you want a stronger CPU a Ryzen 9 5950X might be something up your alley, the B550 & X570 can both consume a max of 128GB DDR4 memory, so this can always be an idea iif you want to make some kind of hybrid, if a Ryzen 9 5900X3D becomes a thing I'd csurely choose for a CPU of that class.

    Well got some good news forus AM4 people then since we are still goig to get new AM4 CPU's!
    one of my bestr contacts from FB that has the latests resources on such things told me my guess is that we might see a Ryzen 9 5900X3D & Ryzen 5 5600X3D, just to fill up this ZEN3+lineup, anyways once I get more news of these new ZEN3+ puppies I too might lean forward on getting one, not sure if a 5950X3D will happen, but hey never say never.

    What also would be nice are ZEn4 CPU's for AM4 users, this would really make my day, but yea we gotta see what comes next :)
    And don't be sorry I was the one that misread yaat the start so it's fine and I get the frustrations for that they did fuck that up big time so I get why you being upset.

    And hey thanks as the SSD's and the PSU go I just like to use high grade materials as I always have with them Dual Opteron builds from the past, cheaping out has never been a thing of my liking tbh.
    Currently Gigabyte makes the best mainboards for ZEN3 & ZEN3+ CPU's but as graphics cards go always gonna go for Sapphire Nitro+ based Radeons, imma see what RNDA3 will bring us, by that time my Nitro+ RX Vega 64 will be 6.2 years of age, a lovely time to replace it with something RDNA3 based a radeon 7800 XT or 7900XT I'll see what comes around :)

    At least the base parts of the build are done, as for the MX5000 2TB it's fantastic, it's been in service since 2019, best SSD I ever bought.
    And now it's running with actual SATA III speeds over SATA II sepeeds it's like twice as fast now lmao :topmodel::bonk::topmodel:
    Even my old Corsair Force3 240GB from 2014 is doing better than ever haha

    What pissed me with the Ripper was the fact that they never gave Zen 2 to the TR4 guys. They just left them there to rust, while deploying Zen 2 on sTRX40 instead. Then they promised it'd be a "long-lived Platform this time". Only to pull the same shit stunt again by not dropping Zen 3 onto STRX. Instead, they scratched the entire HEDT market, abandoning in and binding to the OEM workstation market. Same tech, much higher prices, much higher profit margins.

    Also, all the original people who created that product line aren't even on the Threadripper team at AMD anymore. Now "Threadripper Pro" is just another Xeon or EPYC. Power users are left in the dust, either they have to downgrade to slower, cheaper hardware which won't get the job done as well, or they'd have to bite the bullet and buy twice as much for nearly the same shit. That's what pisses me off. Their marketing strategy does. With chip production capacities limited, they just drop lower profit-margin markets and throw the chips at higher, professional ones. Breaking their promises in the progress, and not even saying a word about it either.

    Don't like the attitude, and makes AMD look worse in my eyes now, even if it may make sense from an economical perspective. But it's not the "cool" and "awesome" thing to do and to impress no crowd with.

    After re-reading your post and also whata friend told me I do get you furstrations with AMD pulling this off all I can think of is that the classic Threadripper CPU's were not pofittable enough enough for them to continue them and it is true they were not hot sellers like RYZEN & EPYC are for their user groups.

    Threadrippers were pretty expensive for what they offer but I do agree that threadripper Pro is just over the top, you may as well go fora Dual 16 or 24 Core EPYC build and you might still be cheaper off in that sense.
    But yea I do understand your frustrations now or I am trying, I misread people easilly sorry for that heh

    What other options are they arnyway? Ryzen 9 5950X maybe or you gonna see what ZEN4 does?
    I just don't see intel offering anything better either, it's like hitting some kind of moot point, which would be very frustrating.
    Sadly copanies will only mass produce something if it's profittable, Intel AMD or ARM it won't matter who, that is what I think what is the cause.

    Whelp I can't see Intel doing any better with their 300+ watt CPU's and that are only their desktop line and who knows what their workstation/server line would do, most likely more

    ZEN3 Threadripper = Threadripper Pro 5000 series, yea it's a change AMD made, they probbaly have good reasons for it, then again it is what it is.…core-for-oem-workstations

    Yet all I am doing is trying to show my new build, all of that TR stuff has utterly nothing to do with it, yet it kind of went in this direction I do not understand why that is all so relevant... sorry that AMD annoyed you then again theya re a copmpany and if they can find a way to make more coin they will do it, even if peple aren't going to like it, Intel has done this many times every new CPU they bring out adds a socket change lol..

    But yea all of this is not relevant to my build, personally I never cared for the TR series, just too damn expensive, got better things to focus on ;)

    So Ryzen 9 is the way to go for me, it's not 2CPU but yea for me everything new-gen is expensive...

    Well, not everybody needs massive hot-plug-capable RAID arrays, but yeah, that's why I dropped the TYR. But the rest is neat (in my book, subjectively).

    Any reason why you took the 5900X and not the 5800X3D? Performance per Euro, maybe?

    Well in SMP related tasks the Ryzen 9 5900X beats the 5800 X3D realy easily and it's still faster than the 5950X in games and it's cheaper than a 5800X3D as well, it's the ideal in between choice all that for just 399 Euro's, which is a good deal here in the Netherlands.
    This was the best price I could fiind for a ryzen 9 500X thatw as ins tock, as for Intel I am never impressed what they bring out, you just pay more and get much less, as for Threadripper yea they are kind of behind with those, just go Dual EPYC if going that direction, for a Workstation Dual 16, 32 or 64 core CPU's go crazy and enjoy that instead, no more limits either.

    With ZEN4 Genoa coming around you can have Dual 128 core /256 Theread CPU's ina single mainboard and have 12channel DDR5-6000 ECC REG per CPU as well, things are gonna be exciting in 2CPU land.

    As for the 5800X3D these are around 500 Euros I got the 5900X for 100 euros less, for around 400 Euros and that difference just makes it more worth my coin and sicne I don't always game SMP workloads will still be faster and Iam paying less too, a win win scenario that is and due to that the Ryzen 9 5900X is the most wanted ZEN3 CPU because it has an ideal spot for all round workloads.

    There are Harddrives missing ....

    HDD will only slow this system down so only SSD's for me

    As seen in the first post ;)

    Corsair Force3 240GB SSD as main boot disk

    Micron Crucial MX500 2TB SSD as game disk

    if I want more space I'll put them M.2 NVMe bays in to use 2x 4TB Crucial M.2 SSDs in RAID 0 that should be helpful.
    Or just add in more MX500 2TB SSD's I'll see, but so far yea I am really happy with this setup.

    Yea everyone has different tastes which is fine, it does all I need to really, the rest of my post is the 2nd post, it's late and Ia m tired ah well.

    Nice cards but not ideal for gaming keep in mind only the AGP models came with 256Bit DDR memory interfance, these PCI-X models sadly only have 64Bit DDR memory interface, many people tend to ignore than and find out they suck in games, that is more than to state the obvious due to the low ram bus of 64Bit lol

    Also English in my thread would be highly repescted, so I know wtf is going on, lmao :bonk:

    What I can do is post my Parhelia Driver Archive here, might be interesting for some to look into, this will take a moment.

    Here something else I worked on recently, anew gen system since the Dual 12 core Opteron Died duerinjg the cleaning process as dust particles landed in the sockets this fried the CPUs and sadly it's 11.4 year life ended.

    So I had to get new gear and this is what I went for major thanks go to Issa Richard La Rose for helping me out sorting out the correct parts and the other main thanks go to my dad for helping me fund the build.

    Valkyrie 2022

    12 Core AMD Ryzen 9 5900, 12 ZEN3 Cores / 24 Threads @ 3.7 Ghx Base & 4.8Ghz Turbo, 768KB L1, 6MB L2 & 64MB L3 Cache.

    Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4

    Noctua NF-12 PWM , an extra 120mil fan for the CPU cooler

    Gigabyte Aorus B550 Elite AX V2 Rev 1.00 for Socket AM4 + Latest Bios.

    4x 8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RT 32GB PC-28800 aka DDR4-3600

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster X AE-5 Plus Dedicated sound card for 32 bit digital Audio with 384khz sound quality

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX Vega 64 PCI-E 8GB 2048Bit HBM2

    Corsair Force3 240GB SSD as main boot disk

    Micron Crucial MX500 2TB SSD as game disk

    Plextor PX-950SA BluRay RW Drive for Single & Dual Layer BR disk

    Lian Li TYR PC-X2000B + Lian Li W-X2000B Window kit both 1 of 200 made worldwide

    SeaSonic Platinum X 1000 EPS 12V + 24V PSU

    Windows 10 Professional x64 UK

    AMD Adrenalin 22.5.1 WHQL

    Here some pics of the mainboard:

    It runs like a dream and my Nitro+ RX Vega 64 still does a wonderful job, so I didn't feel like replacing it yet, even it's been in servicer for the past 5 years and 4 months :)
    The Creative Labs Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus is really an amazing little card it's 32 Bit 384Khz Sound quality mode is truly amazing especially with my Sennheiser PC-360 G4ME headsert
    So for games & music I use the AE-5 and for discrd I use the Realtek ALC 1200 at the same time, there are also no conflicts, this way both workloads are neatly divided :)

    Here my Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX Vega 64's rear backplate compared to that of the Creative AE-5 Plus, they have a similar pattern so they ggo well together as well by having a similar style:

    And my old system mainboard and it's CPU's & ram I placed in my VGA table after giving it a nice clean and rearrange :)

    A nice resting place I thought, enjoy the photos of course 8)
    And yea ZEN3 is bloody amazing.

    Hey Anthony, please sell a card to this guy. I vouch for him, he is honest.

    sure, no doubts

    Yea backfire is one of the best here at VA if not the most reliable person I know, he deserves one of your cards for all he has done here, glad to see you got things sorted out Anthony :respekt::respekt:

    Hey Anthony, please sell a card to this guy. I vouch for him, he is honest.

    +7 for ths :)