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    Well Gold Leader, if you really achieved now that Anthony left this topic, thank you in the name of the 99% of VA that opposed your opinion (this was ironic, you said before you cannot detect that usually). VA is actually the forum where things go forward thanks to constructive criticism.

    Your way to argue is very immature because at least every second phrase contains emotional components, which does not fit any kind of constructive discussion. In my job I am reviewing scientific applications that go into millions of € and if someone starts arguing emotionally in front of the panel, this means there is a subjective component in arguments that should always remain objective and this it at least a reason to dig deeper/reject applications. So if Anthony is not listening to you, this means he is a very good developer and just taking the bit of real argument that was in your words. If your impression is that nobody is listening to you, you have to look for the mistake in yourself. The prototype is improved and you keep repeating the same BS again and again and damage this community here. In your facebook group you are able to apologize, why not here, where you do the real damage? Just compare your contribution with Anthonys and then decide what is better for 3dfx community.

    I (personal opinion now) hope that your next post is gonna be about a working prototype from your side, based on your ideas, which I will definitely consider to buy.

    Anthony, again please just try to ignore the emotional words, its not the amount of crappy posts here, there is exciting members with knowledge here (excluding myself from this list definitely).

    Yeah, ages back i had a P5WDGS WS with such a controller. Even 33MHz cards profited from being along on a bus.

    33MHz PCI was already exhausted by IDE transfers from the Southbridge. Concerning the dragging to 33MHz you are probably right, so as 99% had a Southbridge, the statement that a board is 2.1/2.2/2.3 PCI Version was just a basic statement about being backwards compatible to their own crappy onboard bridges ;)


    • Intel 440BX (Seattle) / PIIX4E (82371EB)
    • NB/SB interconnection via PCI with 133 MB/s
    • Supports FSB 66/100 (66/100 MHz SDR)
    • Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
    • Supports Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP)
    • Supports Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1)
    • Supports up to AGP 2x (AGP 1.0, 3.3V)
    • Supports PCI v2.1
    • Supports ISA
    • Supports up to UDMA33

    That´s ironic ;) The SB 82371EB PIIX4E can only do 33MHz...unsolder that crap :steinigung:

    Anthony, keep up the great work. A long mistery for me is why PCI cards can´t get the 66Mhz that was implemented with PCI 2.0 specs in 1996. Even a really old Asus P2B is specified as 2.1. When one uses Dos HWutils, they will tell you your slot can do 66MHz but i never found an actual card (3.3V/32bit) making use of this.

    Second thing, don´t get bored here in this forum because of Gold Leader, he is one individual. I am convinced that 99% of people in VA know and value this project and give it the credit it deserves (and not just emotional complaining with sparks of constructive criticism).

    In the end our hobby and VA need people like you, taking things to a new level! IMHO this is the greatest thing achieved since the first 6ks showed up here. In these years (GATs Göttin/hard::overclock, aso), we all have to keep in mind that even 3dfx engineers only build faulty 6ks that Hank had to fix and yours work straight away.

    +1, don´t take one statement too serious, please.

    Hobbies like ours rely on invention and investment, like many other hobbies do as well. IMHO, it is shortsighted to be against this kind of cool experiments, as they also build up crucial knowledge to fix the original cards. Backfire´s resurrection and repair clearly (and scientifically) now analyzed that the end of useable lifetime for all unmodified Voodoo (VSA100 and others) cards is close. Furthermore, improvement like his new power circuitry help preserve original cards and might in conjunction with Anthony´s solution result in even better future circuitry. And as in any other hobby, that depends on real experts showing up, analyzing and solving (!) problems. Imagine, no old timer car would still be around, if one would rely on original spare parts (i am not talking about brake pads here, but even hand carved cylinders/blocks) and in-depth reconstruction and engineering.

    In terms of pricing, the V5 6k would have been the absolute flagship of this time and the V5 55k was 250€ (500DM) in stores. Price for a 6k back in 2000 was supposed 600$ (with 2% inflation correction over 20y that would be 910€). A price of 1500€ for Anthonys cards today is thus cheap and in my eyes totally justified for expertise, materials and especially with regard to what collectors pay for the originals.

    And in the end, as GAT always points out: It´about the 3dfx gaming experience, which unarguably can´t be guaranteed without surgical help/improvements anymore without risking the originals.

    Wow, that's just awesome work. We had, and i even think to remember to have initiated that many years ago, already threads fantasizing about this (V5 6000 rebuild Heissluft Thread :)). Original thread seems lost, maybe during forum migration.

    In any case, the old Mandela saying come true once again: It always seemed impossible until its done.

    I will definitely consider a buy, please let us know more.

    @Goldleader: You would have made a great german citizen. Finding the 'grain of salt' in everything great is our superskill! (nowadays even with providing a practivcally working solution/not unsustainable fantasy)

    Hey guys, i need your help. I need your help to enter the DescentBB Forum. I am absolutely not descent expert and they ask, a probably easy, question as flooding protection. Could you help me with the image and the list? Thanks a is to get my FFPro up and running again with Win10, but i got some jittering problems i wanna ask the experts there that develop the Gameport/USB Adapter.

    Thx in advance,