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    You know how it's when it's New Year's Eve and you have somthing to do, but the streets are filled with people playing around with fireworks.

    I have found a solution ;)

    Happy New Year's Eve to all of you!

    Even I can be a idiot sometimes.

    Have tried around with quite a few drivers, and to my big suprise is it the latest (and final) 391.35 that works best with the setup, both with SLI enabled and Disabled. Éven beating the 314.22 version that was know to be the best fermi driver.
    Have ran a few benchmarks but decided not to share it since i can see the CPU is running at 80%+ and properly doing a lot of bottlenecking, a few threads go to 100% almost constantly. So have to mod the board to support Westmare processors or track up some 980x or 990x i7's.

    Metro benchmark with everything enabled on max 1080p have avarage 60-62 fps. And the Valley benchmark with HDExtreme preset does 54fps avarge. Also pretty sure it will be another result with better processor the feed the beasts.

    Edit: So will only make graphs and stuff when i have good results, This i7 920 processor does not reflect the true performance of 4-way SLI.

    Lets not start a debate about somthing personal between two friends, it's not about rights. Its about telling a friend that he thinks it's a bad idea.
    I just personally dont like the idea if the benchmark tool became so popular that the QUantum3D software are used on all mainstream computers. When everybody can see a silly Riva TNT2 beating a 2000$ Mercury system may it take the intrest or respect away from the original Quantum3D hardware. Wich was why i asked.
    Shit got down and world is still fine, so personally have let this go long ago and couldnt care less now. No reason to debate somthing that happend in the past. As allready told i'm sorry and it was totally undeserved - End of debate.

    Ah well no worries about them backplates just kinda lame for you unfriending and blocking me afterwards, but hey must of been your way of overreacting even that the CEO of Quantum3D gave me permission to share them files as I have asked them politely ;)

    Ah well hope these cards do you well I guess?

    Sorry for overreacting, thoe it wasn't all cuz of the files, asked you poloitely to not throw it around all over the internet since it take the charm from having a mercury if the opengvs demo became a mainstream benchmarking tool usen on any videocard.
    The reason i blocked was i found your reply a little insulting. But removed the blocking few days later. Only saw your message on Voodooalert when you also allready had blocked me there.
    I admit i overreacted and you didnt deserve it.

    Yes the cards serve me well, i nfact writing on the PC right now. Will be my main rig for a short while (or until i get a heart attack looking at the electricity bill)

    Heilige Scheiße aber warum nicht auf Quadro 6000 gegangen?

    Dich mach ich für die Erderwärmung verantwortlich, Spaß bei Seite, aber das ist ja echt eine über krasse Setup!

    Nö brauch nicht, nö will nicht, aber dennoch verrückt das so zu sehen!

    Must agree, not exacly a PC i want to use in ANY way. Nice to look at, but NOT nice to sit around with, the noise and electricity bill make you insane!
    Muss zustimmen, nicht gerade ein PC, den ich auf irgendeine Weise verwenden möchte. Schön anzuschauen, aber NICHT schön zum Sitzen, der Lärm und die Stromrechnung machen Sie verrückt!

    Honestly you can't hear the cards, have placed a HUGE server fan in the front that kills every creative thought you might have. The fan came from a 8 socket IBM xSeries 445 server. And actually had that shape by default, no cutting. Fitted right in!!! :D
    Under OS install did i have to close all doors and go to the room in the oppesite end of the house to not go fully insane.

    Ehrlich gesagt, Sie können die Karten nicht hören. Sie haben einen HUGE-Serverlüfter in den Vordergrund gestellt, der jeden kreativen Gedanken, den Sie haben, zerstört. Der Lüfter stammte von einem IBM xSeries 445-Server mit 8 Sockeln. Und eigentlich hatte diese Form standardmäßig keinen Schnitt. Richtig eingebaut !!! : D

    Unter OS install musste ich alle Türen schließen und in den Raum am anderen Ende des Hauses gehen, um nicht völlig verrückt zu werden.

    Haha, my cards all have backplates wich block the air even more, so heating is a fun factor, thoe i think my fan does a pretty good job compensating the decreased airflow.
    Will post some benchmarks, but first have to find the most optimal drivers, also would be nice if you could help me with getting results for modern cards for comparison. :)

    Haha, meine Karten haben alle Backplates, die die Luft noch mehr blockieren. Heizen ist also ein Spaßfaktor. Ich denke, dass mein Lüfter eine ziemlich gute Arbeit leistet, um den verringerten Luftstrom auszugleichen.

    Postet einige Benchmarks, muss aber zunächst die optimalsten Treiber finden, es wäre auch schön, wenn Sie mir helfen könnten, Ergebnisse für moderne Karten zum Vergleich zu erhalten. :)


    Just finished this build this weekend, my 2010 gaming setup, almost all the hardware is from 2010.

    EVGA X58 Classified
    I7 920
    24Gb Kingston HyperX 1600mhz
    4x EVGA GTX 480 + Backplates
    Cooler Master M2 Silent Pro 1500W
    HP 1920x1200 (16:10) IPS

    Big thanks to GoldLeader for helping me with getting GTX480 cards and donate backplates.
    The CPU ofcourse have to be upgraded, have two E5645 i could throw in, but would rather save up to a I7 980x or X5690.

    Will have to go to bed here soon, but will try some benchmarks and mordern games, and see how well it keeps up, thoe i done expect GTX 480 (or 4 way SLI for that matter) to be "Fine-Wine" :)


    Saw that card on ebay, really nice little article, good to see a few benchmarks! might wanna try to compare it to my V4 PCI in UT.
    I wonder if the VSA 101 chips supported SLI in the specs :/


    Hab diese Karte bei Ebay gesehen, wirklich nette kleine Artikel, gut um ein paar Benchmarks zu sehen, vielleicht möchte ich versuchen, sie mit meiner V4 PCI zu vergleichen um UT.

    Ich frage mich, ob die VSA 101 Chips SLI in den Spezifikationen unterstützen :/

    3dfx Voodoo5 9000 - 32 Way SLI Monster

    Some of you might remember 3dfx wich who ruled the graphics card industry back in the late 90's. Their latest chip the VSA100 had a max spec of 32 way SLI, thoe such setup have never ben seen, well not until now!
    The Voodoo5 9000 have 32 VSA100 chips clocked at 166mhz stacked together in greatest 3dfx style to be able to compete against Nvidias Geforce2 Ultra. The cards cooling is so perfectly dimensioned that it even makes a GeForce FX 5800 Ultra cry!
    The mastepiece supports the state of the art Glide3 and can screw your image up with all the alphabet's diffrent kinda buffers and blurs.
    Because of gobal warming concerns where this card never released to the public and this is the only replica not yet locked up at area 51.

    Let me present you - The Voodoo5 9000


    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    So insanely crazy he managed to do it, remember his Voodoo1 3 TMU layout:
    [Blocked Image:]

    Personally i would really have loved to see a V2 with 3 TMU's, he should really team up with our dear 3dfxtweaker and make one crazy V2 board. Could donate a partly defective 200SBi if he could use it to design one crazy "200SBI" like board with more VRAM or 3 TMU's. A rich idiot would give 800-1000usd for the raw PCB, im not rich thoe, but i'm an idiot, wich kinda quaify. :topmodel:

    Can see why some vould love V5 based boards rather than V2. :steinigung:
    Will edit hotlink when i get home

    My black boards have 04 BIOS and my green ones have 06 BIOS
    But black 200SBi boards with universal PCI comes with 05 BIOS, i have never seen a 200SBI with lower BIOS than 04. Know Gary has a prototype, but don't think he will let it go :)

    The Obisidian2 drivers was a example and only should be used if you wanna put your 200SBI in a Windows 98 machine etc... I also use the ones from Gary, wich BTW are the same as Falconfly have/had. Also uses Garys game pack, great for OpenGL games.

    Yes, it might be the PCI-PCI bridges that your board dont like, same PCI bridges does 100SB,200SB,200SBI,X-24 and V56k Intel also use. I once had a 200Sb in my 0008 version of l440gx. But not sure if it was in the first two slots or not. Will try that when i get the time. Could be the 0008 version in general. My mercury system is from 1999 but still uses a early 0006 board, if that was cuz Quantum3D bought a larger stock of them, idont know. Just seem to always be 0006 in mercury systems for some reason.

    You can check the firmware revision on the back, i educated guess would be that your boards have 546-0014-04 formware as most black boards had, only a very few black boards came with 05 firmware. The green boards all have 06 firmware.

    I think on the forst revision "04" 200SBI boards are unrecognizable from 200SB boards. Once read some Quantum3D referance in a driver, that first 200SBi boards requred rework to make them woth with regular Obisidian2 drivers. Still have a hard time searching it up again.
    But what i think, is that slot 0 to 3 are hardcoded in the driver for the early boards, and that may be the reason for them toi not work on other boards. Softreality thoe came with SuperMicro boards, and the Mercury brick was also installed on those, but dont know their firmware, the only thing i know is that the two SoftReality Mercury systems known to date all have the problem with only wanna work in swap-plock not "Obisidian2 MgM 96" mode. Wich in my theory is cuz they used special drivers designed for those systems/slots. So when the harddrives was removed, and reinstalled with the default drivers. That they dont work. Im getting a SoftReality Mercury system home this month and have to test the theory, see if thay work on a l440gx board.

    So before doing too mutch testing i would make sure the first two slots works first. Sadly cannot see my boards firmware, but i see its a revision 06. Also have a 08 board laying around thoe. My Jumper settings are the same as yours.


    I have two L440GX boards, one of them the original from the Mercury. I think it will be more easy for you to show your Jumper settings, instead og all of us have to show you ours.

    If i understand your german translation thingy right do you also have some truble with having cards in the fitst slots? Will that say that you dont have the brick in the four first slots?!? It's even written in the manual that the brick only works in slot 0-3. Pretty suprised if you have started baking the cards before making your motherboard work with the correct slots.
    The L440GX slot 0 to 3 thingy is only for Rev4 200SBI cards, but yours also Rev4...

    Before baking too mutch, please get that board working first, didnt you have two boards? Pretty sure you once told that. Maybe try to swap it.

    Here is an old quote from 3dfx-Tweaker he once send me over PM.


    PS: I read an Q3D add for the 200SBI stating that it supported 66mhz
    pci, however all cards use the Intel (Digital) 21150-AA (or AB) PCI-PCI
    bridge chip which supposedly only supports 33mhz. The 21150-BC does
    support 66mhz (used on the intel V5 6K version).

    But my board works with 200SBI boards in the first slots, so think it anyway might be your board. Will tomorrow find the BIOS version. Have just bought a second mercury system, will have to test it. If i get it to work right, can i as told make a deal for my spare AA module/risers. Just have multiple people intrested in it so dont påomise anything as of yet.

    Viel Glück! In US-Foren hatte ich die mit Medusa-Kabel kürzlich 800 USD gesehen...egal. Hab auch noch eine hier mit Medusa, aber unter 500 gebe ich die nicht ab.

    Making a Medusa cable is real simple, if you don't even wanna go the lengths to make a silly cable. Then you should not even get a 200SBI in the first place.
    I have two homemade Medusa cables and one original. If you don't wanna bid cuz of the cable can you also just get a guy to make one for you. :)
    I'm not bidding higher than 300usd.