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    Work draft under construction

    Hello everybody,

    i open this Thread which will be dedicated to Anthony's future creation.

    Published, on the developer page, the first images of the next version of the new video card that is being designed in the AGP version.

    I start from this Iterview with the Developer and Enthusiast of the 3dfx World, released on March 4, 2021:

    Special Unified Xcelerator 6000 Original Drawings Prototype

    Hi Anthony and welcome to the community.

    It has been a while since our last meeting.

    It was May 8, 2020 and you were struggling with the construction of the 2D video module for Quantum3D x24.

    The interview from that time can be read in the Thread dedicated to the: King Shaman 20MB & MGV2020 4MB 2D Video Module Review

    What work do you currently do and what impact has this period of restrictions had on your professional, private life and on your creations?

    • Currently I'm doing work which i don't like much. I'm assembling some cards. That strange period doesn't impact my activities much. Most annoying part is unpredictable shipping time in some cases and raising prices. Really, not much to complain about.

    In the previous interview, I asked you about your future projects and you answered with a metaphor, which corresponded to a "No Comment". Did you know that, with your latest creation, you were facing a great success or a great failure?

    • I expected minor success, maybe partly working board. But reality exceeded my expectations, everything went fine from the first attempt. Only minor errors in strapping configurations I've encountered. I got lucky with my big cards (King Shamans and this one), every project causes no troubles for me. Bigger is better.

    With your latest creation, which you dubbed Napalm 6000 S.U.X. , thanks to the 3dfx voodoo5 6000 Agp 128MB offered for your research by our friend, you have performed a non-destructive Reverse Engineering, even if the video card was hopelessly not working.

    Maybe because you had one of the latest Original Prototypes created by 3dfx in your hands?

    • Name for that project will be Special Unified Xcelerator 6000, at least for the first production batch. There will be a special box with a custom art. Actually, i had a chance to get my hands on a fully functional V56K card, what helped a lot. I did some measurements with an oscilloscope, which were impossible on a non-working card. V56K has some tricky solutions, it was pretty hard for me to figure out some of these.

    With this unofficial Remake prototype of the 3dfx voodoo5 6000 Agp 128MB, which I would define as “your personal interpretation” of how this video card should be for you, you have completely changed, once again, the layout of the original pcb and components.

    Can you describe the difficulties you have encountered, the improvements you have made and obtained with this release of yours?

    • Layout of that card is close to the original V56K, except the power supply unit and a VGA switcher. No way to make something different, even if i had such intentions. Components are the same too, except these parts, once again. No significant difficulties i have encountered while PCB routing, all went quite smooth and in a pleasant way, no thrilling stories to tell. I think it's because i did other VSA based projects before and got some background and experience. Evident improvement is the existence of mounting holes for coolers, maybe a power unit too. Also this card has less banding effect rather than original V56K, you know infamous SLI banding which is very well visible in helicopter test in 3DMark2000.

    Was the Pci Rework, performed by Hank Semenec, ex 3dfx Engineer, to make the original 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Agp 128MB prototypes working, also necessary on your latest creation and implemented in the Napalm 6K scheme?

    • I’ve made PCI clocks routing in a proper way, i believe it’ll work fine. Anyway, some tests are still in progress and we’ll see upcoming results.

    In this last period, you will be inundated with compliments for your new creation.

    But, at the same time, you also received a lot of criticism. In your opinion, why is part of the community and 3dfx fans against these creations of yours?

    • I didn’t see a lot of criticism. To make a criticism you should familiarize yourself with a subject, make some tests or something like that, at least to read or to watch such results from other people. Otherwise it should be called a "mere words".

    Now that you have almost reached the top of the pyramid, do you believe that your attention will shift elsewhere or are you going to see "how it works", just for personal knowledge or to learn useful new information, the Rampage series and the Daytona series, the latter two. chimeras ever made by 3dfx?

    • I still have a couple of projects in development. Not so exciting as a 4 chip board thou. Daytona sounds interesting, no chips available unfortunately. Rampage is a useless thing, there’s even no proper drivers, as far as i know.

    In your opinion, communities like and, which for more than 20 years "support" at its own expense, as you did with your projects, this technology created over 20 years ago by the late 3dfx, what impact they have had on your training and in expanding your knowledge?

    • I like activities on such forums which took place about 10-15 years ago. A lot of interesting things, benchmarking, mods, new drivers, etc. I began with modding in 2014, i believe. But these days interest is fading. Maybe my projects will help a little bit to warm up some interest to 3dfx creations. Personally, I'd like to see some software development.

    Anthony, I don't ask you one last question, but I leave you this last part for your spontaneous statements.

    • Will continue to develop my latest project. Have plans to make an AGP version too. Have plans to make some fancy package. Still a lot of work to offer a good product and things are moving slower than i expected. Hope, eventually, all puzzles will be solved and people will be pleased.
    • Big thanks to all non-indifferent and enthusiastic people.

    Anthony, we Congratulate you for your achievement and for the results achieved with your creations.

    Now, with your creations, you are an integral part of the "3dfx Post Mortem Story".

    I hope this is not the last time we find ourselves talking about this wonderful technology, because we would like to discuss it for a long time to come.

    Special thanks

    We thank Anthony (zx-c64) for being with us and for granting us this new interview.

    Thanks to the Voodooalert Community and all its Collaborators for letting me publish this new Thread.

    Francesco D.V. (ciacara)

    Meine Karte ist Heute angekommen. Mehr Bilder im 3DFX Bilder Thread.

    Die Kupferkühler bringen doch schon ordenlich Gewicht, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Die Karte muss auf jeden Fall abgestützt werden..

    Laut Anthony soll sie 195Mhz machen, sind ja VSA Rev 320 drauf. Dafür danke nochmal Löschzwerg

    Leider schaffe es wohl erst nächstes Wochenende die Karte ausführlich zu testen, muss morgen arbeiten:thumbdown:

    Hi Maniac81 ,

    I'm really, really happy for you! Congratulations! :thumbup:

    We look forward to some tests and / or Benchmarks.

    A "Monster with VSA-100 320" ...=O :love:

    If I remember correctly, Anthony , having assembled it, was really excited and regretted that he couldn't build many with this VSA 320 chip.

    Of course GrandAdmiralThrawn , I understand the initial shock, but it's all clear now ...;)

    For everything else, Anthony has taken all necessary precautions to carry out his plans. He was also contacted by some Partners for the realization of some personalized "things". But if he wants to talk about it, and if things go well, he will do it directly at the right time.

    Hi GrandAdmiralThrawn ,

    I understand the perplexities but the reference is to the Robocop Film, it is the first thing that came to my mind when I learned about the name a few months ago, referring to the "Special Edition" of this version. It is one of the films I loved the most and I immediately remembered it as soon as I heard about this name.

    Some references:

    Then, it is understood that the beauty of things is in the eye of the beholder. If the viewer believes it is the "Sucks 6000" it will remain for him.

    For me it is the S.U.X. 6000 "Big is back. Because bigger is better!":spitze:

    Great RoboCop, a film that I love that belongs to my childhood, and this New Video Card is great too. :)

    To understand well, "some" things must be made public.

    The anger is there, and it is great, because this speech was addressed in February, in private on FB, between the developer and the author of this Thread.

    To the answer: "I thank you very much for the suggestions you gave me but my project continues as I thought it" some retaliation was unleashed:

    1) Banned the developer from the FB channel by the author of this Thread without reason and without consulting the co-founders of the FB channel, even if the contrary was publicly stated.

    2) Statements highly, seriously "OFFENSIVE" towards the developer and those who support him, written in "PRIVATE GROUP", stupidly forgetting that many members of this FB channel are good friends of Anthony and my Friends, deleted a million times on "RECALL", but rewritten again and again, as if something could be deleted on the web without leaving a trace or without leaving an "IMAGE" of what was written initially.

    3) Public and "PRIVATE" contact with collectors / enthusiasts, some "VERY" wealthy, of 3dfx graphics cards, foolishly forgetting, for the umpteenth time, that many collectors and enthusiasts of this FB channel and other channels are good friends of Anthony and my friends, to make the "vsa-100 220" chips "UNAVAILABLE" on the world market by making "BULK PURCHASES", all this to make the "vsa-100 220" chips unavailable, as happened with the chips " Vsa-100 320 ", and not give the developer the possibility to continue with his projects and creations ... I believe that just" THINKING "about such a thing is an indication that there are serious underlying problems.

    4) Boycott these creations in all possible and imaginable ways, personally interpreted by the author of this thread and by those who, like him, do not agree with the creation of these projects ... is the classic example of the Proverb "the enemy of mine enemy becomes my FRIEND "... and this Thread is an" EXAMPLE ", because written by a" wolf disguised as a LAMB ", which attracts the attention of a person interested in the subject with the title:" Anthony's Voodoo5 6000 remake project, Seems exciting for sure! " (also changed to "ATTRACT"), which finds quite the opposite within the discussion Thread, with Feedback Loops, repeating again, again and again ... which personally defends the "NVIDIA Copyright", after have declared several times publicly, just do a google search with one of the "NICKNAME" of the author of this Thread (even if they will be deleted they will still remain on the WEB) "HATE" towards this company for what it did in the 3DFX comparisons.

    Now defend a future buyer from "a wrong purchase", because it has defects ... and then propose a V6K for 3200 € / 3500 € (2 years ago) ... at the same time talking about consumerism, too high prices for 3dfx hardware , of capitalism ... a confusion that only those who write and say can understand.

    I have been trying to be understanding for more than a year, I understand everything, I understand everything, that I swallow bitter morsels and remain silent, that I do not react, that I try to make it clear "directly and indirectly" that the author of this Thread is doing it wrong so ... but nothing to do, it's like in a winter cold, when you think it's healed then it comes back again and more aggressive than before.

    And I stop here.

    This is not the 3dfx prototype V6k, let's get out of this topic please.

    Year 2021, May 28:

    The video card was built, initially and like all the developer's creations, for personal USE and SATISFACTION, because I can do it, I want to do it and I did it.

    a special voodoo2 was also built, just to the satisfaction of the developer, only to be kicked, because I want to do it and I do it.

    Read the interview and visit Anthony's FB page to check.

    Interview: King Shaman 20MB & MGV2020 4MB 2D Video Module Review

    FB Anthony page:

    This is the SUX6000 Pci33 / 66 Mhz, second edition prototype and not final version, designed to work on many more recent platforms and made compatible by the Riser adapter, if a person who bought it wants to exploit its full potential, on a motherboard that does not have the i850 chipset, or that does not have a PciX slot. The sale takes place because there is demand, otherwise this too will be kicked, because I can do it and I do it.

    First the dvi / hdmi problem, then the pci problem, then it's too heavy, then ... there are so many things you wrote that I don't remember them anymore.

    However, it is useless to continue explaining, talking and drawing because you don't see, you don't hear ... or you don't want to.

    You said this thing sucks from the start, since there were only rumors of a future project, and we're talking months before the first prototype is released.

    You keep writing, writing, writing that sucks. The embers go out and turn it on again. I think that's enough.

    You want it done in a different way, build your project and finally things will be done the way you want.

    But just repeat the same things, we understand, I repeat, we understand ... but now enough please, enough.

    I repeat, with all the friendships, acquaintances, contacts, you can always do one thing:

    Build your prototype.

    I hope that the discussion ends here and that we stop polluting a thread that could have become interesting, but it will be another useless discussion to read and remember.

    I hope you have now reached your highest level of satisfaction, after all it was what you wanted to achieve from the start.

    Better not to write first than to ask "SORRY" later.

    See You.

    The talking point about the bandwith increase while the PCI bus is making use of 66 MHz lead us to the point where the most performant OS would be Win9x.

    Unfortunately there are no boards available that would offer, single core, any or even sufficient Win9x support while offering a PCI-X port at the same time.

    For this reason, a PCI to Agp Riser has been created, to give the possibility to exploit the potential of the Pci33 / 66mhz version to the maximum:

    For those who bought the first series, the Napalm 6000 S.U.X., which is Pci66mhz, this adapter is free, for those who buy the second series (Pci33 / 66mhz) it is sold separately, to give the possibility to make the most of the second series too. , the S.U.X.6000, on motherboards with Pci33mhz.

    With upcoming releases, we'll see if the developer brings further changes.