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    Hi Backfire,

    I must say that your adventure is very interesting, it reminds me of many things.

    I won't go into the hourly rate, everyone is free to sell their work for what they want.

    Without going into details, and without naming names, after so many negative experiences, I prefer to ask for a small deposit which, if it is sufficient, I return the goods, if it is excessive I return the goods and the excess euros, if the expense is greater, the goods stay with me until the repair is paid in full.

    With this method, Tyrannosaurs with big heads and short arms avoid me, and I save 70% of the trouble.:adsh:

    Nice idea of the Red theme, strange that someone is not attacking you because "you have desecrated a holy relic in extinction" ...8o

    See you.:)

    Hello everybody,

    updated the first post, added the link to the New Driver Kit Ciacarhaman-1.0.


    Link--> Second part of the Review

    has been published. ;)

    If there is someone on Voodooalert who has an ObsidianQ3d 100DB, I kindly ask him to test, if he can, the New Driver Kit to confirm that it works correctly with this video card as well, and give me the opportunity to update the driver and make it official also for ObsidianQ3d 100DB.

    Thank you and I wish you a good reading.

    See you.:)

    really nice Job

    only Idea that I have is to extend the PCB to full lenght so it fits in a standard holder without the plastik "spoiler"

    and on the more PCB

    I don't know, it would be fine for Old-Case Standard, even desktop, but for more modern cases, as this card is developed and tested even on newer hardware, there may be problems.

    Let's see what Anthony thinks ;)

    The main question is:

    Should we use the spare chips for buildung and creating new cards based on the VSA100, or should we use these spares in order to repair defect original cards?

    Reading your question as a Collector, small, but still 3dfx collector, I would tell you that it would be better to use the components currently left over for future repairs. At the same time, still as a collector, I have secured a small handful of chips, two for each copy I have, for future repairs. Once this is done, and here I also reply to GrandAdmiralThrawn , seeing and knowing that it will not be a mass production, but a few copies, I answer you: for me there is nothing wrong, I agree.

    Then, this is my point of view, you can agree, or not.

    Looks pretty awesome again, just even better.

    One question: Switching to a 6-pin PCIe power connector... mh, I suppose this has been done because he expects people to plug the card into modern systems? Or maybe old systems with modern power supplies? Just wondering what the idea behind it was, as it's just a (very tiny) bit less universal.

    It is my thought, but I think your hypotheses can be correct, both because tests have been carried out, with the previous version, on more modern chipsets and motherboards, I look for the various Bugs and remedies, so we also talk about the longevity of the card and future compatibility with current and new power supplies, which may no longer have a mollex connector available.

    Again, it's my thought, maybe Anthony will be able to clarify this aspect better;)

    Hello everybody,

    Thanks to the developer Anthony and all his work team, the new version of the video card, born with the nickname Napalm 6000 SUX, risen from the ashes of the prototype 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 agp, completed and made perfectly functional, is now in its second revision. .

    Special Unified Xcelerator 6000 is the name of the new Limited Edition created by Anthony.

    But where does the name S.U.X. 6000 come from, or what does it refer to?

    Remember the 1987 Robocop Movie?

    Some references:

    "Big is back. Because bigger is better!" :spitze:

    The Limited Edition will have a serial number starting from 700001 to 700015.

    Future series of the video card will start with the 700016 series.

    You will find more information in the New Developer Interview posted in this New Thread:

    Looking forward to Anthony's New Creations with the heart managed by the technology invented by 3dfx over 20 years ago

    In the comparison photo, you can see some new features, such as:

    A new PCI-E power connector

    A Junper placed under the PCI-E power supply

    The possibility of supporting a double Chip Bios

    A Junper for the selection of the Bios

    The PCI slot compatible with the 33 and 66 Mhz standard

    These are just some of the differences that can be detected by a visual inspection.

    We look forward to the official announcement of the Developer which will take place on its dedicated page:

    S.U.X. 6000 Installation Manual:…2d9uC-QbWhoNxpF9elohal1z8

    Further updates will be added to this post.

    See you soon. :)

    P.S. All negative, positive criticisms, comments, different thoughts are welcome, but with a constructive purpose, SERIAL HATEERS are NOT welcome and are requested to comment in private, I will be able to answer them without polluting the thread, this is because the "Vase is Full of 'Water "and we must avoid dropping it on the ground, thank you.

    Thanks Marlon !

    Anyway, I'm not done with the review yet.

    I will soon post the new Kit Driver which hopefully will also be compatible with Stoned Shaman, so you can test them and tell me what you think. There will also be the second part of the tests.

    For the rest, even if the attention is not maximum, it is important that the review is done well.

    Regarding the attention, if I deserve it, they will come with the passage of time. :)

    Das ist ein 12 jähriger, der die Karte von seinem Onkel bekommen hat. :topmodel:

    Und diese jetzt für ein Fortnite Season Pass versetzen muss.

    Man merkt schließlich seine Verzweiflung in den Ausführungen. Also buy it, try it and forget it!

    Hi Marlon , you have a PM ;)

    before talking about crazy things i recommend to ask yourself, who will do the software job? this development is very expensive, i can not afford it.

    They are just conjectures and hopes.

    Maybe some programmers and some financiers will come forward to lighten the economic and programming burden.

    This also applies to current projects, I wish you so ;)

    Hello everybody,

    developer Anthony, who recently delighted us with his new creation comparable to the 3Dfx Voodoo 5 6000,

    presented the new Lost Joker 2.

    A Voodoo 3 3500 paired with a PowerVR PCX2.

    As the developer has announced, stating that "This guy loves excess temperature", it is assumed that this new video card has no Overclocking problems.

    The guaranteed minimum OC frequency for the V3 3500 chip is 183 MHz, but Anthony claims it can reach even higher frequencies with adequate cooling.

    While, for the PowerVR sector, a frequency of 66/80 Mhz can be selected.

    Among the images, you will find a Test performed with the V3 3500 @ 200mhz chip, with a P3-1400mhz cpu and 44MHz pci bus, all installed on a motherboard with i440BX chipset and a test of the PowerVR PCX2 chip clocked at 80 mhz, always with a 44 mhz bus.

    Also from the developer statements: "Although it was designed for a 5V PCI33 slot, it will easily cope with higher PCI clocks, as the regular bus speed for all components is 66 MHz. PCX2 benefits greatly from higher chip and PCI clocks. "

    For more information, there is this article on the history of the pcx / pcx2 graphics chip:

    PowerVR Pcx2 Story

    The video card is equipped with a pass-through video port, a quality that distinguishes Anthony's creations, which will allow you to connect a more powerful video card to the Lost Jocher 2. The latter will automatically handle the video signal.

    Below you will find the new Installation Manual with the new graphics chosen by the developer:

    Lost Joker 2 v1.01 Installation Manual

    Future Updates will be written in this Thread.

    See you soon. :)