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    Also, hol dir mal so ein Blau/Rotes Radiergummi oder irgendein anderes weiches Radiergummi. Nimm sowohl die Ramriegel als auch die Matrox Karte.

    Geh die goldenen Kontaktleisten damit ab. Du solltest nach der ersten Seite sehen, dass das Gold wesentlich heller aussieht wo du radiert hast. Dies machst du an allen Kontaktleisten. Vorsichtig, dass du keine Bauteile abreist.

    Weiterhin kann es sein, dass deine CPU einen weg hat.

    If i design a 250 ml water glass. And give that design to you. You use it and sell it as 350ml water glas. And it don't work for the people. Who is to blame?

    If you are selling a overclocked card, you will need a better VRM then the original design.

    Fact is that EVGA Card didn't run in the specifications that PCB was for, if they have taken the NVIDIA design 1 to 1.

    If not they have designed a bad VRM.

    In both settings they are to blame.

    I don't say NVIDIA is a good Company. I don't even see Card designs today i would want to have....

    But thier drivers are running good on my systems. Even on Linux. The never AMD Drivers won't load / start on my System and are crashing. While the older drivers are putting out 15 fps without clocking the card up.

    I can't buy a intel ARC Card. i can't even buy a MTT S60. That is the Problem here.

    Then again what ever happene to my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 which had the GP104-410-A1 GPU the refresh of the GP104-400-A1 GPU it jsut showed how low quality parts NV boards have it's not rthe first time a high end NV GPU died on me as for all the Radeons I had they gave me a far better experience lifespan wise especially.

    You can only Blame EVGA for the bad parts. Not Nvidia in that case. You can't even blame the NVIDIA support for not helping you with a card that is not build from them and where the chip runs outside their specs.

    I don't say, what NVIDIA does is good. Yes they killed a ton of company's.

    For me i have problems with both. AMD and NVIDIA.

    But the NVIDIA Drivers where working way better for me.

    I am hoping that we will see something nice from the new players in the market.

    Intel Arc might be the beginning of fast Intel gpus

    MTT S60 seams to be a nice "Beginner Card" Power around a GTX1080/1070 after everything i have seen.

    Obi Wan Kenobi:

    I have looked into the EVGA GeForce 1080 FTW2:

    That card is a overclocked NVDIA GTX 1080.

    EVGA Card:

    GPU: 1721MHz, Boost: 1860MHz

    MEM: 1377MHz

    TDP 215W


    GPU 1607 Boost: 1733

    TDP: 180W

    MEM: 1251MHz

    I think there where a lot of small things that where the cause for your problems and the death of that card.

    First Thing:

    The original clock rate of chips is set by the chip manufacture after a ton of test runs.

    it is set to the Point where the worst possible chip runs stable.

    If you have a Wafer then the chips you produce in the middle of it are the best ones and to the borders it get's worse.

    So you will produce your top product in the middle and the mainstream products on the border.

    I will take 775 CPUs as a example:

    From the Middle to the Border: Xeon - Core 2 - Pentium D - Celeron

    You can use the top chips for servers and the worst you can use for consumer, where it don't matter much. You can disable defect cores (like AMD did) defect cache areas etc.

    (no guaranty that Intel worked this way, it is just to explain things)

    But even if you do that there might be a bad chip in the Middle of the Wafer. So you will test around 10.000 chips and choose the worst one for your clock speeds.

    Manufactures of oc cards are using this.

    They might test 100 or 200 of the chips they buy to build their cards, they might push a little the Voltage etc to find a good setting where most of the chips runs stable. Then they are setting this as the default. And now you have a SUPER FTW XL OC GAMER PENISLARGER Grafikcard.

    They may test graphics card before they sell them or not. Giving them a 10 minute burn in test. But i think they might just test 10 Cards per 1000 produced.

    So there might go some not stable cards out.

    Second Thing:

    there are often some bad VRM Chips in every charge of chips.

    Third Thing:

    If you combine different Hardware that can have interesting results.

    There are hardware combinations that are running way better and faster then they should. And hardware combinations that runs like shit even if it is top end hardware. And there are combinations that might break hardware down.

    I have seen messages like that already from the Nvidia driver and the AMD Driver. Most of the time when i had Hardware problems. (gpu not liking the screen, defect GPU, defect graphics memory etc)

    I think the driver crashes came from a not 100% working graphics card.

    The Driver normally don't control the Cards settings. (except if you OC the Card via the driver) The Driver might say go into Clock mode xyz

    Nvidia can't but the clock settings for every card in the driver. The Clock settings comes from the graphic cards bios. So the VRM Burnup wasn't the Driver but the BIOS EVGA flashed on that Card. The driver don't know what the VRM can do.

    I think that card that you had was a bad card of EVGA.

    lying to their customers and making poor drivers that still look like Windows 98, their drivers were always the purest of dread to me.

    Sorry Obi Wan. I can just say, that the Nvidia drivers are better then the AMD ones. Like they work on my system ... The AMD Driver just crashes. Yeah Matrox/3dfx and co had much better Drivers but for the modern time "Running" is better then "Not Running"

    I hope that the old cards will fall in price. It would be nice to get a Titan XP/V/RTX as upgrade from my GTX TITAN X.

    But there are no Blowers out there anymore ....

    sehe ich das richtig, dass der -333 zweimal der gleiche Chip ist nach der Tabelle?

    evlt kann man ja die SPannung entsprechend minimal anheben. z.b. von 2.55 --> 2.63 und kann damit auf höhere Taktraten kommen.

    Aber 166 mhz sind auch schon ein Anfang. Ich glaube ich muss mein Mainboard auch noch mal ausgraben und Backfire zusenden. Hat schon wer einen GPU Cooler gefunden, welcher nicht so laut ist?

    Ja ich muss da noch etwas mit testen. Es gibt noch ein zweites Netzwerk. Mal sehen was sich machen lässt...

    evlt lässt sich das Bild noch nachschärfen...

    Wäre es dann nicht fast sinnvoll gleich auch den kleinen Lautsprecher, nicht Lüfter auf dem Voodoo Chip gegen etwas anständiges zu tauschen und das ganze mit V3 3500 Taktraten und entsprechendem Speicher fertig zu machen? Evlt gibt es sogar passende passive Cooler, welche es einem ermöglichen würden einen kompletten passiv PC daraus zu bauen?