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    I have a few suggestions.

    1. Remove that USB3.0 card, you are loosing massive amounts of performance even worse than a USB2.0 card. This is due to how heavy weight the usb bus drivers are.

    The front side bus on that board is capped at 100 or 133mb/s (depending on bus speed) so it’s pointless the usb is capped anyway. Search some threads over at Vogons regarding USB card slowdown.

    Better to transfer over LAN.

    2. Best OS is Windows 98SE or Win2000 SP4. Windows 7 is not going to work on a P3, it will blue screen and stop booting after the first set of updates due to no SSE2 instructions. I recommend buying Oscar’s AGP to PCI-Express adapter if you want to run Windows 7.

    3. Ditch the SATA PCI card. Startech make a quality ide to sata adapter that supports ATA133. You will free up IRQs and not flood the pci bus as again it’s only capable of 133mb/s. I run a Samsung 120GB SSD on one of these adapters and it flys along on my Epox 8K3A VIA ATA100.

    Pentium 3 is a huge bottleneck for the 6K. No point bothering with a 6K if you are going to run one on that combination.

    The 6K has drivers made all the way up to Windows 10 now unofficially of course. Windows 98SE / Windows 2000 is recommended for the best performance with a V5.

    PCI Sata cards will give nothing but issues unless you buy a promise card such as this one below. The Silicone image/marvel chipset cards have big issues with bus mastering/high speeds on Win98 which cause the mouse cursor to lock up when moving data. It can be resolved with a bios flash/the correct drivers.

    The best and most painless solution is below. These have all the correct drivers available & are not based on the chips I mentioned above.…&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0

    As for running a Pentium 3..

    Find yourself a Epox 8K3A or 8K3A+ with the KT333 chipset, AthlonXP 2700+ / 2800+ / 3000+ / or 3200+ in 333FSB flavour. It is the most stable combination and best performer.

    Best bios settings are listed in these forums for those boards, and what drivers to use.

    If you want to build something period correct for the year 2000 that would be KT133 based Athlon or a OR840 with Dual Pentium 3s

    Sorry to break it to you, Starting prices for Rev3700A is 3500 euro & up. I don’t know why the value of 1350 euro is being thrown around… It’s not 2006 anymore, The world is very different now.

    The 3700A is a complicated beast & requires a wealth of knowledge to know how to set it up and get it running properly. They are very cranky.

    Anyway, good-luck with your endeavours.