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    Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Voodoo Mac 5500 PCI Box die nicht weiß ist. Ich habe die Lila/weiße Box von Canada. Wenn ihr eine findet oder eine habt, die ihr verkaufen möchtet, wäre ich sehr interessiert.

    I'm looking for a Voodoo Mac 5500 PCI box that isn't white. I have the purple/white box from Canada. If you find one or have one which you would like to sell, I would be very interested.


    Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Voodoo Mac 4500 PCI Karte mit Box. Wenn ihr eine findet oder eine habt, die ihr verkaufen möchtet, wäre ich sehr interessiert.

    I'm looking for a Voodoo Mac 4500 PCI card with box. If you find one or have one which you would like to sell, I would be very interested.

    Obi Wan Kenobi sounds good and thank you for your help and info.

    Regarding tagging, I usually don't do it, but I did it the last few times because I noticed that if I don't do it, I don't get email updates when you guys post and I felt I was missing valued feedback and awesome comments. Maybe I just didn't understand how to set my preferences correctly. My apologies. I don't want to annoy people, that's not my intention here.

    Also, I created a new thread with the search of the missing card. Since it has nothing to do with the v56k, I felt I should post it separately :)


    Obi Wan Kenobi well said! I agree, eBay is crazy with people listing normal cards for insane amounts. Likewise, also very true regarding selling cards. Just thought I ask people, in case someone had an extra card or wanted to sell their card because they are done collecting them or so.

    Maybe there's another place I can look at that I'm not aware of, but some of you might know. Just was looking to see if anybody had some ideas as to where I could find the last missing card. Never hurts to ask. Many of my cards I actually found, and was able to get because I asked around.

    Maybe I'll be lucky one day with this last missing card. I'm getting close, and maybe one day, I can manage to have each model retail box at least one time. That would be very cool :)

    Hi CryptonNite  Bier.jpg  Obi Wan Kenobi  Chosen_One  Marlon  GrandAdmiralThrawn  Tweakstone and everyone else.

    After successfully finding the Voodoo 5 5500 PCI and the Voodoo 3 2000 AGP on eBay, I am now at the point where I am missing seemingly one retail box/card. Does anyone have a spare or know someone who has a spare one to share of this card:

    - 3dfx Voodoo Mac 4 4500 PCI with the box and the card?

    A complete set with clamshell, CD/Quick Manual would be best, but even just the box and the card would be a big win for my collection. I do not need one that's sealed or so, but I am trying to have one of each of the retail versions of the cards and boxes, and I am having trouble finding this particular model. Anyone willing to sell theirs, send me a DM please. It is the last one I am missing and I would love to get this card and the box. While I don't have every single box of every region and so on, I am trying to have at least each card type and box once - regardless of region/language.

    Any help with this would be really awesome you guys!

    Crossing my fingers for some help.



    Obi Wan Kenobi thank you for all the information. Here's one final question thou: why do I not see issues when running the exact same game on glide in Windows98 then. If the VRAM or voltage would be an issue, shouldn't the same game with the same hardware fault in win98 too? I'm using all the same game settings. I played Unreal - Return to NaPali successfully in Windows 98 on glide (1024*768) for over 4 hours without a single hiccup or freeze or crash. After I had these issues in Win2k yesterday, I also rebooted back into Windows98 and there I simply don't have these issues. I don't understand how it is hardware related if another OS version works. Help me understand please. What am I'm missing here? Is Windows98 doing something differently regarding vram? I will contact Backfire as I have his info, but I'm also just trying to wrap my head around why it works solid in one O'S and not in the other. Maybe I'll try windows XP and see what happens there. What driver do I use for Windows xp? Can you maybe link that driver out if you have a good one to recommend?

    Much appreciated. Thank you.

    Obi Wan Kenobi hi, I need your experience and help please. I finally got around to get windows 2000 with SP4 up and running but I'm having Glide issues with Unreal Return to NaPali. The very same game works on Glide flawlessly in Windows98SE and in windows 98 I'm using the original Hank Semenec Napalm driver from October 19 2000, relatively old, but runs really well. For Windows 2000 I used yours first (A41 Custom), and that looks all good, but freezes up after 30 seconds in the game using glide and when I'm using AmigaMerlin (3.1-R11) driver it doesn't freeze, but the image is all messed up beyond recognition. This is all regarding the v56k. Windows 2000 runs very fast and without hangs or odd things, just the glide thing is giving me a hard time. It's also not seemingly the game install because it runs well in software modus...

    Any ideas what I can do or which other driver I can try to use? I also tried several Hank 2k drivers, but like AmigaMerlin, when using those it all looks messed up beyond recognition...

    Any ideas what is going on there. Are the AmigaMerlin Napalm version driver (which also looks right but freezes) driver and your driver running the card above 166 MHz clock speed or something? Yours and the Amiga Napalm driver are the only ones that look correct thou - so don't know what to do here - help please :)

    Obi Wan Kenobi  Backfire  CryptonNite

    Sorry for not posting in English as well, my apologies! I was trying to wish everyone a good weekend and wanted to share my 3dfx passion by showing my collection. Certainly not the largest, most impressive one that this group has ever seen, but I find much joy in it and wanted to share this with you all.

    Unfortunately, I'm missing three more boxes with their respective cards, and yes Obi Wan Kenobi you are right with your advice. So true! It always helps to talk to people who sell, and share the passion with them. I was once lucky in the past, and someone helped me with one of the cards. These are the ones I'm missing that I'm hoping to one day find somewhere to buy:

    - 3dfx voodoo 3 2000 AGP - box with card

    - 3dfx voodoo Mac 4 4500 PCI - box with card

    - 3dfx voodoo 5 5500 PCI - box with card

    If anybody has any extra laying around or knows someone who could help out in finding these boxes, please let me know :)

    Hi CryptonNite  Bier.jpg  Obi Wan Kenobi  Backfire  Chosen_One  Marlon  GrandAdmiralThrawn  Tweakstone

    Hoffe ihr alle habt ein schönes Wochenende gehabt. Wollte mal meine kleine Sammlung zeigen, die ich habe. Natürlich nicht vergleichbar zu manchen hier die wahrscheinlich alles haben und schon viele tolle Photos gesehen haben, aber ich wollte meine Freude und Leidenschaft mit der Community einfach mal Teilen :)

    Ich würde noch gerne drei Schachteln mit Karten und allem finden. Irgendwie schwer momentan diese zu finden :(

    - 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP

    - 3dfx Voodoo 4 Mac 4500 PCI

    - 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI

    Wenn einer von euch vielleicht mehrere davon noch irgendwie haben und ihr sie an mich verlaufen möchtet, sendet mir bitte eine DM


    S2 Sedan ist diese neue v56k zum Verkauf oder eher nur eine Entdeckung und Benachrichtigung? Ich hätte Interesse, darum die Nachfrage. Hat diese Karte das PCI rework und Strom Anschluss auf der Karte? Hat Sergei den dazu gehörigen Voodoo Volts? Ich bin immer noch nach der Suche um einen Voodoo Volts Strom Adapter...

    Obi Wan Kenobi I hope you feel better soon with the arthritis. This also runs in my family and I know it's no fun at all.

    Thanks for asking edmundoab for the info.

    Regarding the mainboard, I agree, it's a nightmare with the hoarders. If you come around knowing someone who has one for sale, I would be also very happy. I just don't know anyone who has that board.

    Obi Wan Kenobi hi, wanted to check if you had a chance to talk to Edmund to see if we could get possibly a more complete history of my v56k card. I would love to know more about where the card came from after 3dfx :)

    How is the Quake2 replay coming along? I remember Q2 was a really cool game too. My dad wanted to kill me back then when I downloaded the Q2 demo with my Fritz ISDN card which took like 6 hours or so and ended up costing about 400 DeutscheMark regarding Telekom phone bill :):)

    Still trying to find this EPoX EP-8K3A+ Rev. 1.1 mainboard, but it seems like I can't find it on eBay or anywhere on google... Maybe one day..

    Backfire Alle Achtung! Dein letzter Beitrag war ja mal wieder absolut Super. Wie immer, Respekt für die krasse detaillierte Arbeit und Mühe um diese Karten wieder ins Leben zu rufen. Ist echt ein reines Kunstwerk.

    Als schon über 30 Jahre leidenschaftlicher Banknoten Sammler, hatte ich mich auch total tot gelacht als ich dein Kommentar sah :)

    "Wer Vodoos backt oder überhitzt, gebackene oder überhitzte sich verschafft und Verkehr bringt wird mit mindestens 2x auf die Fresse bestraft!"

    Ein Satz von der alten DM Zeit von wegen Zuchthaus/Freiheitsstrafe zur Fälschung von Geldscheinen :)

    Absolut Funny! Deine Bilder wie immer sehr cool und die Bericht Erstattung einzigartig. Bin mal gespannt ob dann bald mal eine zerbrochene Karte auch noch repariert wird. Du bekommst ja wirklich alles wieder in den Gang, finde ich echt Klasse.

    Freue mich immer wenn ich deine Arbeit und Kunst sehe, wie ein Krimi!

    Hut ab, Respekt!

    Bier.jpg mmmm, yeah, I'm running 1 GB on that board right now (4*256 MB double sided PC100 ECC SDRAM). I guess that's the Max the BX440 chipset can do.

    Obi Wan Kenobi Does anyone have a KT333CE recapped mainboard with an AMD AthlonXP 2700+ with cooler ready to be sold that would be ready to go upon purchase? This being said, is that board windows 98 and windows 7 capable regarding drivers?

    Obi Wan Kenobi appreciate your feedback and comments regarding my build. The photo does not do it just, because honestly, I tried really hard to keep all cable's away from the front, especially near the v56k. Plenty of airflow there.

    Bier.jpg I have the bottom filter protection in places and frequently check. I also always put the build back into the cardboard box the case came in, so that it remains 99.9% dust free. The bracket, you both are absolutely right! I wish I had the guard rail at the end to add support for the card. As of now, I have a little velcrow holding the card in place. Not perfect, but good for starters.

    I ran my system yesterday basically all day and ran into no issues regarding temperatures around the HINT chip or anything else for that matter. When measuring it, the HINT runs in my system around 27-38C which seems friendly... Mainboard at 37C, Intel Tualatin running at 54C.

    Also went into daring to install windows 7 on it on a totally separate connected SSD (while I disconnected the win98 SSD) and that went seemingly well. Driver's are a bit of a nightmare, but got the Soundblaster Live to work, same with 3Com 905B 10/100 TX, Linksys Wi-Fi card and USB3 controller (fun times). Did a test copy from USB3 stick to internal SSD and the good old system managed to do 85 MB/sec, so not too shabby! Regarding the V56k, I'm trying to have it play nice with the SFFT1.9 driver and that worked, but I am then getting graphic errors. I think it happens because too much GUI stuff is trying to load into the 128 mb vram and I'm also running windows 7 on only 1 GB RAM. Might starve a bit too much. I set all visual settings to minimal and loaded classic look, so no new skin and such. Runs better that way, but at times, the graphics driver (SFFT) stops working (likely when I run out of RAM). Next I will try and see if I can find 4*512 MB SDRAM PC100 so that I can run it with 2 GB instead. Got a decent older Google Chrome to work v33 and Firefox v45. Seems that these are new enough (2018) without the SSE2 requirement, so that I can do a bit of web here and there. Office still needs to find its way on there and once I get extra RAM of course, a glide video game to test (however, only as a test, since I rather boot and play in Win98 as it is much lighter and faster on the system build).

    In case anybody has another windows 7 v56k driver recommendation/solution, let me know please. Also, I'm trying to have a system where I can boot Win98 or Win7 (that's my project goal, so not trying to go with much newer hardware, as I need things to also run in Win98). So far all good. Win98 RAM patch installed and it is happy with 1 GB and can apparently support up to 4 GB correctly, so that's good. Regarding hardware, only thing not running in Win98 obviously is the USB3 PCI card, but that's fine with me...

    I'm still interested in Anthony's replica card because I would put a second system with all my Asus P2B-DS spare parts together and see how that would work (providing Anthony's card passes the silly "Initialize Plug and Play Cards..." message on that board :)

    I tried many many things and it appears that the 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 rev3700a that I have is not happy with the Asus P2B-DS mainboard. Looking further into it and reading the article Obi Wan Kenobi shared with me earlier, it seems that that's a no-go. Now I basically have a functioning Asus P2B-DS with 2* 1GHz Intel P3 Coppermines and 512 MB ECC RAM laying around. Mainboard worked fine with 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 AGP model. Maybe a second system or so, no idea what to do with it (unless anyone else has another idea as to how to get it to work).

    Asus P3B-F seems happy with it, while it won't do anything with the excess RAM I put in, it even sees the 1 GB RAM in the system. I guess that was the only upgrade at this point, along with some better cable management. My latest functioning build is the photo attached to this post.

    Maybe the P2B-DS mainboard would work with the rebuilt "snowwhite" AGP edition?!... I don't have one of these cards thou.

    CryptonNite  Bier.jpg  Obi Wan Kenobi the functioning build is safe (keeper all parts and took photos on how I had it stacked together with all PCI cards and such).

    The current build, I already tried removing all PCI cards, reduced the RAM to 512 and disconnected all FDD, HDD, optical drives. However, I did leave both CPU's in their slot1. Still same result. Also tried in the BIOS to disable "Halt on all errors" and I changed VGA order to "AGP, PCI". Also disabled to shadow VGA bios into L2 cache... No luck either.

    I like the idea of disabling the Adaptec onboard SCSI, as I have not tested that. Another idea may be to load bios defaults because I have not done that after flashing down (didn't reload defaults because I didn't needed to when I flashed the P3B-F down). Then I was thinking if maybe the two CPU's are a problem. Want to try to remove one (If that works however, I will revert back to the P3B-F because what's the point with only one CPU on this older board). Lastly if all that doesn't work, I want to try to flash going up to version 1014.003 (latest released bios for this board and see what happens). If all of it is a bust, I will revert to the P3B-F board I think.

    The P2B-DS is revision 1.06 (the version that can handle the P3 Coppermine 1GHz CPU). Swapping the actual bios module or flashing the P3B-F one into it, I think will brick it because the P3B-F has this CPU voltage management and these dip switches for auto jumping. The P2B-DS is old school and all FSB and Multipliers require manual jumping. Also older board does not do FSB 133, so not sure if swapping and mixing these two bios's is going to work...

    It must be something that the P2B-DS currently doesn't like (conflicts) with the v56k because the whole build works fine if I put any other voodoo in there. Boots up all the way and runs stable. So certainly some v56k trickery there...

    GrandAdmiralThrawn  Chosen_One  CryptonNite and everyone else, I need help with something.

    So, I switched from the Asus P3B-F mainboard (working with v56k on bios 1006) to an Asus P2B-DS mainboard with initially bios 1012B. The v56k bios came up and then the award bios, but it gets stuck on the message "Initialize Plug and Play Cards". I then tried to put in a voodoo 3 3000 agp and it worked immediately. Then flashed the board down to 1012 which was the one prior 1012B from 1999 and checked. All good. Then placed the v56k back in and again stuck at the "Initialize Plug and Play Cards" message. Any ideas? The three different thing are:

    Asus P2B-DS

    1 GB RAM instead of 512 MB RAM

    2 1Ghz Intel P3 Coppermine Slot 1 instead of 1 1Ghz slotket P3 Tualatin

    If anybody got the v56k to work on the regular Asus P2B, I would like to know with what bios, what Intel and how much RAM...

    Hopefully somebody knows something about this..

    Obi Wan Kenobi she's doing great. I have played some Quake openGL version (love the CD audio tracks of the game) and I've enjoyed Unreal and Unreal - Return to Napali so far. I'm planning to play some NFS3 and NFS4 maybe this weekend and I want to install Forsaken and Diablo2 and give those a little run through :)

    What was actually one of the latest games out there that supported glide? Trying to remember and to mind comes Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, and D2, but not sure. Do you know?

    Still waiting on my i/o shield back plate from Russia for the mainboard (ports are currently exposed on rear of PC). This should also help that less LA smog and city dust gets into the PC. Really scary here. You don't clean the table for one day and the next day, you clean with a paper towel and the sheet is entirely black, not dusty, but black with gunk on it. It's scary regarding air quality around here..