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    Hmm interesting design, dunno what benefits the Pwoer VR part add to this card though, since the 3dfx 355 Avenger chip has superb 2D & 3 D acceleration left alone image quality was on part with Matrox G400 series of cards, Voodoo3 3500 was by far 3dfx 's best chip when it came to image quality & image fidelity output, I only see the Power VR part as unnecessary extra added clutter.

    Even the design has some interesting apeals, whyw as the Power VR chip added anyway? What advantage does it actually bring?

    And the idea MadYoshi made would make more sense to the idea it's self, but maybe more fora Voodoo4 4800 with T&L chip, hmm.

    Here a screenshot I made with my Voodoo 5 6000 AGP 128MB rev.A 3700 when I used the map on my system back in 2007.
    if using WickedGL 2.99b it runs nicely at 1600x1200x32 + FSAA x4, I used my AthlonXP 2700+ with EPoX EP-8K3A+ back then and AmigaMerlin 3.1 R11 with Win2K Pro + SP4.

    this is all I could find of this map on how it looks like, I hope you guys have better results than I have here.

    Seit heute bin ich stolzer Besitzer eine Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 XT Pulse 8)

    Hey nice Navi 22 ya got there, how does it perform? Hope it serves you well :) my guess these are on par with a 2080 Ti or RTX 3070 or maybe a bit faster as well :)

    Once AMD's drivers improve over time these cards will age like wine.

    Same for many other Voodoo5 prototypes since we have a wider range of collectors with these cards, would be great to make your Bios archive more complete with functional Bios'es, left alone the Rampage with 16MB SG DDR per example :)

    Hey osckhar would you be willing to help out complete this Bios archive since you have most of these cards?

    3dfx Napalm, Daytona & Rampage, would be nice to have a complete coverage of their Bios versions, of working ones that is :)

    As for the Voodoo 4-2 4000 AGP 16MB Rev.A0 4100 Xion has it's Bios reads Voodoo4 4000 AGP also something weird, since the one on your site is corrupted Chosen_One, it might be an idea to ask Xion to do a Bios Dump for your collection to get that fixed, just the name is confusing maybe it's just a Voodoo4 4000 AGP 16MB after all and we always had given it the incorrect name ever since?

    Even I know it does use a VSA-101 Daytona, I found this out on Xion's 3dfx Gallery page here of this particular card:…4000-AGP-4X-16MB-Daytona/

    It is functional yes gdonovan has one with a dark brown PCB which is this card, only the ones with the dark brownPCB are named AAlchemy 4116V, what the V means I have no idea actually hehe :)

    Seems the dark brown PCB variant uses a different powerboard.

    Here an other photo pf the green PCB'ed one that AmigaMerlin owns or owned, not sure if he still has it tho.:

    i'd like to know what the drivers are suitable for those things?

    No idea man I could look in to that for you, most likely something from Quantum 3D not sure if they have a driver archive for the 4116's tho., might be worth looking in to.

    Gamma742 aka Bob Waller would have to be your guy I have his Facebook I can always pass you through to him, idea?…-2.html?num=1153790836/13

    An old topic from FalconFly's old forum Gamma742 was the ultimate Quantum3D guru if you needed a driver he always had it, gdonovan aka Gary Donovan owns one of these AAlchemy 4116 cards the AAlchemy 4116V one with a dark brown PCB.
    gdonovan is also a member of this forum so you could try and get the driver via him as well.

    Here his info page of his 4116V card…suvw/p1/3dfx/q3d_4116.htm

    The reason why I used a Proxy server to enter it, is because it seems to have an unsecured connection to it. for very odd reasons.
    Anyways I hope this helps you out a somewhat :)

    that could be a NVIDIA orientated test tho, finding a neutral and clean test is hard these days, NV loves to pay developers money so their cards perform better they are well known for this shitty behavior.

    When it comes to gaming & Simulations, in many cases a 6900 XT would walk over a 3090 even being, that is if RDNA2 is very well supported and optimized for the task, Assassin's Creed Valhalla & Hitman III Are good examples :)…reference)_review,15.html

    Only the prices they go for now, they aren't worth it for me, left alone the poor availability as well, making none of the new cards from AMD & NVIDIA interesting to left alone affordable.

    I think it will take a year before all prices get back to normal same for stock for demand.

    But hey I'm glad you were able to afford one, it's still the cleaner card design imo.

    Hmm oke , I'll surely have to give it a go some day then, for now I am main tester for Ascentroid and we got the virtual cockpits working!

    Verran used the Cartoon Water Shader Plugin to get these water effects working in UE 4.24.3 what we are using now.
    UE 4.26.1 has water mapping added to the engine, so we are kind of waiting that to go final and do an engine update towards that instead.

    Also the droplet system will be updated so they droplet down the windscreen and not the pilot's helmet.
    Plus many other bugs we are working on :) the default Field of View is 108.

    GrandAdmiralThrawn Hah Doom Eternal hmm but still nothing was as terrifying as Final Doom and that map with 30 Arch Viles lmao, the classic Dooms still make these new breeds less Doom-ish I guess :topmodel:

    But I will surely give Doom Eternal a go when it's on sale or so, still waiting for Wolfenstein III tbh, more of a BJ fan for that part.

    It is functional yes gdonovan has one with a dark brown PCB which is this card, only the ones with the dark brownPCB are named AAlchemy 4116V, what the V means I have no idea actually hehe :)

    Here his card:

    Seems the dark brown PCB variant uses a different powerboard.

    Here an other photo pf the green PCB'ed one that AmigaMerlin owns or owned, not sure if he still has it tho.:

    GrandAdmiralThrawn I made this just to compare Vega 64 with RX 6900 XT :topmodel:

    Gotta admit some crazy differences rofl :spitze:

    If a Voodoo5 6000 does 1.33 Giiga Pixels per second and a Radeon RX 6900 XT does 288 Giga Pixels per second, the difference on how much faster a RX 6900 XT Is that a Voodoo5 6000 with this performance is out of this world.

    288 divided by 1.33 = 216,54

    Okay there is a gap of 20 years between the two but really 216.54 time s faster than a 6K ... outch.
    Unless I am seeing something incorrect here.

    Reason I use the 6K is that it was the first card to surpass 1 giga pixel per second, kind of comparing the first t with the latest GPU wise.

    Something does tell me that 256Bit GDDR6 is holding back the actual possible raw performance of the Navi 21 XTX, if AMD used 384Bit GDDR6 or even 512Bit GDDR6 or 2048Bit HBM2E I think this card would of performed much better than it does now.

    this may explain why the card is like being held back even it would like to do much more.

    Seeing that your 4x1 design is looking quite a lot better than I expected, my apologies for my past posting all so off topic in ways.
    I do happen to see that this project of yours does have potential for those that have interest for it, even it's still just a replica, doesn't mean it's bad :)

    So all good there.

    Hmm ever thought of doing a 2x2 design like the 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Re.41-4999 Comdex board?

    Cooling a card design like this could be done with fans as this pic from gdonovan shows on the left or with heatsinks as the card ion the right has:

    Since Quantum3D Managed a design like this for their Qantum3D AAlchemy 4116, card owned by my friend AmigaMerlin from

    And their later 8132/64 card series for their AA5 systems:

    Unless a 2x2 design would of brought too many complications?
    Even that a 2x2 design would of made the card a lot smaller, that would of been a nice improvement if it would come to a redesign of this complex concept.

    Kind regards.