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    Well I managed to fix my Athlon 700 systems sound card issue, when playing Red Alert 2 the sound would cut out after 10 mins usage, so I swapped out the AWE64 Gold and installed the Audigy2 ZS SB0350 and now the sounds plays just fine.

    The AWE64 Gold does play Midi music and other retro game sounds like Heretic, Hexen, Doom 1 &2 as well as Descent 3 just fine, only with RA2 it gave me sound cut outs, I don't know what the issue is, but gladly the Audigy2 ZS SB0350 fixed all my issues so here the system with that sound card installed and playing RA2 of course

    Current specs after this minor change:


    AMD K7 Athlon Thunderbird 700Mhz Slot A
    3x 256MB PC-133 Legend / Hynix @ PC-100
    MSI MS-6195 AMD Irongate AM751 Chipset
    3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP 16MB Rev.A 3199 (Eur PAL variant, mint in box)
    Vantec Cooling Spectrum Slot cooler card for V3 3500
    Samsung 3.5" FDD Drive
    1x 40GB Seagate Barracuda V 7200 rpm HDD Main drive
    1x 80GB Seagate Barracuda V 7200 rpm HDD Main drive
    LG 40x/16X CD/DVD RW Drive
    NEC 5 port USB 2.0 PCI Card + Front Panel 3 in PCI Card 2 in Front Panel
    3-Com 3C 905C 10/100Mbit Ethernet PCI Card
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS SB0350
    2002 A-Open H-600-B ATX Case
    A-Open 350 Watt PSU or equivalent.
    Compaq S710 17" Blackshade CRT from 2001
    Reso @ 1024x768x32 ! 85Hz | 0.22.5 Dot Pitch
    1995 Roland E-14 Keyboard

    Win2K Pro UK + SP4
    AmigaSport 3.0 for Win2K/XP by AmigaMerlin for V3 3500

    As for the AWE64 Gold CT4390, I will need to send it to Backfire some time for a Gold Recap and get it the maintenance it deserves, that is on my main priority bucket list as of now, just no money to do that yet, but maybe somewhere in Q1 of 2024, I'll see, for now the SB0350 will have to do for the AMD K7 Athlon 700 system, it seems to perform a bit better thanks to hardware accelerated sound the Audigy2 ZS provides.

    Here the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS SB0350 it's self:

    All runs great now :)

    That is very cool, grats man! Always amazing to have people that can help out and know how to as well :) We gotta consider ourselves very lucky to know such people tbh, getting to Hank isn't easy these days with people like Anthony, Backfire & osckhar there is always a way to get such things properly attended to.

    Always good to see an other V5 getting back to life again, but yea Samsung memory on a V5 this is a first for me :)
    thanks for sharing, looks nice! :respekt::respekt::topmodel:

    Currently my EP-8K7A+ is at Backfire's place now, to replace it's 20pin mainboard connector, it suffered a power arc of some kind.
    No more Antec PSU's lol still seeking an Enermax EG365P or EG 425P something in that range that offers a 36Amp +5 volt rail.
    You can see the pics here:
    RE: My system reboots without reason after 1 to 3 hours of use, PSU maybe?

    Just hoping all goes well even I know it is in the best of hands 8)
    all the rest of the hardware is in healthy shape, thankfully.

    I hope you been doing well CryptonNite :)

    Ich liebe diese Karten <3<3<3

    consider replacing memory modules to toshiba with -54 rating (as on aalchemy). it will give a more natural look. anyway, these cards are not for overclocking.

    For all I know only 6nsHyundai or 6ns Toshiba was used for all 5500's incl the 5500 AGP x4 boards.

    Toshiba 5.4ns was used on the following cards:

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A1 1500
    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A2 2600
    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A3 3400

    And Hynx 5.5 ns SDRAM was used on a handful of 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A2 2600's.

    The Q3D AA5 boards kind of stood loose from the 5500's as VRAM ns went, they did use the 5.4ns Toshiba that is what I too can confirm.

    Well it seems I need a PSU that is clear but I may need to get the mainboard checked since there is some black material in the mainboard's PSU power connector:

    Here a closeup of the power cable when I pulled it out:

    It is as if the plastic of that part of the power connector melted or something.

    Backfire I guess I would need to ship you the mainboard for inspection or repair, as for a good PSU any idea's what I can do with that, the Antec I have is history, what is a good PSU unless you have any good ones laying around, yea let me know.

    Hey all my AMD AthlonXP 2200+ which uses the EPoX EP-k*7A+ mainboard seems to randomly reboot after 1 a 3 hours of use it's very random sadly I think it's the PSU if it s I seek an Enermax WG425P or similar that has a +5 Volt rail that supports 32Amps or more 36Amps as this PSU goes.

    Not sure where I can get thsoe except the one s I Seen on ebay are all from USA sadly.

    Any other diea's on what it could be and hopw I could find that out?

    The PSU it uses now is the Antec True Power 550 Bronze 80+ PSU.

    Hey Odie good to see ya back ah you have Bob Waller's card very cool!
    1V7C yes that is correct :) as for February 2007, I remember when you bought your card from bob back then, when I ahd mine, was a glorious time man, was at the FalconFly forums I believe.

    Yeah my bro, at Falconfly(Sad to know that the forum has been closed for a long time ;().
    You gave me a lot of help at that time, thank you very much.

    Fortunately, web pages today make it easy to translate German into English.
    When I came to VoodooAlert in 2008, I couldn’t even understand the function of the buttons.

    Join the club, people expected too much of me, that I live in the Netherlands for me to understand German, even so in the actual reality I lived my childhood in Australia so as that goes my main language is Australian English with Dutch second, my German is barely even there...

    And there is more to it, that I send via Direct Message.

    Ich hätte noch ein (fast verspätetes) Weihnachtsbildchen für dieses Jahr ^^

    Grad noch ein ordentliches Bild abgestaubt, bevor meine Cam die Karte nicht mehr wollte :rolleyes:

    Anyway - frohe Restweihnachten :spitze:

    Bro damn man that is sick! lovely photo haha aaah man dem boxes and the Rev.A 3700 I had em all at some point, but thanks for the idea I will make miy photo this year a mix of Matrox & 3dfx then maybe and some B747's yea will be fun :)

    Thanks for sharing friend I hope ya doing well Banshee Man.
    p.s that photo needs more Banshee's haha :topmodel: spitze:

    Well, on an AGP-based system there is always the option to use the system memory for graphics processing, if there's not enough VRAM. I think, by raising the amount of VRAM you simply don't use this feature. But I don't know, if thats the answer to your question.

    Bit that doesn‘t apply to 3dfx cards, as they don‘t Support AGP texturing.

    Yea that too, I just want to know why people use VRAM mods on their V4 & V5 cards, what benefit does this give, maybe to run newer gen games that require more VRAM? that is all I could think of tho.

    The thing is litterally no one ever did abenchmark to show us an actual difference of what the extra VRAM can give as an advantage when using max FSAA settings in combination.
    It's great many people have these cards, but it would be nice to show us it's actual proper potential, even when max FSAA is used, at a reso of 1024x768x16/32, 1280x1024x16/32 & 1600x1200x16/32

    As for omega_supreme's test only AM 3.1 R1 allowed us V4 & V5 card users use the max FSAA setting at 1600x1200 reso, 16 & 32Bit in that perspective.
    Entirely unplayable, you'd need a Quantum3D AAlchemy 6484 to make that playable yes 16 VSA-100's rofl, I remember Hank telling me that FSAA x32 was possible with 16 chips, but they never implanted that in the drivers, just FSAA x4 & x8 I believe.

    Imagine an 84128 setup, 8 chips, 4 cycles per clock and 128MB per chip, that would be an interesting challenge, as VRAM upgrades can go.
    I mean how fan can ya go, right.

    My reason for asking is because why are there people modding 64 to 128MB VRAM per VSa-100 on their V4/V5 cards, my only guess is to run games that use greater texturs at high reso's , but adding FSAA does make things run slower, not sure of this impact VRAM... I would expect it would, AGP or PCI card wise would not have to matter.

    A Strange God / Voodoo5 6000 with 128MB or 256MB, I am sure the extra VRAM can make things matter, or otherwise buyers or users of these card types would not do that, sorry if I am confused.

    if you read my message properly if using Max FSAA settings this will increase VRAM usage by quite a lot, without FSAA things will always run faster, but that was not what I am looking in to.

    With the V4 4500 with 128MB VRAM mod done by Komponent, his result was pretty crazy, he managed to be a lot higher with the card that using the standard with 32MB, that is when FSAA was enabled.

    My questions remains.

    As for AmigaMerlin drivers they use original Glide files I believe, 3dfx cards don't need a wrapper they do glide natively.

    Glide 3.xx was just an updated version of Glide 2.xx.

    Anyways I await results of high VRAM based V4's & V5's., the higher the reso the more VRAM is used, it also depends what game you run, some games have much larger textures than that of others.

    Yea well even V4's with 64MB/128MB would be good enough to use for such a test run, these would need tio use FSAA x2 at 1600x1200x16/32.
    Strange God / Snow White / S.U.X. 6000 cards for AGP/PCI with 256MB would be ideal

    Set reso to 1600x1200x16/24/32.

    For 32 Bit glide you need to Force 32 Bit color via the OpenGL/Glide tab menu in your 3dfx tools or Kool Smokey's V./Control 1.82b.
    32 Bit Glide works with Descent 3 & UT GOTYE 1999, just these two support 32 bit Glide mode.

    Other glide games, Freespace2shoyuld be a fun run the nebula's especially GrandAdmiralThrawn I remember that the nebula's would bring your 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB rev.A3 3400 to it's knee's, epic memories :topmodel:

    Imagine with double the VRAM buffer, that can change things big time.


    Ja, auch V4's mit 64MB/128MB wären gut genug für einen solchen Testlauf, diese müssten FSAA x2 bei 1600x1200x16/32 verwenden.

    Strange God / Snow White / S.U.X. 6000 Karten für AGP/PCI mit 256MB wären ideal

    Reso auf 1600x1200x16/24/32 einstellen.

    Für 32 Bit Glide müssen Sie 32 Bit Farbe erzwingen über das OpenGL/Glide Tab Menü in Ihren 3dfx Tools oder Kool Smokey's V./Control 1.82b.

    32 Bit Glide funktioniert mit Descent 3 & UT GOTYE 1999, nur diese beiden unterstützen den 32 Bit Glide Modus.

    Andere Glide-Spiele, Freespace2shoyuld ein Spaß sein laufen die nebula's vor allem GrandAdmiralThrawn Ich erinnere mich, dass die nebula's würde Ihre 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB rev.A3 3400 zu bringen, um es die Knie, epische Erinnerungen :topmodel:

    Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie hätten den doppelten VRAM-Puffer, das kann die Dinge ganz schön verändern.