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    Win Me is the worst OS ever made, it's a joke for it's own existence rofl, the constant wave of instabilities, Win2K pro destroys it easily.

    Me aka Malicious Errors as it was nicknamed, the idea was great, but the result was atrocious, the translated versions were even worse than the original English release.

    Please stick to 98SE if you don't want a reliable, left alone more stable NTFS based OS, the 6K performs best with 2K Pro + SP4, this is purely card stability wise and not the overuse of CPU usage, CPU won't get as hot as it does in 98SE or me in that same regard.
    And I really tried 98SE and it was pure drama with or without unofficial service packs.

    MS should never of released Me, a typical mistake for a misplaced market, Me was not of need at all, 98SE was fine for the most of it, even though most people jumped right on to Win2K anyway, Me was an ill fated choice.

    Then again Hank, gdonovan, ps47, omega_supreme and many others all had great experience with Win2K as did I and all I can say is that 2K is the best OS period for the Voodoo5 6000 Rev.A2 2600 and up.

    Depending what Voodoo5 6000 revision you are using, not a mainboard I would advise the EPoX EP-8K3A+ is by far the most reliable as all 3dfx Engineering Samples work with it, including all six Voodoo5 6000 revisions, Rampage and many others.

    As the CT479 goes? That seems a very unknown board tbh, not something I'd use, unless tits 200% Certain it's safe for use. Also if it was so great why weren't more people using these than AthlonXP's
    if you can prove it works stable and for how long then it should be added, but if it's just a thought it can't be added as safe Voodoo5 6000 operational mainboard support list.

    If there is a way to update the mainboard support list its always welcome, although as performance goes AthlonXP FSB 333 3200+ is hard to beat from all I seen as overall game performance goes also AthlonXP's are far easier to get hands on than something rare and nearly unavailable which is why it was rarely mentioned.

    What would be cool is a system of the best possible AthlonXP versus the best Pentium M and let them clash :)
    Only then we could make a good summary on what is better but I guess it's kind of late for that now :topmodel:

    DerBiber Well said sir 8)

    Totally nonsense man, it's a hard proven FACT that the AthlonXP is the best CPU for the Voodoo5 6000, this has utterly nothing to do what one likes better..
    AMD's K7's Floating Point Unit performance crushes that of Intel especially in 90% of the games and Synthetic tests K7 architecture was their ZEN3 back in the day.
    Pentium3 Tualatin is too slow for a V5 5500 left alone 6000 you won't see much performance difference due to the slow SDRAM interface these things use, the RDRAM Setups won't offer much difference either.

    You can go complain about it, calling people out that disagree with you as fanboys and such childish bullshite, thereby not agreeing with it, or only believe what you want to hear, read or see that this is untrue and all, but you won't win anything with that, that is now how things work and you know that..

    Intel was better with lame MP3 encoding and OpenGL based games that took use of long bandwidth based memory systems Pentium 4 was intel's worst but in some area's it was pretty eccentric and useful and also miles ahead of AMD due to architectural optimizations.

    Even tho most games back in the day used the Glide API and in combination with an AthlonXP and the VIA Apollo KT333CE chipset is the ultimate the outcome for overall performance and stability, AMD is hereby the overall better choice.

    In the end I just follow Hank Semenc's & gdonovans knowledge, it has utterly nothing to do with fanboyism of what one prefers or not
    Those two people taught me a lot and I am very grateful for all I do is pass on their knowledge to that of others :saint:


    Here's my new 3dfx Voodoo3 PC tho <3 for the 3dfx Voodoo3 list of VA 3dfx PC's :)



    AMD Athlon Thunderbird-A 700Mhz Slot A

    3x 256MB PC-133 Legend / Hynix @ PC-100

    MSI MS-6195 K7 Pro AMD Irongate AM751 Chipset for AMD Slot A

    3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP 16MB Rev.A 3199 (Eur PAL variant, mint in box)

    Samsung 3.5" FDD Drive

    1x 40GB Seagate Barracuda V 7200 rpm HDD Main drive

    1x 80GB Western Digital Caviar SE 7200 rpm HDD Storage drive

    LG 40x/16X CD/DVD RW Drive

    NEC 5 port USB 2.0 PCI Card + Front Panel 3 in PCI Card 2 in Front Panel

    3-Com 3C 905C 10/100Mbit Ethernet PCI Card

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold CT4390 4MB ISA PCB Date 3197

    2002 A-Open H-600-B ATX Case

    A-Open 350 Watt PSU or equivalent.

    Compaq S710 17" Blackshade CRT from 2001

    Reso @ 1024x768x32 ! 85Hz | 0.22.5 Dot Pitch

    1995 Roland E-14 Keyboard

    Win2K Pro UK + SP4

    AmigaSport 3.0 for Win2K/XP by AmigaMerlin for V3 3500


    Here the system it's self with my Roland next to it :)
    Always ready to play along with some lovely Midi music! and the insides of this epic retro PC

    Here more detailed shots from the inside:

    All running well here!

    I had, years ago. But careful, Not all sis 645dx based Boards Support AGP 3.3V, Stick to Gold Leader s Support list. On the P3B-F you also have the Option to use tualatin based celerons. They are available Up to 1.3 or 1.4 GHz and about the Same Speed ad coppermine.

    The Iwill MPX2 can also be added to the support list btw forgot to add this one as for SiS645 it's unreliable in most cases not something I can strongly recommend the EPoX EP8K3A+ is the best board period, the TYAN Thunder K7Pro isn't reliable many 6K Deaths and issues came from using TYAN boards.

    Then again it's not our fault if people ignore our guidelines on how to use these rare cards with what, if they make the bad choices I will refuse to put more time in helping them see their wrongs.

    Then again an AthlonXP 2000+ or greater is required to get most optimal performance from a Voodoo5 6000, preferably an AthlonXP 2400+ or greater with the VIA Apollo KT333CE Chipset, my old bild with the 8K3A+ and the AthlonXP 2700+ ran the 6K like a dream it was very simple to use pretty much how a 5500 AGP works nothing hard at all, the Voodoo5 5000 AGP was harder to work with rofl
    The Voodoo5 6000 is a beast true, but hard to work with nah not really, you just need to know what CPU + Mobo combo is safe to work with the card once you know that you are good to go, as Tualatins go way too under powered for a card like a 5500 left alone a 6000 lmao.
    AMD's K7 crushses Intel P6 all over thanks to higher FPU and much better image perforance only game Intel was better at was Q3A and well there are more better games than that that run best with the AthlonXP anyway.

    In the end I always stuck with Hank Semenec's & gdonovan's advice these two people learned me a lot on how to use these cards and what combinations were most reliable and it seems they were never wrong either and I kind of use their advice to help others that are willing to take my advice.

    Sorry to break it to you, Starting prices for Rev3700A is 3500 euro & up. I don’t know why the value of 1350 euro is being thrown around… It’s not 2006 anymore, The world is very different now.

    The 3700A is a complicated beast & requires a wealth of knowledge to know how to set it up and get it running properly. They are very cranky.

    Anyway, good-luck with your endeavours.

    it's because I don't have that need to refer to insane pricing aka overvaluing, it's not of relevance for you to question that it's just my views on it and that should be aloud to mention ;)
    Then again I have plenty experience in this field thanks :saint: No need top tell me how it's like, just a waste of input... :sleeping:

    If people keep accepting to pay high retarded amounts for this common revision, then they are doing something terribly wrong, what a seller offers doesn't mean a buyer has to agree with it ;)

    Yet everyone comes to me to help them find a 6K :/In total I have helped about 14 people or so and now most owners prefer to hang on to these cards because money is never a solution over a rare card and yes please do refer to know guides they are reliable after all ;)

    Tweakstone thanks for mentioning that, I could make a new owners list but ergh dunno where to start really, so many years between 2009 and 2021...

    God knows who still has their card and all.

    If any of you know who has what I am willing to make a new list if there is need for that though, I ask globally to all the 6K owners of VA< maybe that is an idea hmm.
    osckhar Unless you have a better idea, I'm all ears friendo :)

    Many thanks for finding this out for me tho :)

    I will let you know how it all goes :respekt:

    As for the PCI latency patch, I had to grab that from Vogons

    it does make it somewhat better with V-Sunc enabled but it deosn't remove it completely only OpenGL games are affected.
    So basically nothing much changed despite it being less if only using the V5 PCI Mac, if using the Parhelia the problem does not appear at all.

    Hey thanks man I will surely give this a look in to! :respekt:
    And yea I used Hyperion 5.56 as SWZSSR aka Declan told me to, so yea that is something I will surely get fixed I will try VIA 4in1 4.43 as you advised otherwise that other one, many thanks for telling me this as this is new info for me OS I use is WinXP Pro + SP3.
    And you right my Northbridge is the AMD 761 and my South Bridge is the VIA 686B :)

    All in all it's the first time I have this Chipset, overall performance and stability is rock solid now tho that I finally fixed the Parhelia + Voodoo5 problem :)

    So what I did was extract the September 2003 driver package in the matrox-mga folder
    And then I extracted the May 2007 driver packahe to that folder.

    After this I installed the September 2003 driver like you'd always do it via it's installer

    Then I did a reboot, then I went to the device manager and via that I manually updated the Parhelia 256MB to the May 2007 driver and this gave me way more options in the 2003 control panel like 6 different OpenGL options and still all the ones you'd normally lack with later control panel versions so this kind of was the solution for best of both worlds new and old.

    Here some screenshots of the driver control panel and all the extra options it offers

    This is where you can change sertain 3D settings and ote the siz different OpenGL options this setup gives!

    Here the 2D options and the V5 PCI Mac running Geiss 2 with some Yotto, Progressive Trance :)

      Tweakstone thanks for the parhelia driver tips you apssed on this driver combo is really amazing for Descent2+ D2X Rebirth 0.58.1 + D2X Retro 1.3a as well!

    Here some screens from Descent2 using D2X Rebirth 0.58.1 + D2X Retro 1.3a played at 1024x768x32 max in game settings:

    Now that is done I will do the chipset next :)

    Ahh sorry :(

    Oh it's fine I just gotta wait till the pains are gone because you are right it is something I will have to try and fix, It will happen at some point, the system is dead stable that is something nice of it it's fun seeing this card reach 109 to 131 fps in Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition 1999 @ 1024x768x16 with Glide API, it runs all my games very well tho :)

    Only when using OpenGL i get a strange crackling noise in my audio, if using Glide & Direct3D this does not happen, but if enabling V-Sync it is a lot less, strange might be the PCI bus then again the card won't fit in the other slots due to the poor layout of the EP-8K7A+.

    And being a NTFS guy all along, operating systems like Win98SE & Me are really not my interest only Win2K pro + SP4 & WinXP Pro + SP3 for me, they do all I want them to , as for the crackling noises yea new to me tbh.

    Nice System GoldLeader, but do something about the Cables, please.

    Yeah well Arthritis holds me back alot sadly the Addtronics 6896A isn't a pleasant case to work with despite it's all I got for this system the cables are a shite show to see you got that right tho.

    Just building PC"s stand alone is very painful for me physically that being,as for the cables yea may have to relook in to that some day.

    Personally just stick to 3dfx Graphics cards since you do sound cards now as well don't do too much.
    That would be me tho, can't do everything I'm like.

    So far I only had great experiences from your work even though when new things come up, I'll DM you anytime.
    And if I need to wait so be it, I won't mind 8)

    Oh yea I removed the Matrox Parhelia, so I gotta make a new wallpaper with the Lufthansa B747-430i and the V5 PCI Mac then lol
    So the system is like this now and all is great now :)

    Played UT GOTYE 1999 for 3 hours and an other 2 hour RA2 game no issues at all also during my 2 hour time at my parents it ran Quantum3D Open GVS Nelis demo for 2 hours nonstop at 1024x768x16 in 3dfx Glide API at 122 to 152 fps constantly :)

    No crashes fine just rock solid performace.

    The RX 6900 XT is the X1900 XTX of today imo, the X1950XTX is a small improvement over the X1900 XTX by using GDDR4 instead of GDD3 and having the ViVo Rage Theater encoder chip built in-chip.

    The R580 was the VPU of the X1900 XTX where as the R580+ was the VPU for the X1950 XTX due to the slight changes it had over the R580 it's self.
    Nice card also the X1900 XTX like the X1950 XTX destroyed G71 left alone SLI'ed G71's was often slower rofl, then again 2x CFX R580 was even faster than Quad SLI'ed G71's or the heavily overrated and overpriced 8800 Ultra orsay G80-450-A3.

    CrossFire Express3200 X1900 XTX/X1950 XTX was a nice alternative and not needing to buy an 8800 GTX or Ultra at the time.
    back in 2005 I had a X1900 XTX as main VGA with a X1950 XTX CFX Edition in CFX mode ran well mixing R580 wit R580+ :)

    My setup was the following

    Dual Core AMD OpteronUP 185 E6 2 cores @ 2.6Ghz
    4x 1GB PC-3200 Geil CL2 in Dual Channel DDR-400
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe with ATi RD580 CFXpress 3200 Chipset
    Sapphire ATi Radeon X1900 XTX PCI-E 512MB 256Bit GDDR3
    Sapphire ATi Radeon X1950XTX CrossFire Edition PCI-E 512MB 256Bit GDDR4
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum

    WinXP Pro USA + SP3
    Omega Drivers for the Radeons, can't remember what ones that were tho :)

    Here the cards I had:

    R580 left & R580+ right

    Hard to see the difference despite the slight changes made, but internally a difference could be seen I would think :)

    But yea for the Opteron 185 I'd use the X1950 XTX hands down, you can add a X1950 XTX CrossFire Edition and get double the fun and ATi's lovely Rotated grid Super Sampled FSAA x14 which was even better than NVIDIA's SLI FSAA x32 ;)

    Image quality & speed was ATi's main thing when it came to the R580's, R580 was their second R300 in many ways.
    Also the Radeon can combine FSAA + AF & High Dynamic Range at the same time the GeForce can't it's either FSAA + AF or HDR + AF.

    As seen here CFX Nuked Quad SLI left alone 2-Way SLI lmao :topmodel:…x-und-x1950-crossfire/28/

    Simply put ATi didn't cut any corners as where NVIDIA did, mainly the the advantage of High Dynamic Range in combination with FSAA & AF and the 48 Pixel Shader pipes it has over the 24 per GPU of NVIDIA.

    Well my AWE64 Gold runs well but a recap can't harm it I guess it is lik 24 years old now as it was made during week 31 of year 1997 in Singapore.
    the Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card + IO bay are from week 27 year 2003, might send you both someday as it can never hurt, I'll see :)

    Here some pics of it's Graphics cards which are these two:

    Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR Rev.A 5103
    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900

    And as final touch I added my Lufthansa Boeing 747-430 with the cards dedicated to Backfire for all the work he put in my V5 to bring it back to life :respekt:

    Boeing 747-430i

    Lufthansa "New Livery 2018-Present"
    D-ABVM "Kiel"
    Scale 1:200
    Herpa Wings / Built by JC Wings

    Enjoy the photo's :)

    Hey all

    At first i would love to thank Backfire for performing a full recap for my20 year old EPoX EP-8K7A+ with Panasonic low ESR Capacitors from Japan :)
    Here the mainboard before the recap:

    And here after it the change is massive and the stability of the system is rock solid thanks to this :)

    it all looks amazing and like new again :)

    Here the system from the inside so far with both Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR Rev.A 5103 & 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB Rev.A1 2900 installed:

    And here with the side fan installed :)

    RA2 works great too!

    As everything else runs very well on both the Parhelia & the Voodoo5.
    This was all worth it in the end :)