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    Been playing ARK Play as a Dino a lot lately with my Spino Alliance Community on the Ceratosaurus Inn Server from my friend GamingWithSilverTail :)

    Here I went Parkouring my my Yutyrannus :topmodel:

    But hey I made it YUS xD looking back never thought I'd manage lmao

    Then I took these nice panoramic shots:

    the last pic is my current wallpaper :)

    DINUS 4 Life <3

    I think (though I am not 100% correct, it's been a while, long while) that SoundFonts can indeed only be loaded and used under Win9x on the AWE64 Gold. I remember no longer being able to do it after the switch to Windows 2000 either.

    But there could of course be ways I'm just not aware of.

    Yea had the same in mind lmao, this is going to be interesting :topmodel: Or the entire thing explode witha lovely mushroom cloud, I'll try and get 98SE working on it once i get a good UK version on CD or USB stick.

    On the other hands UnOfficial Service Packs are they a go or a no?
    As this goes

    Here the sound card upgraded in the system:

    Happy SoundFont loading! :)

    Sadly it's been a nightmare in Win2K being a NTFS guy I never could get used to 98SE I really hope there are ways to get this working in Win2K I just can't stand 98SE for too many unwanted reasons

    So after installing the Creative AWE64 Gold Drivers I get issues I was forced to go to Safe mode and get in uninstalled I then tried that Vogons Driver Iso and also a no go and after uninstalling them garbage Creative drivers I now get this crap when I want to play a Midi file...

    out of range me arse (not the guy, the error message lol)

    It's just annoying af and I am thinking of reinstalling Win2K Pro again ... sigh, so I can at least get my sound back :X

    And for the worst I might be forced to use 98SE and if that really needs to happen I need a good English version the Dutch version I have now which

    sucks big time, it has more bugs than the UK versions, also I would have to burn it on a CD I guess or a USB stick any advice even I really prefer Win2K pro over anything.

    As for UnOfficial Service pack some say they break 98SE others don't any good thoughts to those also can they see the full 768MB of system ram my system has as well? I wonder.

    Nice part. I should also get one. Are there golden ones?

    Hey thanks, as for Gold ones, I have no idea really.

    Hey all :)

    Some time ago right after x-mas 2021 Anthony gifted me one of his AWE64 Sound Font Memory Modules the CT1950R for my CT4390 AWE64 Gold ISA sound card which I use in my AMD K7 Athlon Thunderbird 700Mhz retro PC, since I am more in to midi music and high quality Midi sound effects this CT1950R Sound Font Memory module will come in great handy with the Sound Font ISO I have for it.

    Here the pics of the neat packaging applied by Anthony his logo's and the basic info of this handy device:

    And here the package contents:

    Here the CT1950R it's self which is packed with 14x 2MB 6ns Hynix SDRAM:

    Here the CT1950R next to the CT4390 AWE64 Gold showing how the CT1950R connects to the CT4390's J1 & J4 connectors, top = 26 pins bottom is 24 Pins, hard to miss, the white arrow indicates the right way up to mount it 26 pins at tops and 24 pins at bottom:

    And here my CT4390 with the CT1950R connected to it:

    Here the diagram Anthony made explaining on how the CT1950R works:

    Once installed I will update this thread :)

    Yes, I am the same one who sells those cards. I agree that the price is crazy and not in line with reality, but the goal is not to sell the card on ebay. It's just advertising (thanks to these types of ads people contact me to repair their cards or modify their cards and not only 3dfx cards if not others brands), I don't want people to buy the cards through ebay and this is the reason why price is so high. When someone wants a special card modified by me they contact me via email or via ebay. In this forum there are 4 or more guys who have bought my modified cards and they can tell if I am a scammer or if I sell shit or if I cheat people, or if the price is close to 2000Euros, just the opposite- but it is true, it is not cheap and I own very few 320 chips left...

    V5-5800 is a project started in 2019 and I only try to make a quality and special modd based on 20 cards. Once achieved it, there are no more cards modified by me with 320 rev. chip. For me a voodoo5 modified with 128Mb and capable of run at 200MHz even 210-215MHz or more is very special - at least for me - and really card looks nice but yes, ‘for taste, the colors’.

    - Oscar.

    Ooh oke sorry for that thought then as for them 320 chips I'd keep them for needed repairs man, don't use them all up for things like these.

    Also I found something Hank Wrote about Daytona osckhar I'll dm it to you it's very interesting and it may help us understand Daytona more and his secret tricks hmm

    Recommended as best for AMD is the EPoX EP-8K3A+ btw :)
    Per say of Hank's advice

    But that list is a nice find, it seems my list was not far off then ;)
    Looks like that list was from a website named The Voodoo5 6000 Resource Group.

    Here the post of that 8K5A2 this is a good board for your card, ealtho the 8K3A+ was to me the better board, performance wise mainly being.
    [erledigt] Mainboard Sockel 462 mit VIA KT333 (Epox,Soyo,Gigabyte...) bzw. Sockel 478

    Best boards for the Rev.A 3700 which you have are these:

    EPoX EP-8K7A+ Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    EPoX EP-8K5A2+ Rev. 1.2 Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    EPoX EP-8K5A3+ Rev. 1.1 Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    EPoX EP-8KHA VIA Apollo KT266(A) Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    For all I know only these support all six Voodoo5 6000 revisions Intel & HinT based:

    EPoX EP-8K3A Rev. 1.0 Rev.A0 0700, Rev.A1 1500, Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    EPoX EP-8K3A+ Rev. 1.1 Rev.A0 0700, Rev.A1 1500, Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    Now there maybe more but EPoX Related has the best support for most cards as long there is stable AGP 3.3v Support.

    Other good boards are these:

    Iwill MPX2 Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P Rev: 1.0 Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    SOYO KT333 ULTRA DRAGON Rev.A2 2600, Rev.A3 3400 Rev.A 3700 & Rev.A 3900 kompatibel

    For all I did was use what I was told my Hank and others that have proved these boards to be stable I just stuck to their methods and I never had any issues what so ever, we had to do on the info we were given and that's really it.

    Also note that the Rev.A2 2600 and up are cards that use the HiNT HB1 SE66 PCI to PCI Bridge Chip as where the Rev.A0 0700 & Rev.A1 1500 Intel PCI to PCI Bridge Chip.

    As for PLX I would not know much about that you would have to ask Anthony for that one :)

    Bier.jpg mmmm, yeah, I'm running 1 GB on that board right now (4*256 MB double sided PC100 ECC SDRAM). I guess that's the Max the BX440 chipset can do.

    Gold Leader Does anyone have a KT333CE recapped mainboard with an AMD AthlonXP 2700+ with cooler ready to be sold that would be ready to go upon purchase? This being said, is that board windows 98 and windows 7 capable regarding drivers?

    I only worked with a real OS aka Win2K Pro and did XP Pro for later gen NTFS Support the 8K3A+ as well as the 8K5A+ did those wonderfully, I did run 98SE + UnOfficial SP 1.6 & 2.1 it ran fine but I am no fan of those terrible operating systems Win2K Pro gave me the best experience with the Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700n in general, the CPU overhead is much less and the system isn't over stressed either.
    My HiNT chip was always cool and never was over heating I could lay my finger on it without burning myself, this also proved me than these EPoX Bards are the ones you really want to use with such hardware situations.

    The EPoX EP-8K3A+, EPoX EP-8K5A2+ & EPoX EP-8K7A+ are the best boards event ho my best experience was with the EP-8K3A+, I personally never tested a 6K in the EP-8K7A+ I have now but I know for sure it was a rock solid choice for those wanting to use the AMD 761 Chipset with the VIA 686B Southbridge chip.

    I just went by Hank's te4aching and memorized best what was safe to use and what was best to avoid.
    The same chipset says nothing, one board will boot up and be safe for ever a other may bootup and give your strife along the way and others won't even bootup your card at all.

    I always suck to it's best to be safe than sorry especially with a card like a Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB of any revision.
    Why risk it and maybe by hurting the card in the end? it's not worth it trust me.

    And yes I did clearly mention that to you as I have done to others that wanted to try out that board.
    I also remember clearly recommending you to use the EPoX EP-8K3A+ which I think you are still using right?

    Here a photo of the one I used back in the day:

    Was a sweet board miss the V6K I had in it as well Hank's Rev.A 3700, I still have dreams of that I never sold it til I awaken and it still hurts even it's been so far back heh.
    And now these cards are unaffordable to those that have the proper knowledge on how to use them and with what as well, it's all so reverted..and wrong in ways of.. that only brings back a bad memory, again.

    Please be careful with the MSI KT3 Ultra II, the board is not safe for a V56K. I read about it years ago in a magazine article published on the internet.

    This board is great for a Voodoo 5 5500 AGP system.

    Can you give the origin of this statement? I want to use this exact board as it is the most powerful unit with compatibility on paper (chipset with 3.3V AGP) and a red PCB. If someone has tested this in the past, I don't have to. What I do not understand is, how a compatible board (with AGP 3.3V) can be unsafe for the card? I understand that there might be issues like instabilities or blackscreens or so, but how can this do damage to the card, especially when the board works with a 5500 AGP?

    Most people got info from me I am the one that made the Voodoo5 6000 World owner list, it's all my work I Literally Dm'ed & emailed all the owners on who had what what their experiences were, I have helped to over 14 people to find a Voodoo5 6000 and help them gather the correct parts, the people that taught me were Hank Semenec, Gary Donovan, osckhar, VMAN aka BFG3dfx, Gamma742 and some others from x-3dfx.
    I just pass my knowledge to those I think deserve it.

    The same for the Voodoo5 6000 Motherboard Support list it was made with all 80+ Pwners of the Voodoo5 6000 when I was making a list of who had what who tested with what all I did was gather their experience and made a list of it, just never thought of reopening this case, now that Anthony is making new cards they may be room for more to add.

    Currently I run the x-3dfx community at Facebook, yea yea they sell private info, even so most things do there is little chance to run for it so I stopped giving a damn and I am there to keep the x-3dfx community alive and those in need for aid of anything 3dfx related.
    My first post of the 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 World Owner list was at, now that that forum is gone I made some backups of my work and posted updates if any were found.

    Around the years 2011 to 2014 many 6000's deaths were reported by using TYAN 760 MPX based boards and the MSI KT3 Ultra was also reported giving stability issues amongst users that I prefer to keep private.

    At x-3dfx many call me the Source due to all the work I did for numerous communities, I had a ton of cards I just made sure on what was safe to use and what was not BEFORE buying a card.
    You can see my old collections here, there are some that don't like it when I post things I had, it's kind of hard too prove my old work if otherwise.…tors/collector_goldleader

    I Can try to fix some of the Voodoo5 6000 list topics due to changed Forum code some photos' don't work same to the 3dfx gallery which also had some changes.

    Also the reason why I remember every single detail is thanks to my Autism and photo graphic memory of things I interest in, which can be of an advantage.

    Yea sorry if a mainboard doesn't work even you think or hope it would, somethings just don't wanna go your way with such things, the original 3dfx Prototypes can be a bunch of pesky little things when it comes to such things.

    Also the advice Bier.jpg gave you is a very honest one, it is true the card is 31.5cm long with the Quantum3D Support bracket, that black handle thing at the tail's end.

    You could sell them parts and get a decent KT333CE based mainboard, give it a decent recap and a nice AthlonXP 2700+ that is what I would do, give it the performance it actually deserves and also less fuss with choosing a mainboard that actually works, more perfromance and far greater redundancy left alone stability.

    The mainboard feinripp is selling is one of verty few mainboards that will work very well with the Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 you have FalconNic
    So you can always go that direction as well, there is choice just as long you are willing to look beyond to what else is possible and probably better for the card as well :)

    As for Anthony's Versions of the card I have no idea they use a PLX Chip I am not sure if the PLX chip carries the same limitations the HiNT HB1 SE66 carries.

    His cable management isn't too bad, not everyone is perfect trust me mine was way worse dude xD
    I mean check :topmodel:

    Yea Spaghetti Galore haha :topmodel:

    So yea his cable management is fiiiine :topmodel:
    And I too didn't have the bracket support holder either, even I never used my cards for more than 3 days at most.
    Even though it would of been better, goes for any long card owner.

    Ah alright well I guess likely I’ll have to find another one in that case.

    Grab this one

    EPoX EP-8KHAL+

    This board is related to the following supported mainboard with this similar chipset:

    EPoX EP-8KHA VIA Apollo KT266(A) kompatibel Rev.A 3700

    The EP-8KHAL+ uses the older KT266 Chipset and has AGP x2 with 3.3 AGP Voltage support.
    It uses the VIA Apollo KT266 Chipset instead of the slightly newer KT266A Chipset.

    And this is where you can grab the latest Bios

    Here the CPU Support list of this board:

    Just taking note the latest CPU it supports is the AthlonXP 2200+ THoroughbred A not the Thoroughbred-B.
    The CPU I use is the following:

    AMD AthlonXP 2200+ Thoroughbred A @ 1.8Ghz with 1.65volt VCore!


    I hope that helps :)