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    Hey thanks! 8)

    And yeah it's more of a workstation that a gaming system even it has 1 CPU it was for it time if having this config a very powerful build. The LS-120 drive manages to play 4K Video fluidly eithout stutters, I am really amazed of how far LS-120 speeds were for it's time, it's tech from 1998.

    Such a damn shame Super Disk driver were not further developed if they were around today you'd probably have LS-4TB drives maybe 4TB Super Disks maybe would of been super handy hence the format the disks are nice and small and easy to store.

    Other than tat the Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro really makes my classic tapes come to life that card changed a lot of things and the CPU cooler is better this system is finally reaching the stage of completion, everything are minor upgrades and I'll see where that takes me.

    Hey all :)

    Major thanks to Declan for his help for helping me out getting the Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro and some 90 cm long flat data cables and my old Cooler Master X-Dream-S Cooler back for the AXP 2200 this system is fully equipped I also replaced the Sony Floppy Driver with a Mitsubishi Electronics Australia F200 LS_120 Super Disk Drive tons of rare hardware in this build and it's all working together very well :)

    Here the gear SWZSSR sent me that I got yesterday :)

    Here the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card:

    Here the system after I built it and the new Cooler Master X-Dream-S Fan for the AXP 2200+

    Here the Placements for the C drive left and LS-120 right:

    Here the first bootup a success gladly!

    Night mode:

    Here the system with it's front & side panels applied:

    System Name & Specs:


    Sveta 2002

    AMD AthlonXP 2200+ Thoroughbred-A @ 1.8Ghz

    EPox EP-8K7A+ AMD 761 Chipset with VIA 686B SB

    2x 1GB PC-2700 Kingston @ PC-2100 266Mhz DDR

    3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP 16MB Rev.A 3199

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro

    Mitsubishi Electronics Australia F200 LS-120 Super Disk Drive

    1x Seagate Barracuda V 80GB 7200 rpm Main Disk

    1x Western Digital Caviar SE 250GB 7200 rpm Game & Storage Disk

    Belkin 5 port NEC USB 2.0 PCI Card

    3-Com 3C905C-TX-M PCI Ethernet adapter 10/100Mbit

    NEC ND-1300A DVD-RW Drive

    BTO Plusdeck 2c Cassette Deck Tape Player, Recorder & Convertor Drive

    Antec True Power 550 Watt PSU

    Addttronics 6896A Entry Level Server Tower

    Compaq S710 17" Blackshade CRT from 2001

    Reso @ 1024x768x32 @ 85Hz

    1995 Roland E-14 Keyboard

    Win2K Pro + SP4 & RU1 for SP4

    AmigaSport 3.0 by AmigaMerlin from

    Latest 3dfx Tools for V3 3500 TV AGP.


    And there you have it :)

    Backfire Yeah but wit pproper care , well people like us they are always in good hands :)

    Mine was a gift from SadTropher from :) he had no use for it and gifted it to me instead with this cool 5 port USB 2.0 PCI card + front bay:

    So I still have some things upcoming on my end, just waiting for a package from South Australia now :)

    What wold be cool is a LS-240 Super Disk drive or a LS-480 Super Dis Drive Prototype.

    Here a poll to either keep the ebay links & ebay discussions threads separate like they ore now or to merge them.

    One vote per person and voting lasts for about one week.

    From: September 26, 2019 - 3:14 PM

    To: October 03, 2019 - 3:14PM.

    Thanks to GrandAdmiralThrawn for helping me with the proper English to German translations.

    Hmm I see that but how can it have all the chips needed to be a MAC on it?

    Here old pics of my V5 5500 PCI &V5 5500 PCI Mac
    Top & Rear:

    As if the seller tried to mimic a V5 5500 PCI mac witha V5 5500 PCI, by soldering on the missing parts yet never got to soldering on the DVI-D that is what I am seeing after you posted that pic ofyour V5 5500 PCI Mac, Avenger good find.

    Since discussions are also being held in the ebay links thread may as well just make one thread for 3dfx ebay stuff and an other for non 3dfx ebay stuff.
    thereby making one major thread per ebay thread type 3dfx & non-3dfx and just keep it at that, all over than just over splitting things up, not really usable.

    And yea yea, I know it is neater to have one for links and one for discussions I get the idea behind that but all I am seeing are people having discussions in the ebay link ones heck even I do that, that is how forums kind of work for me, sorry I did do that that V5 5500 PCI Mac with out the DVI-D for example:
    3dfx Ebay Links

    Discussions just happen and it's kind of pointless to go to an other thread where the discussion is not being held, people just will not do that forget it.
    That is not how a forum will work anyways, it lacks common sense to go to an other thread where the discussion is not being held anyways.

    Plus besides most would be too damn lazy to do that anyways and I will admit it I too wasn't eager enough to go to the ebay discussion thread, simply put the conversation was not even taking place there anyway.

    So... it just makes things messy and complicated in the end, people tend to not care anyways, that is also something I don't do, all because I had that similar kind of reactions from others as well here in threads I made, so go figure anyway.

    It's fine for people to agree or disagree even though I don't see things changing much people just tend to go their own ways and that too leaves behind a messy forum layout.

    So my fix fix would be lesser thread classes as ebay threads go:

    3dfx Ebay Links & Discussions.

    Non-3dfx Ebay Links & Discussions.

    This way you can discus the links one has posted and what matters with it it's more like enclosed in the same thread over multiples ones leaving a messy pattern behind.
    Logically thinking people won't move to an other thread to talk about something that is already been made in one thread forget it, that is not how the world works.

    Why make things more complicated while there are much easier ways ;)

    Rock on 8)

    p.s. I am not trying to run this forum I just trying to put some input just to make it easier to use, the more thread types the lesser practical a forum will get, it's common logics.

    Hmm maybe resoldering a DVI-D port to it could fix the crippled card.. idea's?

    Since all it's SMD's resistors & capacitors are still in place even the Silicon Image chip is still there and the needed parts on back of that area hmm, just wondering though:

    The seller really needs to edit the price... it's still stupid :') :bonk::steinigung:

    But the seller being a Russian, not someting I'd trust, god knows if they removed the DVI-D and trying to ripp people off in such ways, I just get super anxious with such type of people, best to be careful and igore it.

    It's just not something I'd want to trust if I have to be honest, remove the DVI-D selling it for a rip off and get away with it, that makes it look like a typical scam right there :adsh: And yea I know assuming isn't right but there are times I do that anyways best to be safe than sorry in the end.


    Anyways back to ebay links since we were all discussing this here anyways, it doesn't like like matter.
    Kind of weird VA has two sepperate threads one for ebay links and the other for ebay discussions not like that is working just one thread for both would be cleaner tbh, most people won't care anyways that is the kind of image this place has given me over the past few months go figure...

    I believe the seller has found a box with a full bundle of the normal v5 5500 pci ... and the 3dfx v5 5500 Mac without box and bunlde supplied.

    By removing the Dvi connector he combined things and recreated, according to his mind, the old 3Dfx voodoo 5 5500 pci package.

    Or he bought it as it is ...:topmodel:

    No his science killed up what was once an awesome rare card, that seller is probably a Lieutenant in the Zealot Patrol :topmodel:

    Der DVI Ausgang ist der große Pluspunkt der Mac Karte, daher sehe ich das Ding eher als wertlos an?! Ist als hätte man den wertvollsten Teil rausgeschnitten. Was für einen Sinn macht das?

    The DVI output is the big plus of the Mac card, so this one is basically worthless? It's like the most precious part has been cut out. What kind of sense does that make?

    I know riight My mind was really like what the actual fuck... ergh some people are just out there to make abuse of things... I even rate this as well some sort of a scam in a sense I guess? lmao :/:topmodel: Ah well at least we are smart enough to avoid it :)

    But this pic surely fits it haha :spitze: