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    Use PCI.exe to readout what Bios the card has, Hank told me about this and I used the program to determine if my V4 PCI Mac or V5 PCI Mac had a MAC Bios or not:…powerful_sniffing_utility

    once finding that out you can always decide to flash it to PC Bios or not, for V5 PCI Mac Prototype PC Bios 1.11_DVI is needed for the production models please stick to 1.18_DVI.

    As for the V4 PCI Mac I Don't remember, sorry though.

    Furthermore, it is also completely excessive because it is marked as defective.

    Buying scrap and junk for thousands. Ridiculous.

    - Backfire -

    yeaps capitalist have ruined it for everyone us normal collectors are mostly left out due to this.
    Also why I buy via private deals only, ebay is pretty much useless for 3dfx gear, but with Matrox, ATi & AMD I tend to have better luck with ebay than with 3dfx, so it's not all bad for other things, same for my B747 models hehe.

    Pretty terrible this or funny, depends how you picture it…-a-Card-RARE/164441849698?

    Back in 20065 I paid the similar amount for a 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700m+ Late Voodoo Volts with PCI Rework & Internal Power hookup
    a shame that the prices are so overrated these days, either way you see it 1371 euros is still a crazy amount for an old piece of hardware that was at some time mass produced, that X-24 in that sale for that being.

    There has been some new development with this project, so here's something more positive fro m my end :)

    Main VGA: Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 5103:

    Secondary VGA: 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Macintosh 64MB 256Bit SDR Rev.A1 2900 with PC Bios 1.18_DVI

    (In Practical 2x 32MB 128Bit SDR)

    These two will play a major role for me after March 24, 2021, WinXP Pro + SP3 will be used for OS of choice as well.

    With these I shalll try and find a Silicon Graphics or EIZO Digital Trinitron Monitor 20 a 21" something in that range.

    Then connect both cards to the monitor same reso & refresh on both cards, so I can switch between both with the same monitor, if that is doable.
    Anyways 2021 will look a bit brighter for me thanks to this idea and the finding of both cards.

    When the V5 PCI Mac has arrived I will make new pics of it, since it has been recapped and the pics I posted here were of the same card before it was recapped.The wait will be worth it, since I always missed my V5 PCI Mac a lot, glad that I found a way to rebuy it in a recapped state.

    Hmm interesting design so basically a Quantum3D Obsidian 2 X-24 on a single PCB then,, would these work if you have a S2 Savage 2000 or Matrox G200 of G400 as main VGA card?

    Since these would be better option to have than just an ATi or NVIDIA VGA card for the 2D segment.
    The other problem that would worry me is the price...

    Found the card I am gonna get to replace my Sapphire Nitro RX Vega 64, the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6900 XT of course <38)…deon-rx-6900-xt-16g-gddr6

    So what I'll do is wait to around April a May of 2021 then the availability should be better and the prices should also be less, by then my Nitro+ RX Vega 64 will be just over 4 years and 2 years of age, ideal for this perfect upgrade, no castrated limits just the full die aka the real deal.

    Just love Sapphire Nitro's designs, I can live without N-Greedia, Sapphire Nitro Radeons is all I need ;)

    Quad SLI 9800 GX2's perform about 50% Slower than Quad SLI GTX 295's on average.

    Quad SLI GTX 295´s should destroy every today´s midrange GPU. :spitze: But with the help of 1KW Power^^

    Well when I was a t a lan party at the Rotterdam Modern Warfare2 Clan a private lan at my friends place in R'dam we gt the GTX 295 RE's @ GTX 275 speeds this was a 23% OC per GPU we ran Furmark Stability test not the burn in and it ran stable for 4 hours and completing the test we pulled 996 Watts from the wall on average we used this system to defrost our bread haha xD yaaaas :topmodel::spitze:

    use 2x 9800 GX2 for G92-450-A2 Quad SLI :)
    That should run Crysis very well @ 1920x1200x32 in max settings :)

    You could use a 680 SLI chipset or NForce 4 SLI for AMD Athlon64 X2.
    But if 1CPU is boring for you just go Dual CPU instead :)

    Like what I did and run that with a Dual Six-Core AMD OpteronDP 2435 D0 in a Supermicro H8DAE-2 and 16GB PC2-6400 ECC Reg NUMA Dual Channel DDR2-800 mode, only I used 2x EVGA GTX 295 Red Editions ion Quad SLI.
    Quad SLI 9800 GX2's perform about 50% Slower than Quad SLI GTX 295's on average.

    Here my old setup, the system is still active just without the cards :topmodel:

    Then good old days.

    Been testing anew map for Primal Carnage: Extinction, since that the old dev team is back together they keep making new updates for us new maps new dino's new skins cosmetics anything really which is great :)

    This is the new map PC-Deadtide which is one of three Contest Maps, most people think this map will make it in the game so I gave it a go in solo mode and yea looks pretty neat so far, it has a Caribbean setting:

    And after finding out the Customization Menu uses a separate part of the map I teleported there and made these Caribbean X-mas Shots with my Rare Beach Ceratosaurus wearing a Santa hat lol

    So yea there you have it that is my daily life these days being a dino xD
    During the weekends I run my own PCE server named [NJA] Chillout Server,and members of my community join and we hang out in VC and be our faved dino it's derpy and fun.

    I use the Dual 12 Core AMD OpteronMP 6180- SE D1 for the server + game on it at the same time, it's Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64 keeps on going without issues so all good there.

    *ugh* why are you tagging me for this overpriced card? :rolleyes: I have better things to do for 600 quid :/
    Just don't tag me since overpriced hardware does not interest me.

    my main reason for being here is to support those in need of my knowledge and for those I have known since I joined the x-3dfx community back in 2001.

    the card in that listing is a Quantum3D Obsidian 200 SBi it is useless without the medusa cable as most of us know, so paying 600 USD or EUR for it is a waste of good coin, but if there is a Medusa cable with it it might be worth considering for those that don't have a tight budget like I have, being disabled makes such expensive hobbies not doable anymore, the overrated prices have killed the fun in collecting 3dfx hardware nowadays it's only affordable for the rich and wealthy people, as where the actual worthy collectors are mainly left out, greedy sellers have killed the fun in collecting 3dfx cards in it's whole for me.

    My main goal is aircraft model collecting it's far more affordable and just more my main interest, mainly Boeing 747's of course.

    It's never about need , need is a cheap BS excuse lmao, you don't need all them 3dfx cards just get a GeForce 6800 GT or a Radeon X800 XT and emulate glide and presto I mean I can say that as well :mauer:

    Need that's just bs man, if it's all and only about what one really needs
    None of us would be posting here, wasting tons of coin in old hardware, we all would of moved on and done things we really need... which is isn't the case, and to reply to your so called boring question why I need a Parhelia AGP 256MB. thing is I don't I bought it purely out of interest.

    I'd always apply to Win2K Pro & WinXP Pro, thee are far more reliable, capable and stable than any Win9X or WinMe OS for workloads I use my systems for, plus they offer great Dual CPU Support as well, you can wait a long time for 98SE or me doing that I can assure you and yea there is NT 4.0 + SP6 but that doesn't run everything like 2K pro + SP4 & XP pro + SP3 can do so there is always a good enough reason not to use NT anyway.

    All in all I can easily run 98 SE based games in compatibility mode, it's called a better alternative and it works just as fine.
    have a nice day and stay safe :topmodel:

    GrandAdmiralThrawn Well said there though, even I did add in my post as well.

    As for that fugly word named as need sheesh why do people still use that horrible word :steinigung:xD
    It's only purpose would be if it's tied to a fitting sentence that would make sense, but yea I'll leave it at that.

    Here a nice review by Beyond3D of the Matrox Parhelia AGP 128MB 256Bot DDR from 2002

    3dfx Velocity 200 AGP 16MB Rev.A0 2699 Engineering Sample

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP x4 32MB Rev.A0 3700 (1st card)

    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI_DVI 64MB Rev.A1 2900 3dfx Apple Group Development Board

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 + Late Voodoo Volts, Internal Power Hookup by Gary Donobvan & PCI_Re-work by ex-3dfx Engineer Sir Hank Semenec.

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP x4 32MB Rev.A0 3700 (2nd card)

    3dfx Voodoo5 5000 PCI 32MB Rev.A1 0900

    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP x4 64MB Rev.A2 3500 IBM OEM Card 1 of 400 pcs worldwide

    3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64MB Rev.A 2500 Production Board

    That were my best 3dfx cards, miss them as usual, ah well, glad I kept the photo's for the memory, i guess :|
    If that cancerous depression never happened, I would of still had my cards, heh.?(

    You used the wrong one card type, check my previous post for the proper details, get an AGP version of the Parhelia the 128MB or 256MB both have 25Biot DDR the one you have has indeedly 64Bit DDR, tghat is obviously the issue.

    My Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR beats the Radeon 8500 AGP 128Bit DDR Several times, but it's obvious you had a poor performance yes.

    But that is understandable!

    Just use the AGP model I am using.

    These have 256Bit DDR there are 128MB & 256MB models, the one I have is a 256MB model.
    The PCI-E ones are not the ones I can advise no, same for the Parhelia PCI-X version these are quite a tad slower than the Parhelia AGP's, the Parhelia APV-e PCI-E uses a P512 GPU but 128MB 128Bit DDR and the Parhelia PCI-X 256MB uses 64Bit DDR the card you are using.

    The AGP x4/x8 models with 128MB & 256MB both have 256Biit memory interface these are the cards you seek for retro gaming :)

    The model I have is this one:

    Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR

    The Parhelia APV-e has 128MB 128Bit DDR, basically a Parhelia LX for PCI-Express, but using the Parhelia 512 GPU instead.

    The one you used is this one and these only have 64Bit memory interface ;)

    Matrox Parhelia PCI-X 256MB 64Bit DDR

    If you use the version I use you will be mind blown of it's performance it beats blows with the ATi Radeon 8500 AGP 128MB DDR :)
    Parhelia has a lot of variants before you start thinking of using one make sure you use the models with 256Bit memory interface, these will make you games run super fast with superb image fidelity.

    Here a list of all the Parhelia's Tech Power-Up has listed and this is without the Parhelia-LX chips…s/matrox-parhelia-512.g29

    This should help you select the right card if you ever plan on getting a Parhelia again, just make sure you get the cards with the 256Bit DDR memory interface, then you're fine :)

    Also use WinXP Pro + SP3, it's the best OS for these cards.

    For those that want the entire Driver archive for the Parhelia & Parhelia LX Cards here you are, as I have made an archive of these hard to find drivers the gaming drivers date from 2002 to 2003 just for those wondering:…

    And here a zip with all the Matrox Tech Demo's for the G200, G400 & Parhelia series:…

    dr.zeissler you might find these very helpful :)

    Here the test system I used to test my Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR:

    Sveta 2002

    AMD AthlonXP 2200+ Thoroughbred-A, 1 Core @ 1.8Ghz

    EPox EP-8K7A+ AMD 761 Chipset with Via 686B SB

    2x 1GB PC-2700 Kingston @ PC-2100 266Mhz DDR

    Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 5103

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro

    Mitsubishi Electronics LS-120 F200 Super Floppy Drive

    1x Seagate Barracuda V 80GB 7200 RPM Main disk

    1x Seagate Barracuda V 120GB 7200 RPM Game Disk

    Belkin 5 port NEC USB 2.0 PCI Card

    3-Com 3C905C-TX-M PCI Ethernet Adapter 10/100Mbit

    LH HD-DVD Drive 16x / 40x

    BTO Plusdeck 2c Cassette Tape Convertor/Player/Recorder Drive

    Antec True Power 550 Watt PSU

    Addtronics 6896A Entry Level Server Tower

    Compaq S710 17" Blackshade CRT from 2001

    Reso @ 1024x768x32 ! 85Hz | 0.22.5 Dot Pitch

    1995 Roland E-14 Keyboard

    Win2K Pro + SP4 & RU1 for SP4

    Matrox Parhelia Gaming Drivers, November 2003 for Win2K/XP

    Here some pics of the Parhelia Reef Demo 1.1 in action:

    it seems the Parhelia prefers WinXP Pro + SP3, as it has lots of stability issues when it comes to Win2K Pro +SP4.
    So my next goal is to install WinXP Pro + SP3 on the test system and go from there.

    Hey All here at VA <3

    Here seven Matrox Graphics Cards I bought if a friendly guy from Ebay Ireland for just 45 euros, all cards are tested and working as well :)

    That be these beauties:

    Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Head AGP 32MB 128Bit SGR Rev.B 4399

    Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Head AGP 32MB 128Bit SGR Rev.B 1800

    Matrox Millennium G450 Dual Head AGP 16MB 64Bit DDR SGR Rev.A 4500

    Matrox Millennium G550 Dual Head AGP 32MB 64Bit DDR SGR Rev.A 4102

    Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 5103

    Matrox Parhelia LX P650 AGP 64MB 128Bit DDR Rev.B 4505

    Matrox Parhelia LX P750 AGP 64MB 128Bit DDR Rev.B 0905

    Each PCB Date is written with the week first then the year, same as with 3dfx.

    But hey for 45 euros these seven beauties, pretty damn rare find for 2020, Matrox is my most loved non 3dfx brand and I find that Toucan & Parhelia also deserve more love too.

    These are fun cards to have and to play you classic games on even the P65 & P75 are good enough for classic gamers and what they add is the ultra crispy image quality one of Matrox's infamous advantages over everything else.

    I will add separate shots per card but the photos I have here now are of the cards after I unpacked them, Enjoy my friends and stay safe

    Here the two photo's for now:

    My Favorite is the Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR with the Universal AGP Connector, this model mostly comes with an AGP x8 Connector, looks like I got lucky with this beauty :)

    Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 5103

    Here the other cards up close:

    Matrox Parhelia LX P750 AGP 64MB 128Bit DDR Rev.B 0905

    Matrox Parhelia LX P650 AGP 64MB 128Bit DDR Rev.B 4505

    Matrox Millennium G550 Dual Head AGP 32MB 64Bit DDR SGR Rev.A 4102

    Matrox Millennium G450 Dual Head AGP 16MB 64Bit DDR SGR Rev.A 4500

    These two G400's look as if they are refurbished G400 MAX cards and downclocked to G400 clock speeds, not really sure tho, I have two and one has a different VESA connector than the other as it looks like.

    Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Head AGP 32MB 128Bit SGR Rev.B 4399

    Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Head AGP 32MB 128Bit SGR Rev.B 1800

    Yesterday I managed to reserve a new and never used Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB DDR, this card was from the last 1500 made at Matrox.
    The seller is an ex-Matrox Employee, for around 50 Eur incl shipping from Ireland, Here some pics of this beauty it's a Rev.A 4103, from Week 41, Year 2003, it also has a Universal AGP x4/x8 connector over the AGP x8 connector the 256MB models mostly come with :)

    More pics when this beauty arrives <3

    The last true gaming card from Matrox, hard to miss :)