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    RTX 2080 is a waste of money lmao as all NV cards are a waste of money and time :mauer:
    if I have to be super honest, I'd prefer Sapphire's Nitro+ RX 5700 XT or the Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT for those that prefer to get a better bang for buck.
    As these 10MB V1's in SLI go, they are a very interesting concept, reminds me what Quantum3D & Pinnacle Systems once did.
    Just a major shame they are over so priced, rare or not, that should not have to make them so over priced.... that kind of kills off the fun factor to me if i have to be honest, 3dfx needs to be fun for all and affordable for all and that sadly has died off big time.

    As that review goes that would be nice compare them with SLI V2 12MB's and 8MB's if you have those also throw in a X-24 from Q3D and a V3 3500 just for brawls lol

    Even though didn't Q3D have a V1 with 22MB per card? Unless that was Pinnacle Systems hmm, kind of got confused there.

    Those are really nice two 10Meg V1's in SLI that isn't something you'd see everyday super nice!

    Makes me wonder if you can use 1024x768x16 with a pair of those as you can do with 2x V2 8/12 MB cards.

    Maybe a benchmark of how two of these go against 2x V2 12Mb's or a X-24?

    Ich bin dagegen, denn ihr seid dafür!

    (Farin U.)

    Uhm what you on about? Truly I have no bloody idea what you are on about man, Even I know you have the ability and choice to reply to me in Englisgh right? I mean I have seen you do so many times... Rather rude I mast tell you, serious pathetic and rude.

    But yea I can get why and how many non-Germans dislike this place, the quarter just dropped in my mind...

    My games just tell me more than some dumb over marketized benchmark application ;)

    Even that 3D Mark 2000 & 2001 SE B330 were decent I was never fond of using them to see how my system performed because the outcomes had nothing to do with the games I was running at that time, all you see are nice rendered images that have horrible optimization on some cards so it was not even close as being called accurate either the score outcome was always different and not accurate enough for me to actually determine how my system world perform in Unreal Tournament, Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight, Descent 3 or Freespace 2 for example.

    And I respect those that love the 3D Mark series I just never cared about it and I never saw those strange benchmark programs as useful for anything than the strange scoring system it's self what people get it in to compare with others I mean you can do this in the games you play as well and that is to me more resourceful and useful.

    Well that's too bad, 3D Mark is worse than Windows inn many ways and of course the 3D mark fanboys or say white knights will defend it as if it's some cult or so big hooray for you lot I don't need to rely on such crappy software while the actual games that YOU play tell you all you need to know.

    And no, I will never and I mean NEVER get this 3D Mark stuff, especially what people find it so important because in reality it's not important at all.
    All it tells you is number but that number which is highly irrelevant to the games you play as they use different API's or engines etc
    So that concludes that any 3D Mark score says nothing in the end for the games you play, they marketize it for such ways but in the end it's marketing and nothing else a tech demo of an engine that is rarely used in PC games, bla di blah.

    And yea. good luck getting windows only games running under Linux natively you'd need to emulate the shite out of a lot of things and still hope the games run well optimized sadly not everything is that as easy as many try to clam it with the 32 years of computing experience I take such things from much varied viewpoints and different levels.

    Sorry for my reply it's a reply to what some say here and it has happened in my threads that people go off topic so as that goes it's not a major crime now is it.

    p.s and yea my avatar is the Pink Floyd logo from the album Dark Side of the Moon from 1979.

    Who the fuck cares how a card does in 3D Mark, that is probably the biggest bloatware ever created by man kind, 3D Mark is packed with marketing gimmick, cheats and lies, It does not even come close to relative neutral gaming performance.

    And it's not like you are gonna run that all day.. 3D Mark says little to almost nothing about the actual 3dfx glide API performance of your glide games anyways, so I don't see the actual point of finding out such worthless information for that part...

    Just ditch aside the 3D Mark nonsense and play your glide games and enjoy the cards for what they were made for doing best.
    Sorry for this post but I find it a true damn shame that people dwell too much on this 3D Mark BS nonsense, it's really not all that important because it proves nothing of how your system performs in any specific 3dfx Glide game.

    Nuff said.

    Good times.

    the lack of cable management hurts a lot ^^

    Oh that was during it's first test run and it ran just fine, back then I had Potato brains OKAY xD

    But agreed man, my cable management yea.. it sucked lmao :topmodel: Whaaa zaaaa xD

    When it came to cable management my current 3dfx PC is neater tho, even I wish I could do better my arthritis like pains slows me down left alone limits me, it's painful as fuck to build PC's if I have to be honest... ?(:(

    As my result goes, I am happy with my build <3 Modding that Lian Li side fan in there was fun tho, it really helps keep my V3 3500 TV AGP cool and the other cards too, my mainboard the EPoX EP-8K7A+ is 3dfx Vioodoo5 6000 compliant but my wallet isn't I will however provide any info of 6K's that I can as I remember almost everything I did with my card and all, plus from all the research I did with my 3dfx ES boards that was worth doing.

    But 89Mhz AGP Bus with a Voodoo5 6000 why on Earth would you even think of doing that? :steinigung:
    Yet I bet that TM guy did this while frying his cards.. I am not hoping others will do the same stupid kind of experiments, left alone this 89Mhz AGP thing of yours...
    That is asking for major issues to a defective Voodoo5 6000 card, even if it would work it won't show much difference, from 33Mhz Bus to 66Mhz Bus is barely noticeable with a V5 5000 AGP/PCI & 5500 AGP/PCI /PCI Mac and a 6000 AGP.. the 3dfx glide games barely showed 3 to 5% difference, thus not even noticeable performance gains to be very honest, so in my humble opinion you would be wasting your time and safety regarding your hardware.

    Overall you'd hurt your card or even kill it and also damaging the mainboard and everything with it.
    Best not to focus on such worthless experiments man, just don't do it, just for the sake of everything.

    Hey Avenger You use the same EPoX mainboard as I do right? the EP-8K7A+ right?

    When I had my 6K with the EP-8K3A+ I never found much performance loss from 33Mhz & 66Mhz AGP bus to be very honest, also why the performance diff of a V5 5000 & 50000 PCI & 5500 AGP & 5500 PCI/PCI Mac wasn't much more than 5%, barely noticeable when playing glide games and such cases.

    T&L was never a thing for VSA-100's you'd need a decent Dual CPU setup 2x AthlonMP 2200+ or higher to emulate it, but that is like cheating the system and emulation is never as grand as the real deal, so I never participated in such useless tests.

    3D Analyze wasn't always ideal to work with either, using the Japanese made original Kiroutu-Shikou AGP2PCI Convertor PCI Card in mainboards with a Core 2 Quad of Dual 2/4Core Opteron system I never saw the point simple the faster CPU's would be doing the most of the work as where the V5 would just be the bottleneck.

    But anyways, the 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 I had was dead stable, no crashes at AGP x2 66Mhz FSB, in reality it was equivalent to AGP x1 or PCIx64 32Bit @ 66Mhz Bus.

    my old card named Green Leader

    Green Leader in my 3dfx test system at the time and the entire system it's self named Sveta 2002

    Good times.

    Hey thanks, well I used google translate it did the job for me :)

    Ah yea, doesn't seem too complicated just carefully bend out the sides of the connector:

    And then it fits perfectly and does it's job just fine:

    I'll use my Facom pliers to do this carefully, had worse things hehe, thanks for the tip though, very helpful :)

    And hey, if it don't fit, mod it to make it fit! :topmodel::spitze:

    If crying is your choice go for it :topmodel:

    But yea, one thread is less clutter than two, which is why I made this thread, one someone posts an ebay link , going to an other thread to talk about it doesn't make sense I'd discus the matter at hand , it's a shame there aren't any more votes even I am surprised it's more of a positive outcome and a negative one, but we'd need a heel of a lot more votes for this to work, so vote on VA people!

    This thread was of need and I know many people prefer it to be one thread, hence I just went on with it with GAT's help.

    Hello all yesterday I bought one of these 30+5 Pin M1-A to D-Sub Convertor's for my 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP 16MB Rev.A 3199:

    It's the same kind of M1-A to D-Sub Convertor that came with the 3dfx Voodoo3 3500Si TV AGP 16MB, they had 6ns Hyundai SDRAM instead of 5.5ns Hyundai or Toshiba SDRAM.

    So from this Blue IO Pod + Cable which is a sag whore imo:

    To this 30+5 Pin M1-A to D0Sub Convertor which the V3 3500SI came with:

    Anyways I'll post pics when it arrives, the one from ebay is also shorter so less crap sticking out always a better thing :)

    And I thought make a separate thread of it, the seller has lots of these in stock when the listing ends he will refresh the sale and I will gladly repost the refreshed sale of these super handy convertors here, they also work on Voodoo3 3500Si TV AGP 16MB's as well of course, goes for US & Eur versions of these cards.
    Hereby I hope this helpful for some, as a V3 3500 TV AGP user myself this is quite the outcome! :spitze: