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    I think it does not mean any opposition to the requierments I brought up. As I assume your ancient server board has been quadro sockel 8?

    What would confirm my assumption that there are no available single core/single cpu solutions with to say at least two seprate PCI bus interfaces (no matter if two PCI32 or PCI32 + PCI64) for proper Win9x use.

    some i850 based mobos exist with perfect win9x compatibility

    native support for a pci bus was till the i8xx and nforce 3 chipsets. really good pci33 performance they provide. native support for a pci66 (pci-x) was only on the server chipsets, like serverset and the intel ones afaik, i have no experience with these. pci support on later chipset is implemented via external bridge and many of these bridges cut bandwidth a lot, 2x and even more. workstations boards should provide good performance thou. 3dm01 really rocks on a fast core cpu and 66mhz bus, but not the glide games

    any of these cards able to operate at 66mhz with a pci to agp adapter. but they intended to be a second after the x850 for instance:


    btw, i had a chance to play with a supermicro x8sax board:

    what a beast, very flexible pci slots config due to a proper pciex-pci bridge. very good performance. on a 66mhz bus my cards hit 5000 points in 3dm01 default settings. i believe with a 320 chips 6000 marks is achievable.

    bridge chip is pci6152 as on original v56k, no way to change it.

    will post images of the second batch card soon.

    All Mainboards I recently looked up (for example Intel 875 based, KT133, AMD761, KT333, X58 and more modern ones) have PCI Slots with the notch in the right place to use Anthonys card, so I don't see any problem there. Even my Gigabyte H470 HD3 Socket1200 Board has a PCI with the notch in the right place, so I could use this card even with my 11600KF :spitze: (I know, no legacy OS support etc, just for theoretical example).

    that's true, but not all of these have good pciex-pci bridges. so far, i865/875 and nforce 3 are known for the highest pci bandwidth. final reality bus test exposes pci/agp bandwith very well.

    i see there's nothing that needs to be commented on by me. all cards from the first batch found their happy owners, nothing to discuss no more.

    if you wish you could express your passion here:
    all owners will see that for sure. at this place it's just scream in vain.

    it's hard for me to explain the same things over and over. just search for difference between earlier (intel) and later (plx) v56k prototypes.

    for those who own the very first revision of this card, and would like to run it on a 66mhz bus, i made a special gift:

    My guess is that many "hoarders" bought those chips to what I am thinking, or not many were made, either way makes me wonder of a VSA-101 Daytona Voodoo5 6000 design would be possible with 4x VSA-101 Daytona & 4x 64MB 128Bit DDR, that was a dream I had some time back hah

    that happened about 1.5 years ago to a 320 chips. and that happened a quite earlier to a daytona chips. i was not smart enough to make some reserve, sic.

    alright, alright. been quite busy a while.

    i see some worthwhile proposals here.

    in common, comrade ciacara72 gave quite a correct interpretation of my intentions.

    time to announce a new revision has not come yet, so no comments from my side.

    some great material regarding this card is upcoming.

    and will share some. have assembled bespoked card with a 320 chips, what a beast. so pity that i can't solder these on every card as i dreamed about.

    Makes me wonder how your design would work ina 64 Bit slot set at 32Bit with a 66Mhz Bus, have you tried that did that make any difference?

    the max bus clock tested is 44mhz so far. that board designed for a 5v pci slot, thus 33mhz bus clock. here is 80mhz clocked pcx2 on 44phz pci bus, (26.3fps):

    on stock clocks pcx2 gives 21.6 fps in that bench iirc.

    on 80mhz clock and 33mhz bus pcx2 gives about 24.8fps, so 11mhz boost in bus speed leads to about 1.5fps